Smogon Snake Draft I - Introduction

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Smogon Snake Draft

Player Spreadsheet
Welcome to the first installment of Smogon's newest official team tournament!

Smogon Snake Draft (SSD) is a team tournament featuring various tiers from the current generation taking its name and inspiration from the way teams are shaped. 10 manager combinations, each consisting of one manager and one assistant manager, take turns to pick players from the pool of players having signed up and consequently add to their team. After each team has picked one player, the team that picked up a player the latest now picks first, the team that picked up a player second to latest now picks second, and so on, until the team that initially picked a player first comes up, this time as the last team, and picks a player. This process is repeated until all 10 teams have exactly 14 players, 10 starting players and 4 substitutes.

This tournament will be played out in a manner similar, though not identical, to how World Cup of Pokémon plays out.
Players will play 9 games during a group stage, against every other player in their tier. These nine games will be spread out throughout three phases, each phase containing three games and lasting two weeks. Teams submit a lineup ahead of each phase (said lineup may be identical to the previous one, if the managers so wish). After all three phases have concluded, each team's combined wins and losses are counted, and the four teams with the most wins advance to playoffs.
In the case of a tie between two or more teams for a position in the playoffs, tiebreakers will be held to determine placing. In playoffs, teams are seeded according to their position in the group stage. The team placing in first during the group stage faces the fourth placed team, and the team in second place faces the third placed team.

For a better understanding of how the phases might look, click the hide tag below:
Phase 1:
Bushmasters vs. Astorias
Bushmasters vs. Pitvipers
Bushmasters vs. Serpents
Astorias vs. Sidewinders
Astorias vs. Rattlers
Pitvipers vs. Gliders
Pitvipers vs. Rattlers
Leviathans vs. Gliders
Leviathans vs. Rattlers
Leviathans vs. Taipans
Serpents vs. Sidewinders
Serpents vs. Nagas
Sidewinders vs. Nagas
Gliders vs. Taipans
Nagas vs. Taipans
Phase 2:
Bushmasters vs. Sidewinders
Bushmasters vs. Nagas
Bushmasters vs. Taipans
Astorias vs. Pitvipers
Astorias vs. Leviathans
Astorias vs. Gliders
Pitvipers vs. Leviathans
Pitvipers vs. Taipans
Leviathans vs. Serpents
Serpents vs. Gliders
Serpents vs. Rattlers
Sidewinders vs. Rattlers
Sidewinders vs. Taipans
Gliders vs. Nagas
Rattlers vs. Nagas
Phase 3:
Bushmasters vs. Leviathans
Bushmasters vs. Gliders
Bushmasters vs. Rattlers
Astorias vs. Serpents
Astorias vs. Nagas
Astorias vs. Taipans
Pitvipers vs. Serpents
Pitvipers vs. Sidewinders
Pitvipers vs. Nagas
Leviathans vs. Sidewinders
Leviathans vs. Nagas
Serpents vs. Taipans
Sidewinders vs. Gliders
Gliders vs. Rattlers
Rattlers vs. Taipans

In the case of a tie, the advancing team will be decided by a best of three - each team picks a unique tier with the higher seed picking second, then SM OU is the 3rd game.
The tournament will progress in this format until there is only one team left standing, the champion of the Smogon Snake Draft.

For this tournament, there will be no midseason, so if you intend to play, sign up - you don't get any second chances!

The tier lineup this year is as follows:

SM Ubers
SM Doubles​

Manager combinations and team names are as follows, with managers listed first and assistant managers second:

Hogg + Christo, managing the Victory Road Rattlers
Tony + Gingy, managing the Berry Forest Bushmasters
Hikari + Leru, managing the Lanakila Nagas
Zebraiken + d0nut, managing the Lake of Rage Leviathans
ict + Poek, managing the Pacifidlog Pitvipers
TDK + Mazinger, managing the Sootopolis Sidewinders
Jirachee + BKC, managing the Ambrette Astrotias
KratosMana + CrashinBoomBang, managing the Terminus Taipans
obii + dodmen, managing the Shinto Ruin Serpents
Ciele + Funkasaurus, managing the Goldenrod Gliders

The hosts for this tournament will be me and Isa.

