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would it be feasible to include dates of upload/edits for analyses? sometimes i'm looking at older gen analyses and don't know whether to trust if they are up-to-date, and a revision date would be helpful
The consensus among the current moderators was that this is undesirable because it would encourage people to ask if such and such is getting an update and when. If you've never been a mod I can confirm that this kind if thing can be annoying.

For old gens I agree with you but it would take some convincing of the powers that be.

Overall I do agree that this should be standard but *shrug*

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How do I give myself a custom title?
Also, there is another way actually. If you boost the official Smogon server a super moderator or admin (e.g. Nui) can give you a Custom Title but it only lasts as long as you keep the boost active. Afterwards they will remove it should you decide to move the boost else where.
How do we ask permission to hold a poll/discussion? Who do we ask?

I started a poll in RoA (Should Dig/Fly be unbanned in Gen 1) and it was deleted because I didn't ask permission first. I'm sure Smogon values it's forum member's opinions, so it would be great if we could allow people to talk about things and share ideas :blobthumbsup:

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How do we ask permission to hold a poll/discussion? Who do we ask?
Usually, people will ask Lutra first. However, there have been three threads regarding Dig/Fly already, so I'm not sure if it'd be approved. I know there's someone else who's wanted to give their takes on this specific topic as well. If all else fails, go to the first thread I linked and revive the discussion I guess?

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