Smogon Rap Battles - New Generation

Gonna go ahead and post this since X5 never did.
This time around we're gonna switch up how the rap battles are done. Instead of a long tournament style setup, we're going to run this like the karaoke thread does.

You'll have one week to join by posting with whatever Pokemon you want to represent, then matches will be made (randomly), then another week to submit your rap. Voting will take place during the entry period of the next round. Instead of getting knocked out/moving on, now it's just one round and then everything resets. So even if you lose, you can still enter in the later rounds. This also means that there is no commitment past the round you've entered for.

This time we're also going to be doing themes! As this is the first round of the new setup, it's only fitting that this round will only allow First Generation Pokemon. Anything in the original 151 goes.


  • One week to join, one week to submit. If you do not enter on time, or enter with a pokemon not allowed, you won't be matched up with anybody. No extensions for submissions will be given
  • Recording is not mandatory, but highly recommended. Instrumentals can be found easily on youtube, you can use Audacity to easily edit your entry together, and you can use Soundcloud to share your entry.
  • Once the entry week is over, you can only change your pokemon if you obtain permission from your opponent.
  • Pokemon selection is first come, first serve. You can't pick the same pokemon as someone else in the same round.

Entry for this round is over. The match-ups are as follows:

Hyperbeem (Squirtle) vs. VarunR (Blastoise)

Aqualouis (Vaporeon) vs. Samosael (Aerodactyl)

BKC (Zapdos) vs. Layell (Dugtrio)

Ojama (Mewtwo) vs. Masterclass (Gengar)

Corkscrew (Tentacruel) vs. Rocket Grunt (Seadra)

Jelandee (Snorlax) vs. Ult (Pinsir)

SalTheThief (Electrode) vs. Feranfell (Tauros)

This round will end on Friday, May 17th.


^ Sport de raquette + Service pas rattrapé
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As this is the first round of the new setup, it's only fitting that this round will only allow First Generation Pokemon. Anything in the original 151 goes
That's it! Entry for this round will end on Wednesday, May 8th. Remember, only the original 151 are allowed this round
Hopefully the themes could be expanded to include pokemon characters as well. Gonna chime in later if I can participate this round...
Yes, but in a battle between just lyrics and a recorded rap, the recorded one wins 99% of the time even if it wasn't that good.
No probs. This is exciting stuff.

Has a previous version of pokemon rap battles been held? It'd be great if someone links me to it. :)


Alas poor Yorick!
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I have personally never voted for a written rap, and I can't recall a single incident where a recorded rap lost to a written one.

That said count me in as my boy Dugtrio.



don't expect me

tauros the manly mon

id imagine theres no rules against profanity, crudeness, etc?

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