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Snake Draft Introduction
Snake Draft Schedule (TBA)

Hello Ubers! As the second edition of Snake Draft will start very soon, we needed a new discussion thread! Use this thread to discuss the tour in general, players, metagame trends, replays, predictions etc. Ideally this thread will become an a useful resource as far as tier growth and player collaboration goes.
Have fun! The thread will be updated as the tournament goes on.

Potential Ubers Players

Goldenrod Gliders: HunterStorm
Shinto Ruin Serpents: Leru, Paycard, RedEmption
Berry Forest Bushmasters: The Trap God, pasy_g
Lanakila Nagas: SoulWind, Sharow-san, GaryTheGengar
Lake of Rage Leviathans: Garay oak, Mysterious M
Sootopolis Sidewinders: Zesty43
Terminus Taipans: Cynara
Black City Mambas: Exiline, Alpha Rabbit
Cianwood Cobras: KyogreF4N
Ambrette Astrotias: CKW, Fireburn

coming soon

coming soon

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Good luck to those who got drafted and have an enjoyable tournament everyone!


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A lot of people that have something to prove and only a couple who have proved themself already. I don't think the best battle's will be with the most experienced players like ttg/fireburn but instead will have plenty of interesting battles between two new players that are both trying to make a name for themselves, which can definitely make for some hype matches. I can't wait to see which new player out of the group comes out with the best record. I'd put my money on sharow or zesty though.
before the draft, i know a lot of managers including myself thought the ubers pool is quite shallow since a lot of the tier mainstays lacked experience on the big stage and the ones who did, didnt sign up (or deleted their sign up :pirate::pirate:). but i think the pool turned out really cool and interesting since a lot of the mains are playing. i thought more managers would go for a solid player + builder combo but its cool to see ppl becoming more willing to give newcomers a shot

im particularly excited to see zesty, sharow, cynara, and hunterstorm play bc they all have interesting takes on the tier and are solid players overall. exi will be a cool watch too cus rey somehow makes his players power up all the time

also excited to work with leru and have him go 9-0 in the regular season :afrostar:

good luck to everyone. i hope you all have a fantastic tour and give us some great games
I think that the draft was very cool, as many said a lot of new people getting are getting a shot. If I were to pick the strongest cores it would have to be nagas, leviathans and serpents. I think all 3 teams have excellent team support and capable players left and right. obviously kf4n and ttg are front runners to do well, although I think Garay finishes this tour with one of the best records paired with M's support. I'm also interested to see how Fireburn and ckw do, I know that I thought that team looked pretty weak for ubers after the draft but thats just based off of both players relative inactivity. However I know that both have proven themselves in the past so I could very well be proven wrong. I'm very excited for the tour to start hope we are able to prove that ubers should be a main stay in official tours.


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this should be an interesting tournament as i think everyone drafted has something to prove or solidify as players. the new folks will be a breath of fresh air to the ubers scene as long as they keep it level headed - remember that you are representing the tier and our community to all of smogon and this tour should be a great show.

gl to all involved
Most probable match-up for the upcoming phase 1 (coming next week!):

Sun Division:

Sharow-san vs. KyogreF4N
Sharow-sans vs. Zesty43
KyogreF4N vs. The Trap God
The Trap God vs. HunterStorm
HunterStorm vs. Zesty43

Moon Division:

Exiline vs. CKW
Exiline vs. Cynara
CKW vs. Leru
Leru vs. Garay oak
Garay oak vs. Cynara

Really looking forward KyogreF4N vs TTG game but also Cynara and garay oak games.
Feel free to do predictions/talk about any match ups you want.

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