Signups will be posted on the 12th of August.
The Live Draft will take place on September Third starting at 5 PM EDT.
Phase 1 will begin on the 11th of September.

Player signups will go live on Saturday 12th August, 2017. When a prospective player signs up, they are expected to also note which tiers they are interested in playing during the tournament. In order to ensure the best possible experience for yourself, the managers, and your team, please do NOT sign up for any tier you are unwilling to play. If you would not seriously consider playing that tier in a tournament environment, do not list it. The tiers you put down in your signup are not binding, but they will affect how your prospective manager sees you, and as such they should be as accurate to your skill set as possible. Don't make dumb joke posts about playing tiers you do not care for.

Something to keep in mind that I am sure that our managers already know:
There will be a severe penalty for any team that picks up a known alt of a banned player, or any player masquerading as another person. This has not been a big issue in the past, but it is important to establish that both parties will be penalized immediately and harshly if they are found doing so.

General Snake Rules & Regulations - READ THIS

The General Manager of a team is essentially the boss of a team. The GM is the final word in all decisions (barring the hosts) regarding their team. The GM decides which players play on the team and who plays in what position. Managers also make sure that the team keeps running on a day to day basis. If a team fails to complete their matches by the end of the allotted time, the onus is on the manager to inform the host as to what happened in order to make sure that proper activity calls are made.

Because of these responsibilities, The General Manager is probably the most important part of the team. As such, the position of GM is not one to be taken lightly.

• There will not always be 10 manager slots to fill. Past managers in good standing (as determined by Tournament Directors and the hosts of the tournament) will be invited to return as GMs of their respective teams at the beginning of the season. If they refuse the position, past Assistant Managers of the same team (in good standing, of course) will be offered the position. If they too refuses, the position is up for grabs to the general public.
• General Managers are not eligible to play in the Smogon Snake Draft. You can either play or manage, not both.
• General Managers are chosen largely on a subjective opinion of the host as well as Tournament Directors as to who they believe would be fit for the position. Being fit for the position includes the knowledge of excellent battlers in the community (for fielding a competent team), having above average activity on the forums and Discord (in order to ensure that you don’t abandon your team), as well as possessing a necessary amount of “gravitas” (If you can’t make a player do what you tell them to, such as play an undesirable metagame, you’re not going to make a good manager).

General Managers are required to acquire one Assistant Manager. The General Manager gets full sovereignty in choosing their assistant manager. The assistant manager is essentially the second in command for the team. They have all of the functions and roles as the General Manager does, the GM just trumps them in head-to-head decisions.

Lastly, the General Manager has the following duties:

• They shall choose one Assistant Manager.
• They shall be present at the live Draft, or appoint their Assistant Manager to be present in their stead
• They shall send the host biweekly rosters.
• They shall ensure to the best of his/her abilities that his/her battlers complete their matches on time.
• In the event that a match fails to be completed, they shall inform the host as to why the match failed to be completed, and what his/her battler did in order to finish the match.
• They shall communicate any grievances with the host.
• They shall oversee all trades the team makes.
All players must sign up if they wish to play in the Smogon Snake Draft. It is important to note that the Smogon Snake Draft is an 8 week event and that the activity level of a player is significant. Do not sign up to play for a team if you do not intend to see the tournament through to the end. This includes maintaining a competitive attitude if your team is already eliminated from playoff contention. You never know whether or not winning your end-season matches will make you a more valued player next season, so even if your team isn’t necessarily in the playoff picture anymore, there’s always value in playing your best. Failure to complete matches in a timely manner consistently may result in being barred from entering the Smogon Snake Draft in future seasons.

