Finals Smogon Premier League XV - Finals [Won by Dragonspiral Tyrants]

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Circus Maximus Tigers (6) vs (6) Dragonspiral Tyrants

SV OU: JJ09LIE vs Mada - Quiet, but deadly, run from Mada. 4-0 with a 2-0 record in the playoffs is no joke. I feel like his stocks are up recently while JJ's stocks have been continuously going up for a while, which makes this one exciting. Going to go with Mada because I trust a bit more in the Tyrant's team selection here, but should be close.

SV OU: Storm Zone vs myjava - Rough match-up for the Tyrants here as I think I would bold java against any of the others. Storm has just been an absolute beast lately, showcasing a new level of consistency across OST. I think he has branched out with some team picks, too, which makes it a bit harder to account for everything, especially in this metagame. The highlight of the series for me.

SV OU: S1nn0hC0nfirm3d vs Poek - Both looked solid last round and S1nn0h has had the better tour. S1nn0h in general has been a beast dating back to last year, but Poek is one crazy final turn away from being 2-0 in SV and I really like the Tyrant's approach in this metagame. Going to side with Poek mainly because of that in a game that could go either way.

SV OU: Trosko vs Luispeikou - Trosko admitted to getting a little messy in the tiebreak game, but things broke his way and now he has another chance to prove he is meant for the spotlight. I know he is an elite player who uses some strong teams, so I have a lot of faith in him to rebound and pick up another W here. Rough match-up for Luis, but I think he is still growing as a player and needed some fortune to get past xavgb last time. Cool to see a Spain on Spain game; I feel like they are one of the best countries at finding conistent players tbh.

SS OU: Garay oak vs damien the genius - Speaking of clutch Spanish players, Garay oak is an absolute monster in playoff situations. He has proven it before and I see no reason why he will not do so again. Damien has been steady, going even this season in a tier he seems to like, but Garay just has the playoff winning aura.

SM OU: c0mp vs DonSalvatore - c0mp quietly going 6-3 with some clutch wins down the stretch has saved the Tigers season arguably. This guy has been around for a while and keeps getting a little better with each opportunity. I saw it in him last year, but I am very glad z0m and the Tigers gave him an even bigger opportunity this time around. He has earned it and will solidify that further here. I think he has even improved throughout the season; some sloppier games and fortunate wins have turned into more consistency the later into the season we got. Don is a great opponent and deserved a ton of praise for his run in Masters all the way to holding his own in SPL, going 4-4, but this will be a hard one to prepare for I feel.

ORAS OU: London Beats vs CrashinBoomBang - Total gut pick. CBB is 2-8 and has some rough losses under his belt. London has the same amount of wins in 6 less games. But you just gotta feel like CBB will rise to the occasion when called upon for a Tyrants franchise that needs a chip.

BW OU: sensei axew vs SoulWind - Some frustrating games for SoulWind lately, but he is still the best here and I think he will prepare well.

DPP OU: Le Don vs Dridri457 - Rough showing from Le Don in the tiebreak while I have enjoyed Dridri's DPP debut season. Predicting DPP is hard, but going with vibes here. Love Le Don's insights, but I think he is the underdog here and I am not sure where his confidence will be going in.

ADV OU: M Dragon vs pkThunderbolt - M Dragon looks like a great player like usual this tournament. ADV has been a struggle for the Tyrants and I don't know that they can change their fortunes against one of the best.

GSC OU: RealJester vs Rubyblood - I think Ruby has the higher ceiling, but Jester has been refining his GSC form all year after getting off to a rather unfortunate debut last year. Jester is an underrated player who was able to live up to his potential with a good record this season. Ruby can be a top player like he showed in SCL, but moving between tiers is not always easy and he fell short in his first true GSC test last week vs a very good opponent. His first two wins are reassuring, but I think he was always going to be favored against those opponents. I worry he will find a similar outcome this week with Jester's current level, but maybe I am wrong. I was conflicted here and my gut says Jester + tiebreaks are more fun.

RBY OU: Green on fire vs Heroic Troller - Gotta bold Troller.


SV OU: Trosko vs myjava
BW OU: Garay oak vs SoulWind
ADV OU: M Dragon vs CrashinBoomBang (maybe?)


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How does Tusk get a sticky barb on turn 28? Am I losing my mind here, he comes in the turn before and his booster goes off and then takes a moonblast and you didn't even have trick?? Is that a replay bug, sorry if it is I haven't been watching replays on here for that long. GG Storm
Sticky barb has the special property of sticking into you if you land a on contact move on the sticky barb user


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Tyrants, I used to despise your antics and find you annoying, but I've grown and matured and realized that without you SPL wouldn't be half as entretaining. Congrats on winning the trophy.

Felicidades Poek Eres puto dios aunque este no haya sido tu mejor torneo. Me alegro de ser tu amigo. Espero verte este año :)
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