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How do I react to a message in a thread? I’m fairly new to smogon
In the bottom right corner of the post, there is a "like" and a "reply" button. The like button opens up into different reaction emotes, while the reply button quotes the post like I've done to you here.

Welcome to smogon! :)

Edit: Oop hi Hula
Hover over the "Like" Button in the bottom right-hand corner and it should bring up the menu of reactions.

If you're on mobile, you may have to hold down on the like button before it shows up.
I just tried that. It didn’t work for me, I’m on Mobile, but I’m in the desktop website.


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would it be feasible to include dates of upload/edits for analyses? sometimes i'm looking at older gen analyses and don't know whether to trust if they are up-to-date, and a revision date would be helpful
The consensus among the current moderators was that this is undesirable because it would encourage people to ask if such and such is getting an update and when. If you've never been a mod I can confirm that this kind if thing can be annoying.

For old gens I agree with you but it would take some convincing of the powers that be.

Overall I do agree that this should be standard but *shrug*

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