The format for signing up to play in the Smogon Snake Draft is as follows. This is not the sign-up thread. Do NOT post sign-ups in this thread.

Name: Isa
Tiers played: SM OU / SM Ubers / SM UU / SM RU / SM NU / SM LC / SM Doubles
Timezone: GMT+2
Significant time missed?: None.
The sign-up list will then be taken and sorted into appropriate lists for each of the 7 metagames. These lists will then be used by managers for the draft.
Unlike SPL there are no credits used for this draft, instead it will be conducted in a snake draft format, the order of teams being determined shortly before the live draft.
In the weeks preceding the live draft, a time will be chosen by all of the General Managers to meet and perform a live draft in order to choose players. Managers will be expected to remain at the draft for the entire duration, which should take approximately 2-3 hours. If a General Manager cannot, for some reason, find any feasible time that they can attend a Live Draft , then the Assistant Manager will be called upon to fill in the spot. If no Manager can fill the spot for the Live Draft… then a new General Manager + Assistant Manager who can find time to make a live draft will be found to replace the old ones.

Once a time is set, all 10 managers + the hosts will enter the Snake channel in the SmogTours server at the given time. The host will administer the @ rank to the 10 managers, and place modchat on the chat. Spectators are allowed to join in to watch the fun unfold, but will not be able to speak. Discussion on the bidding at hand should be relegated to a different channel.

The hosts will then randomly assign a number from 1 to 10 for each of the 10 teams to determine the order of the draft, then each team picks 1 player; the team that was assigned 1 picks first followed by the team that was assigned 2 and so forth until the tenth pick, after that it snakes back around and the team assigned 10 picks a player followed by the team assigned 9. This is repeated until every team has 14 players.

Managers are asked to please have a predetermined list of players you intend to nominate in order to make the process go as quickly and seamlessly as possible. Each team will have a limited amount of time (TBD) per round to pick their player, if they exceed this limit the next team in line will be allowed to pick before them.

Here is a sample of how the live draft is expected to take place.

#Luigi: Taipans up to pick
CBB: We pick Isa.
#Luigi: Isa goes to the Taipans
#Luigi: Sidewinders up to pick

Rinse and repeat.
It is at this time that the tournament will commence. The league stages consist of a Round Robin tournament. Every team will face every other team once through 6 weeks of play. Each manager will submit to the host a roster no later than the deadline of the previous phase. This roster will list the starting players and what metagames they will play. The metagames represented in the Smogon Snake Draft are as follows:

SM Ubers
SM Doubles

When the week starts, teams' players will face off in their respective metagames / tiers. The SM OU 1 from Team A will face the SM OU 1 from team B, SM OU 2 will face SM OU 2, and so on. The only thing that matters is who won the most games, rather than the SPL team based format. At the end of the third phase, the top four teams with the most wins proceed to the playoffs and will be seeded into a knock-out style bracket where they will face off until only one team remains.

There are a few regulatory things during the league stages that need to be outlined.

1. Substitutes – At any point in time during the week, a team may make a substitution for an inactive player. In order to do this a manager must post on that phase's thread saying which player is substituting out, and which player is substituting in, as well as tagging the opponents affected. A player that has substituted out for a week cannot be substituted back in. In addition, in order to catch any attempts at garnering favorable matchups in SM OU (where the lineup you choose affects pairings), all substitutions are subject to veto by the host if the substitution is suspected to be attempting to “game” the system.

2. Pre-Week Battling – Because there is a set schedule generated at the beginning of the season, it is possible to accurately guess what players you will be facing in any given week (especially if you play a metagame that isn’t SM OU). However, because the next phase's rosters are not set in stone until the day before the next week, there is no telling what a manager will do with regards to who they slot in one spot… especially if they have more than one player in any given tier. Asking to battle early for future weeks is essentially asking the opposing manager to short themselves options and forces them to make their roster early, perhaps without all of the knowledge they might have gleaned over the course of the week. Due to this, battling early for future weeks is not allowed. Do not ask to battle early for a future week. You will be denied. No exceptions. This is what you have substitutes for.

