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Take care of yourself.
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Erin says: if you don’t like a quote then make one you like dude. it’s easy. yes, i am referring specifically to you, you miserable computer user.


streshToday at 11:43 AM
you bring up healthcare in america and they're like "OK! let's debate!" and im like wtf no just figure it out
[16:33:34] Kimo Supremo: people who play stall are the type who too scared to tell waiters that they got their orders wrong
LtHeartless: oDapa stop it with the bad takes
oDapa: my takes arent bad you just not woke like me bro
chungeamonge: How does one get woke like you
oDapa: first of all
oDapa: you gotta be good at smoking weed
Aint got a CV: lol what
I was trying to make a Baton Pass Espeon with HP Fire or HP Water in Gen 2 OU, but I wanted a female one for reasons (like Attract shenanigans). GSC DV and Gender magic tells that Female species of mons with a Gender ratio of 7:1 (like Espeon) can only have an Atk DV of 0 or 1, which makes HP Fire or Water have lower Base power (or even impossible, I think[?]). Akyrys bypassed this by simply not using HP, and using the move I wanted to avoid by being a female Espeon: Attract.


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