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Turns of interest to highlight

Turns 9-16 I maneuver in order to get my DD Reshiram in against Lunala so that it can set up.

Turns 21-27 My Eternatus cleans up the remainder of Pigeons' team now that it no longer has speed control.

Short description of what happens

After losing game 1 of the AG Grand Prix finals, I manage to take a close game 2 to even out the series, thanks to some aggressive play to sacrifice mons in order to bring in my win condition.

Any preferences of chat or other parts being important to showcase

Chat was pretty nonexistent. This was a few weeks ago, so it may be too old for inclusion.
Replays preparing for the CT meta

Server to enter -
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Turns of interest: Peaks after turn 300
Description: Me vs my homie Salamanders in a 24v24 Pex Cup match with Metronome only, fun game, it unironically got intense right around Turn 300 when it became a 2v2. I was mostly in a disadvantage throughout most of the game but some clutch Metronome rolls led to me winning by 1% HP. The chat was also a bit crazy and filled during the game as it was linked in lobby earlier. Probably one of the most fun battles I've ever had on the sim tbh.
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