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Warning: Expicitly perfect content
Not suitable for those not used to true power and genius

I present to you...

The most powerful pokemon....

Of all the legendaries...

You probably already know what I'm talking about....

It's him alright...

But evolved.

Just read it. Pure destruction.

But there's more:

The destruction goes on!

...and on!

Perhaps you are thinking this is irrelevant due to lack of battling. But, after 14 grueling battles, I met a true challenger. The red of their brushes, the snousers on their faces, truly a warrior of dilligence. It is his battle I will be featuring. And without further adon't, here it is:

*Props to FezachuAB: Thanks so much! It's so hard to find people that don't quit today, and it really made my day!

*The last one is the only one that really matters

Thanks for reading.
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It's not a misplay, it's RNG manipulation
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Posting my own battle here feels a bit cringe but I guess it's alright if I'm the one getting destroyed :psyduck:

2. Turn 13 onward
3. Vivillon is set to sweep until it decides to miss Sleep Powder (97%), miss Hurricane (91%), and get frozen by Ice Fang.
4. "That's how you deal with Vivillon"
Me versus someone I met on some website. ORAS OU, I believe.
2. Whole battle is 34 turns, but the main play starts at turn 28
3. I'm backed into a corner with Whimsicott/M-Garchomp against his Scizor, Talonflame, and Zoroark.
4. Tailwind is niche but man when you pull it off right.
5. Ignore chat for all of it, it's teenager cringe stuff, though mrsirpokemon did have a few funny lines.
It’s a replay from a draft league in.


2. Turns 29 to 37 (end of the match).

3. Stayed in with my hitmontop on his alakazam (cause I figured he’d try to Sub again) so he’d be forced to attack me. Once I baited the psychic I swapped to my Empoleon to try get spdef drop and get the Defiant boost. Since I was carrying Chople Berry, I could take a Focus Blast while I used Agility. Then I swept his 5 remaining mons lol!

4. Some of the reactions are funny, but they may not be needed. You can include something you like if you want :D
Posting perhaps the most defining game in perhaps the most defining set of USUM Battle Spot Singles.

Game 5: BSS Invitational Semis, greilmercenary9 vs. Psynergy

1. Replay:
2. Turns of interest: Turn 2. Gravity reveal flips this game on its head, wrapping up a completely unpredictable set.
3. A little context about this game. Having gone down 2-0 in the set, greilmercenary9, the #1 seed and favorite to win the biggest tournament of the year, is on the ropes against probably the #3 player at the time and fights his way back to force a deciding game 5. He chooses a comfort team (that he even wrote about in his RMT, go check it out here: However, theres an interesting adaption he brings, stunning everyone. Click the replay and enjoy. To see the other games in the set, click here:


Champagne and Pools
Hey Kala!

Here's a highlight replay from ZUPL Week 2 that I feel is one of the best matches I've watched in a while. The Highlight of the Replay is turn 13 onward to turn 21. The reason why this is a pretty big replay is because 5gen's Sawsbuck bluffs Choice Scarf and threatens to OHKO Swanna with Double Edge. In stead of switching Xayah called the choice scarf bluff OHKO'd Buck with +2 Brave Bird. This allows Xayah to continue his offensive onslaught and win the game. If turn 13-21 is too long then turn 13-18 or 13-17 should be enough to showcase the awesome exchange

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