Smogon Replay Vault - Submissions I saw the replay vault and thought it was a great time to take out the LC/NFE and golbat team for a spin for the first time in months lol even editing it to add a new Lairon on (it used to be a Zweilous that had Hustle+Choice Band memes that barely ever worked)

Basically the entire thing I was dying of laughter because of the spirit of the team, but you can speed through any repetitive parts (such as the Mudbray vs Zapdos bit or Sealeo vs Slowbro). It's literally just a team of 6 not fully evo'd mons kicking the pants of a team full of fully evo'd things and also that eevee. I mean I mostly battle for my own amusement, and not for the sake of winning (and my ladder score reflects that, sadly, but low ladder AG is where all the funny stuff is anyways; if you get too high up it becomes all Uberspam and that's no fun)
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Clampearl is my only pokemon remaining,

My opponent has 4 pokemon remaining with 2 OU & 2 UU at least,

i have to survive with a leech seed already draining my remaining 9% health .... Can Clampearl be the Hero ?

Find out in the last ¼ of the battle ,,,,

Thanks for watching and look forward to more replays from me the GRANDCHAMP

Hello! It's me, your friendly neighborhood social media guy. I've always wanted to create a video series specifically for social media and there hasn't been a real good place to show off all your funny, skillful, or just otherwise interesting replays in a while, so this project will be the best of both worlds. Basically, I take the best parts of a replay, including chat where it fits, slap on some good Pokémon remixes and graphics to go with it, and voila: The Smogon Replay Vault. These will be posted to our Facebook and Twitter accounts, most likely once a week on Wednesdays. Here's the first one I made to showcase as an example to what this series is all about:

I've only selected a few replays out by myself so far to feature, so that's where YOU come in! I want you to submit your replays, your friend's replays, your enemy's replays, your parent's replays, and even your grandma's nephew's dog's replays! Any and all replays that you think are worthy enough to be showcased to everyone. Now, I won't be able to show every single replay that's submitted, so I'll just list some criterias that I'll be looking for when selecting ones for showcasing:
  • Length - I would prefer to keep these videos around 1 minute long, so the highlight of the replay can't be too many turns, though parts of the less important turns can be sped through.
  • Chat and nicknames - No inappropriate nicknames for the Pokémon on either side. If the chat is important to show for the replay, it or the users' nicknames can't be too inappropriate or insulting, but a few swears isn't the end of the world.
  • No low ladder/skill - Everyone isn't good at this game at first, so I don't really want out people who might be new to it all. Teams might be their favorite in-game Pokémon or they might just use 4 Fire-moves on their Charizard and attack a Heatran with it. This one is sort of just up to my discretion in the end, so it might not be enforced super strictly.
  • Tournament replays - I'm also interested in showcasing highlight games or plays from the various tournaments on our forums, official or not, so feel free to submit those as well with maybe a link to the tours and the week/playoff in question.
To make it easier for myself, I want YOU to follow this simple template when submitting your replays (just re-use the template within the same post if you have multiple replays you want to submit), as it will condense all the information I could want in a nice way:
  1. Replay link
  2. Turns of interest to highlight
  3. Short description of what happens
  4. Any preferences of chat or other parts being important to showcase
I'll go through this thread periodically and reply to replays in batches that I find good enough to feature. Those submissions that aren't chosen will be deleted to save up some clutter in the thread, though it will notify you that your replay wasn't chosen. I won't be notifying when each of the approved submissions will go live, you'll just have to watch each week until yours pop up.

I think that was everything I had to say for now, hopefully you'll find this to be a fun thing to help me out with or it will die off pretty quickly lol. Also just ask any questions you might have and I'll do my best to answer them!
Chansey wipes out a tapu koko, latios and mega swampert!
2. Turns 20-24
3. With the Head Honchkrows having secured the #1 seed in the playoffs going into the final week of Other Metagames Premier League, their players all agreed to use their team's mascot, no matter how viable it is in the meta they're playing.


Turns 1, 4: Jasprose eliminates Aegislash with Mega Kangaskhan, manually mega evolving to bypass the metagame's ban of Parental Bond.
Turn 10-11: Anna says hi first removes Mega Gengar's Spooky plate, rendering it unable to use its main STAB (Judgment) for the rest of the match, then KOes it outright.
Turn 12, 14: Jasprose sacrifices Yveltal's Assault Vest in order to remove spikes, letting Shedinja be switched in later in the match. Anna says hi then removes rocks from her side of the field.
Turn 24: Anna says hi demonstrates the optimal way to paralyze a mon in BH, confusing the spectators. The paralysis allows Anna to use Mega Tyranitar to counter Kangaskhan later in the match, chipping it down with repeated Pursuits.
Turn 44-45: One "fully paralyzed" turn enables a 50/50 scenario threatening Jasprose's Mega Kangaskhan, which Anna says hi successfully predicts.
Turn 46-80: A lot of turns spent pivoting that results in nothing of consequence except for Anna's Celesteela and Xerneas recovering back to half health.
Turn 81: Anna says hi catches Jasprose leaving Zygarde in against Xerneas, punishing with another Force Palm paralysis.
Turn 200-205: Anna says hi gets rid of Jasprose's hazard removers thanks to good predictions and a timely crit.
Turn 212: Anna says hi loses Celesteela to a misplay.
Turn 265: Anna says hi punishes a predicted hard switch to Zygarde with Moonblast, securing her the win.
Turn 305: Shedinja struggles to its death, ending the match.

3. This is a match from week 2 of Other Metagames Premier league. Shortly after, Force Palm became a meme due to the sheer absurdity of using the move specifically for its fighting type and 30% paralysis rate. While it's unlikely to make it in due to how lengthy the replay is, I'm submitting it anyway so that I can say I tried getting it featured.

4. On turn 20 a bad word is said in chat.
Win an Impossible MatchUp

2. Turn 3-6
3. With Groudon in the field with Desolate Land and 2 mons left (Tapu Lele And Primal Kyogre) AldrichYan Called on how to beat groudon in desolate land with Primal Kyogre, with the 20% Sheer Cold rate and then with the o pulse + psyshock doesnt kill a geomancied xerneas, the xerneas dazzling gleamed.. And The Primal Kyogre Survives and managed to get the W!
4. Turn 4's chat (but theres a bad word in here we **** go) but I called it before the play

All of it (8 turns, over quickly)

Gen 7 Anything Goes Team - Legendary Birds
Yveltal is just overpowered

Gen 7 Balanced Hackmons Team

From turn 1-7, I had some bad luck and generally played awfully, but i managed to pull the match back in my favor with my Mega MewTwo Y

The person i was facing had some mean remarks to say after the match which unfortunately i cant show. XD

Metronome Battle vs Raid
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