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Its very rare that a story has me in tears before knowing everything, MajorBowman's influence
Zod — Today at 4:34 AM
tell me your story
MajorBowman — Today at 4:35 AM
ok so
i was going to go to a pro hockey game tonight
Zod — Today at 4:35 AM
my tea is ready
oh right
good start already
MajorBowman — Today at 4:36 AM
my friend offered to pick me up since i was semi on his way
so he grabs me and we start driving downtown to the arena
there's awful traffic on the highway so we're doing a lot of starting and stopping
plus this guy is a bit of an erratic driver so that doesn't help lol
i start feeling carsick
Zod — Today at 4:36 AM
oh no
MajorBowman — Today at 4:37 AM
i thought i was going to be alright, i was breathing deeply and it felt like it was subsiding
but i was mistaken
Zod — Today at 4:37 AM
im already cackling
MajorBowman — Today at 4:37 AM
it gets better don't worry
i ended up taking my hoodie off once i started feeling bad in case i needed something to keep my dinner from getting all over his car
and let's just say the hoodie served said purpose
Zod — Today at 4:38 AM
MajorBowman — Today at 4:38 AM
he pulled off the highway and we stopped at a gas station
and the bathroom was fucking closed
so i couldn't try to clean off my face
i ended up just tossing the hoodie into the garbage and telling him to go to the game without me and i'd uber home
then after he left i realized i didn't have a mask on me and that uber still requires masks
so i walked a block to a drug store to buy a mask and called my uber
only for the uber driver to be
1) not wearing a mask
2) playing christian worship music on the radio
Zod — Today at 4:39 AM
i am crying
sorry i cannot reply quickly
MajorBowman — Today at 4:40 AM
Zod — Today at 4:40 AM
i am literally in stitches
MajorBowman — Today at 4:40 AM
want to know the best part
Zod — Today at 4:40 AM
omg tell me
MajorBowman — Today at 4:40 AM
the guy that picked me up was my ex and this was the first time i had seen him without other people around since we broke up
Zod — Today at 4:40 AM
oh no oh no oh no
MajorBowman — Today at 4:41 AM
Zod — Today at 4:41 AM
i cried a bit
like a solid 4 tears


Take care of yourself.
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context: ai-generated artwork

anaconja — Today at 10:36 PM
do you have a cool name for this

aCasualMemeLord — Today at 10:39 PM

anaconja — Today at 10:39 PM
youll never guess what i put as the prompt

aCasualMemeLord — Today at 10:40 PM
i wont yeah
so tell me

anaconja — Today at 10:40 PM
Genshin Impact

aCasualMemeLord — Today at 10:40 PM

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