3. Trades – Teams may trade players with each other at any point after the draft and before phase 1. Once phase 1 starts you can only trade after it ends, but before phase 2 begins. To facilitate this there will be a 2 day period between phase 1 ending and phase 2 starting that will be used to handle trading. In order to complete a trade, both involved managers must submit a PM to the host detailing which player(s) on their team they are trading away, as well as which players they are receiving as compensation. Also note that since every team must have 14 players at all times a player may only be exchanged for another player.

4. There will be no trades allowed following the start of phase 2.

5. Activity decisions – There are inevitably times where two players simply fail to complete a match; however, the nature of the tournament system sometimes makes it advantageous to purposely fail to play. Because of this, it is necessary to make activity decisions on matches. Hosts are required to make thorough investigations regarding each and every potential failed match during a week. If both parties are deemed to be equally apathetic or enthusiastic about getting the match done, but just have not had the opportunity to make it happen, the match will result in a no contest. However, if it is deemed that one party made significantly more effort than the other in attempting to get the match done, then a win will be awarded to that player. Things that will make it very likely that you will lose via activity include: failing to VM your opponent immediately upon the week’s start, scheduling a match and being documented as missing the match time, failing to provide any concrete times for which you can be reached, failing to respond to an opponent’s VM at all. Note that this is a tournament that requires a very high level of activity and diligence, if you don’t think you can get your matches done, quite simply don’t sign up.

6. Rule Breaking – There is no excuse for breaking any of the predetermined rules. If you are caught breaking a rule, you will lose your match. There is no lenience with regards to this. Break a rule, you lose. Period.

7. Reversing Rulings - No ruling will be retroactively overturned once the phase that the ruling applies to has ended. This includes: activity rulings / rulings based on rule breaking / anything else under the sun. I'm not going back in time to reevaluate every single decision I've made throughout the tournament on the last week of regular season because you think you were gypped 1-2 wins along the way and now they're the difference between you and a playoff spot. Any appeals to a ruling must be made during the phase that the ruling is made; beyond that, all rulings are final once the phase ends.
At the end of the league stages, there will be a knockout style playoffs involving the top 4 teams with the most wins. In the event of a tie in overall wins, the following criteria is used for breaking ties:

• Best of 3 - each team picks a unique tier with the winner of the Head to Head matchup picking second, then SM OU is the 3rd game

After the top 4 have been determined, each team will be seeded. The #1 seed will play the #4 seed, and the #2 seed will play the #3 seed. The victors of these matches will advance to the finals match. The winning team of this match will be declared the ultimate victors of the Smogon Snake Draft.
"Revealing" sets and teams during matches is becoming more and more of a hot topic as the SPL season wears on.

- Revealing Teams

This is grounds for immediate unsportsmanlike conduct and infraction on the forums. Posting team pastebins and others of the kind will not be tolerated from here on out. This is your first and only warning.

- Revealing Sets

This is where the gray area starts...

There have been many complaints over the course of the past couple weeks of users speculating obscure or gimmicky sets that have been legit possibilities or true to the teams for SPL matches, alerting the other party to scenarios or sets that they may not have considered or been aware, and thus possibly changing their play. In-chat "ghosting" is also not what we want to see in the battles.

Speculating really obscure moves like HP Flying on a Terrakion is not really harmful, nor is speculating standard sets like "incoming Fire Blast" from a Moltres, and will thus not be reprimanded.

However, depending on moderator discretion and the egregiousness of the speculating in question, consistently set revealing/speculating the likes of let's say SD Sceptile in RU or Choice Scarf Excadrill in SM OU (which are like the in between of the above examples), may lead to an unsportsmanlike conduct and infraction, and will most definitely lead to a lock and maybe kick on the simulator.

