Smogon Replay Vault - Submissions Sunkern takes out Mewtwo & Primal Groudon with support from Clefairy, is a few years old now but still a favourite of mine, silly team I thought would destroy my alt's rating trying to make work went 3-1 over 4 games somehow including this & some games with Mega Mewtwo Y over Mega Gallade as the TR setter which was added after. Seemed a lot of people were building TR weak at that moment. Very short replay.


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1. Blunder vs Mounts g3 Smogon Tour 25 Semifinals
2. Turns 4 into 5 where Blunder gets in Weavile as KB Ice Beams so he can knock KB’s Life Orb so Clefable can take 2 Ice Beams from it. Turn 27 where Blunder knows if he lets Rotom take a Thunderbolt, Mounts can potentially bring the game back so he keeps his Garchomp in on Thundurus as it Thunderbolts, securing him the win.
3. Blunder is able to outplay and get into a position of winning despite Mounts having a great matchup and some luck along the way
4. None
High ladder Hackmons Cup match in which I not only 6-0 the opponent but also heal all my Pokémon back to full health by the end.
Nature Swap 1v1 match from a metagame mashup tournament. I had a free slot on Regigigas so I gave him Sleep Talk, and that ended up winning the match for me when otherwise I would have had no chance.
Magikarp beats Slaking 1v1 (it is low ladder though).
The match as a whole is unremarkable, but turn 15 is probably the craziest coincidence I've seen in a Pokémon match: Menacing Moonraze Maelstrom and Searing Sunraze Smash were both used during the same turn in hackmons cup. I can't calculate the exact odds of that happening, but they've got to be extremely tiny - even the chance of one player having one of those moves and the other player having the other is only about 1 in 500 if I did my math right.

My recent double battle. 15 turns

Got screwed over early cause of huge water weakness and lost another Pokémon early game while trying to recover. A cryognal & mega salamance carried the entire battle with salamance having 4% hp after a turn since it's entry. I got lucky when opponent switched swampert out to save simipour which backfired cause of freeze dry. At the end it came to cryognal & salamance both at 4% hp Vs his simipour at full. Was a good match​

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