Smogon & PS! -- Integration Feature Suggestion

Would you like to see something like this implemented?

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Hello, so in the simplest form, my suggestion is as follows--

It'd be really cool if when Smogon's Forum and PS! have some integrated features (as the coming soon on profile ranks leads me to believe they will be) for battle replays that are shared get auto-added/opt-in to the user's profile.

Reasons I think this would be cool.
  1. When looking at others' profiles, this could spur conversations by allowing an easy conversation starter ("Dude that was a SICK battle") or ("Wow, can you tell me about how you put that team together?")
  2. It adds a nostalgia factor and reference... We've all been there, "This one time I went up against [X] team and I [won/lost] all because of [x]; it was [awesome/awful]. Wouldn't it be great to have an easy way to remember those battles?
  3. It complements the anticipated "ranking" integration because it allows users to see some battles that helped earn the rank.
  4. It could make tutoring anyone in B101 that much easier, because you can watch what they're doing and look for common mistakes/themes in their battles.
Things I think would be important/useful to consider about this feature:
  1. A set plan about which videos get posted:: I AM NOT SAYING THAT WE SHOULD AUTO-SAVE EVERY BATTLE A USER HAS--I don't think that would be useful, and would end up just being an eye-sore for most profiles. But maybe auto-saving each "shared" replay OR giving an option when clicking that link ("Would you like to save this to your [Ranking] Section on Smogon's Forums?")
    • Another way to take this might be to auto-populate all battles in a list of recent order, like a "recent battles feed" of like 10 or so battles, and a way to indicate to save specific ones from falling off the list.
  2. A separate tab/integrated with the ranking tab:: It doesn't make much sense to put it on any of the other tabs, and it could easily clutter feeds/profiles.
    • If integrated:: it would be important to think about the design of this tab... would it display battles like the "<replay>" tags do... or a list with title? How would this effect the layout of the tab.
Things I don't know about:
  1. If the battle simulator's coding allows for this type of thing... at all.
  2. Any of the coding that would be needed/required to do something like this and its level of complexity.
  3. How far the ranking tab is in it's implementation.

Let me know what you guys' think about the idea, and let's use this thread to hash-out some of the potential issues that may come up :3
Linking Smogon member profiles and PS usernames is in the works and development work has been done on it. I don't think something like this is worth having to be honest. You can link good battles in your signature and good tournament matches already are highlighted enough. It might be something to add in future to the Smogon-PS link system, but I wouldn't expect it to be put very high on a priority list.

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