In essence, police yourselves, and know that this is something to watch what you say in the game chats. Work to get this kind of behavior out of the game chats.
Acceptable reasons for sellback:
1. User is a team cancer (as to be judged by TD team and evidenced by logs)
2. User has quit
3. User has disappeared
4. Inactivity (defined below)

We are defining inactivity as this: "So low of inactivity that it makes it difficult to complete battles of the battler's accord." This includes largely Discord inactivity, but forum inactivity will carry weight as well. If the battler has low activity but is still able to schedule by themselves and conduct their own battles, that is not grounds for a sellback.

Combinations of the above factors will also be taken into account. Eligibility for sellback will be determined entirely by the host.
If we determine a player should be sold back before phase 1, the team that picked them will be allowed 1 free pick from the undrafted pool. If it happens after phase 1 has begun there will be no compensation to the team.
This has been a thing in the past and it hasn't caused any problems thus far, but an issue came up during the liberty32 vs Heist battle that needs to be restated:

If a player that is playing on PS has disconnected, DO NOT JOIN THE BATTLE IN THEIR PLACE







This can lead very very very quickly to an infraction, tournament ban, or forum ban and team disqualification of the match (depending on who exactly joined) as it is very easy to then team reveal to the other team.

This is another reason why playing on smogtours is far more preferred so as to protect yourself during disconnects, as we can see who exactly is joining the battle.

If the big JOIN button pops up in your window, DON'T JUST CLICK IT, look to make sure it's not because one of the players disconnected. This is your final and only warning.


Standard Tournament Rules and Procedures:
On... Sportsmanship

Note the sportsmanship infraction may be used liberally, and any unsportsmanlike conduct on the forums, in #wcop / #pokemon / any of the semiofficial tier channels, or in opposing wcop team channels (I won't infract for you being a dick in your own wcop team channel unless the situation is so extreme I feel I absolutely have to make an exception (consider basically any masterclass interaction ever)), will be grounds for an infraction. We encourage you to play semi-aggressively, but don't be a masterclass.

~ Aldaron

On... Scheduling Matches

I'm sure plenty of you have come across coin flipping / who to activity drama while scheduling matches. I'm here to reduce the arbitrary element associated with some of these decisions. It is entirely your decision to adhere to these STRONG RECOMMENDATIONS, but note that if you choose not to, I'll most likely ignore any pleading from your end and default you to a coin flip, regardless of what you claim is your Discord or forum activity. By signing up for this tournament, you are agreeing to this condition, that adhering to what I outline will protect you from coinflips / activity and that not adhering to it will subject you to coinflips / activity regardless of your proposed justification.

Once that round's thread is posted, you have up to 48 hours to contact your opponent ON HIS VM WALL and mention your timezone and exactly what dates, what time ranges you are available, and where you will battle. Note that the default accepted sim and server is the official server on Showdown. You must provide at least 3 different time ranges at least 48 hours from the timestamp of your message, with at least 2 that are 24-hours apart from each other. The minimum and maximum length for 1 time range is 30 minutes, and the minimum difference between the 3 required time ranges is 3 hours. If you give 3 time ranges that stick with this policy, you can give any additional time ranges at any time you please.


Once your opponent has contacted you, you now have up until 72 hours after the round's thread has been posted (NOT after your opponent's message) to respond with times that are good for you. What this means is that if both of you spend the maximum time contacting and responding, you should have back and forth collaboration at a maximum of 72 hours after the round has been posted, with both parties given an additional 24 hours to prepare for the battle should it be scheduled as soon as required. If none of the opponent's proposed time ranges are good for you, you must respond with alternative time ranges.

The first opponent now has X hours to prepare for the battle (if the second opponent agreed to some time) or 24 hours to contact a TD if, for whatever reason, this second set of time ranges does not suit the first opponent. Note this should be an absolute last measure and that more often than not, the TDs will likely force one (or both) sides to sub out.

