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I have searched everywhere on the site and normally this is the right place to ask questions about Smogon and if it is not the right place I do not see where it can be.. ^^"

  1. I wanted to know if it was possible to put the mini Pokémon in Shiny -> Example :Charizard: and if so how ?
  2. I wanted to know if it was possible to put the mini Pokémon with an Older Generation Sprites and if so how?
  3. I wanted to know if it was possible to have more color in the color palette already available and if so how ? ( It lacks an elementary color pink and dark gray, there are 3 different grays but the difference is not obvious ). And there is also a "Hex color" option what is it for ? There is a special board where you have to enter a code to have a specific color or a kind of shade of a specific color.
  4. I wanted to know how we could create custom avatars, is there a site specially designed for ? ( Like Smogon Artists do, I asked some player but nobody ever wanted to inform me ... )
  5. Is there a special place where it is possible to post replays and watch replays ( Like a Special replays room or a page specially dedicated to watching all possible and imaginable replays )
I'm sorry if this is not the right place to ask this style of question, I don't mind being guided to the right place but I understood the rules correctly on the home page it's the right one place ^^

Thank you for taking the time to read and I hope that we can light my lantern on the shadows zone ! :Gengar-Gmax:


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I wanted to know how we could create custom avatars, is there a site specially designed for ? ( Like Smogon Artists do, I asked some player but nobody ever wanted to inform me ... )
You can check Smeargles Laptop to know what pixel Artists are currently accepting Custom Avatar requests. If you mean how they do them, well, most use MS Paint or Gimp or another png editor that can work pixel by pixel.

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1. You might try here. Afaik the shiny sprites aren't built into the forums like you did with Charizard, but that github has most of em.

2. Refer to 1 and this post. r3io4mf this post would also be relevant to you (external sprites can be added via the insert image button on the top bar, for example, or by enclosing the url in img tags like so: [img] URL HERE [/img]).

3. You could suggest more colors be added I suppose, this would be the thread to do it (idk if it's possible since it's probably built into xenforo but no clue). If you have a specific color in mind but don't see it on the preset list, you can enter the 6 digit hex code for it to change the color of the text in your post. Here's green and blue (00ff00 and 0000ff respectively). You can find the hex color codes (the 6 numbers next to the #) on a site like this one.


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Hello this post is being made after having been asked to move it from the the Suggestions subforum and I apologize for this.
This is more of a request than a question.

Please implement justified alignment
This is a very simple fix and I think this should be implemented because all word editors have this and I consider Smogonforums to be pretty advanced among gaming forums. Implementing indents would be pretty nice too, since the Tab command doesn't work, sadly but I need to see this happen because it's starting to weigh on my eyes and I am beginning to lurk around the server more and more.

I have no idea what year we live in but this is a society.
We need our paragraphs to to look elegant. I mean it.
Do you see how hard I am trying to respect a length
of a line? I wish I could tell you all how taxing it is and
how frustrating it is for text to be just a jumbled up
mess of meaningless words with nonsense conveying
nothing but green ideas which sleep furiously. If you
aren't at all concerned then you should be, not for me,
but for the state of well-being of folks on this forum.

So please, Smogonites. You've shown me the beauty of
inter-medial formatting, that is, the beautiful harmony
between text and images and funny gifs with cute and
friendly pokemon in messages. You gave me Lavos' win-
post from 2019 where he showed GSC can be cool and
even talked about. Give us, the users and people those
very tools to make our writing look better. You know it,
that it's what we need-to-want-to-deserve-to-have........


I am serious about this. Please do not lock this post without giving me a valid reason why this isn't being / cannot be implemented.

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