Smogon Premier League XIV - Week 9

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ggs Cryos, wp to you. I commend you guys for trying your hardest these last weeks despite being eliminated. You deserved this and we did not.

Thanks for the fun season, Tigers. Good collective experience. Thanks to my managers for the opportunity and the many teammates who regularly worked with me.

Thanks to the hosts for putting forth their best effort. The decision last week was very incorrect and it is a shame it had the implications it did, but you guys are tasked with an awful lot and I applaud the effort.

Good luck to my friends on the Sharks and Classiest, rooting for you!
With this I finish my 9 battles, I want to thank my team especially PDC and Gilbert arenas for trusting me to start in BW, Jirachee , elodin for the support in the first weeks when I need it most, BKC for his expert advice, and Star , Chaitanya and Isza for the time you guys spent giving me test battles. But above all I want to thank the people who have supported me the most from the beginning to the end in my preparations, helping me while I built my teams every week whenever I needed it, marsandback , Dababy2 , and Juan. I am very grateful for all the time you guys have put into me, especially mars, this boy really deserves a chance next year in spl, I assure you that he is at the right level to compete.

Thank you very much also to the people who supported me since week 1, blank talah gorgie BluBirD , Vileman , Enzonana. , Jisoo , Rubyblood , and Goodbye & Thanks ,ziloXX, Jhonx~ Thor luisin The support you all gave me was really what kept me firm despite my first 2 defeats and the criticism of me from certain people. I really enjoyed this tournament, and the people who accompanied me in my battles so I'll be back. We'll see each other in future tournaments, greetings and good luck to those who play in the playoffs, they all deserve to win.




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