Once a time is agreed upon, please make a message on your opponent's vm wall between 10 minutes and 1 second before the agreed upon time and say you are ready to battle and then get to agreed upon location (regardless of whether or not your opponent sends you a response vm). Please protect yourself by making this message, as it makes decisions much easier. You will be required to be wait for your opponent for the duration of the time range.

If neither of you contact each other before 48 hours after the thread has been posted, you're both opening yourself up to a potential coin flip. If I look at the situation, I might just determine I'm going to sub both of you out, coin flip you, or whatever based on however I'm feeling at that moment. Don't leave yourself and your team vulnerable to this.

Just because at anytime one of the responders does not respond within the given range does not give you automatic activity win credentials. If they don't contact at all on your vm wall up until 48 hours before the end of the round (note, I'm not going to take Discord or sim messages as evidence due to how easily they can be if you want to protect yourself, stick to the vm messages), then you obviously have activity win justification. Note to team captains, if one of your players does not contact all his opponents before 48 hours before the end of the round, I will FORCE a sub, no questions asked. You WILL contact your opponent in a timely manner. However, if they do contact you at all after the suggested response time and before 48 hours before the end of the round, you are required to respond before 24 hours before the end of the round with 2 1-hour time ranges at least 1 hour apart before the end of the round. The opponent, since he did not stick to the proposed response schedule, WILL BE REQUIRED TO PLAY AT ONE OF YOUR NEWLY SUGGESTED TIMES, so you have the advantage here. This obviously puts a bit of an emphasis on the last 48 hours of each round (as is standard operating procedure for most of our official team tournaments anyway), so I will try my best to keep the last 48 hours of the round as close to the majority of the weekend for as much of the world as I can.

If you follow all of these guidelines, you will a.) most likely get your match done with minimal issue or b.) protect yourself and your team from an undue coin flip or activity decision. Yes, I hate activity decisions in official tournaments. Yes, I will do my best to prevent activity decisions in the playoffs (the qualifying round is fair game however and I will have no problem issuing an activity call here), but don't push your luck.

Here is an example of how following this would work:

Round 1 thread is posted June 7, 2015 at 10:00PM. Its deadline is June 14, 2015 at 11:59PM. User A and User B are matched up. User A contacts User B on his vm wall on June 9, at 9:00 PM (47 hours after the thread was posted, so ok), and gives 4 time ranges: June 10, from 7:00-7:30 PM (22 hours after the timestamp of his message, which is only ok so long as at minimum 3 of the other proposed time ranges adhere to the requirements), June 11, from 9:00-9:30 PM (48 hours after the timestamp of his message, which is ok), June 12, from 6:00-6:30 PM (69 hours after timestamp of his message, so ok, but only 21 hours after the earliest time range that is 48 hours after the timestamp), and June 12, from 9:00-9:30 PM (72 hours after the timestamp, so ok, and 24 hours after a legal time range and 3 hours after another legal time range). The June 11 and both June 12 time ranges satisfy the requirements, so User A can propose his first June 10 time range as well. User B responds on June 10, at 8:00 PM (23 hours after User A contacted him, so ok), and picks June 11, at 9:00 PM to battle, which is ok because it is 24 hours after his own response.

You'll note I made most of my response ranges multiples of 24 hours, but also included 24 hours. This means I expect you to be able to check Smogon at least once a day. If that is not feasible, you put yourself at risk.

~ Aldaron

On... Disconnecting and timing out drama

Ah, the big beefcake. I'm going to go ahead and put this out there: we reserve the right to judge any individual match on a case by case basis, regardless of assumed precedence set. If you don't like that, you are welcome to not play. Be aware of this.

Also, to protect yourself as much as possible from DCs and timer issues, play on Showdown (because it has an at least semi reliable system of rejoining after a DC) and make a gentleman's agreement to not hit timer and not be hour a move dicks.

