Smogon Premier League XV - Week 9

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thanks Luthier for believing in me again after my horrible spl last year, this is the beginning of my redemption
Lusa u were the greatest teammate I ever had so far. Always listening to my dumb and smarter ideas, always there to trust them and play them andeven considering them seriously. We played like 80 testgames this season would be my honest guess maybe even more, it was my deepest pleasure to be your builder this spl and watch u going 6-2 despite what the haterssaid about you in prior to this tour.

pdt Dark Eeveon Fear and d0nut legends of prep but also executing it ingame wasvery motivated to see you pop off
Also to all the others you were gas or atleast gaslit Luthier to buy you and then dipped for the whole tour but respectable med student moment

Despite you not coming near what you said after scl MichaelderBeste2, we already in great terms for wcop prep and looking very excited for the next tour with my beloved german brothers and sisters. this year we finally bring the cup to germany.

man this would be so much cooler to say if I won but gg trosko was a fun team, making my pastes public after spl loving how oras develops every spl and very excited for the upcoming oras laddertour!

ps: xray and London Beats my oras goats ty for all the talks


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Won vs Welli0u, gg

Thanks for all of the effort you poured into this team Raiza. I had a lot of fun on the raiders these past two years thanks to you and Tricking.
Kenix, carapinga - thanks for saving my season (carapinga 7-0). King Enzo and Skyrio and everyone who humoured me in the sm channel too
The season kinda derailed but I earnestly enjoyed talking with everyone in the server these past few months

Won gg
It wasn't my best performance and I apologize to my team for my poor perf after w2. I'd still like to thank Raiza and Tricking for drafting me and trusting me despite everything, it was a good experience to be with you during this SPL.
I'd also like to thank Pietro Enzo and Student for their test games and building help throughout the season.
Kenix / Skype you're monstrous, carapinga
Thanks to Joya for the moral support when I didn't feel like playing anymore.
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