That said, here is the main way we will probably handle DCs / timing out:

To handle all DC're gonna submit your teams before the match. TeamSubmissions is an account made for the purpose of submitting teams to it. You don't have to submit, but if you do, you protect yourself from the opponent taking a win. If you do DC (and you can't rejoin the battle) and you haven't submitted your team, your opponent will have the right to take the win. Yes, I'll most likely make a judgment call if he is on his last turn with 1 pokemon at 5% and paralyzed and with you at 6 100% health pokemon, because the only way to lose this is to misclick multiple times. However, if you're at 6 100% pokemon and your opponent is at last pokemon 10% needing to crit flinch you 6 - 12 times for the win, I'll give him the win if you DC and haven't submitted your team.

I know people like philip7086 will beg me "to use common sense for a judgment call" for all cases and I would normally agree, but I am giving you all a 100% out by allowing you to submit your team. Basically, submit your team, and protect yourself and your team from any and all DCs. It's a simple procedure that removes almost all subjectivity from a decision regarding a DC. Unlike with the scheduling restrictions, all you have to do is submit the team your are using at anytime before the match takes place, and you'll have 100% protected yourself. Read this rule and understand this now before you join the tournament. Since I'm stating this now, I'm basically going to ignore you if you DC, didn't submit a team, and "had a guaranteed win." Expect it. Also note that I'm going to let the PLAYER (not the team), decide whether he is going to take the win or go another route (replay same moves, replay different teams, etc.).

To further ensure no funny business, if, in the case of a DC replay, there is any concern from either party about funny business, both parties have the right to request a screenshot of the current Pokemon's stats in battle. This is irrelevant for Showdown as you can simply rejoin a battle there, but PO allows you to see the currently out Pokemon's stats if you scroll over it with your mouse. Just hit PrntScrn (windows) while scrolling over it if requested by your opponent, preferably with proof that it is a screenshot of that actual battle (consider including the opponent's request in the battle screen in the screenshot).

Regarding time outs, they are a bit more complex, specifically because some timeouts are due to DCs. The best we can do for this scenario is say that there is some number between 1 minute and 2 minutes (which we will not publicize) that we will set as a limit for timing out, and if you timeout with more than that limit time remaining, we'll assume it is a DC, whereas the opposite is a true timeout. A true timeout defaults to a loss, while the DC timeout is prone to the DC rules (did you submit or not).

~ Aldaron

^ Note: When submitting teams, use and submit it to the dedicated team submit account, TeamSubmissions

On "Self-KO Clause" and Ties:
Self-KO Clause is an antiquated concept that is not used in Smogon tournaments. The one exception to the rule is if the tournament is live (weekly Smogon Tour, Suspect Tours, etc.). For all standard tournaments here this rule does not exist. It Does Not Exist.

If both Pokemon faint simultaneously in DPP, ADV, GSC, or RBY, the game is ruled as a tie. Tied games do not count as played games in overall standings and will be expected to be replayed within the round's initial deadline. Similarly to this, tied games do not count towards the total number of games played in "best of X" series. In other words, if a tournament includes "Bo3" RBY, what is really being played is "first to two wins" RBY.

However, ties simply don't exist in later generations. The developers removed ties from BW and have not added them back since. There's a lot of inconsistency with the mechanics of their tiebreaking system but Smogon follows them to stay true to the cartridge. The main ones are listed below:

Note: The following list is for SM, XY, and BW, and not for DPP, ADV, GSC, or RBY

Self-KO Moves (Destiny Bond, Explosion, Final Gambit, etc.):
Attacking Pokemon Loses

Offensive Recoil (Life Orb; Double-Edge, Flare Blitz, etc.):
Attacking Pokemon Wins

Defensive Recoil (Rocky Helmet; Iron Barbs, Rough Skin):
Attacking Pokemon Wins (SM)
Attacking Pokemon Loses (XY and BW)

Passive Damage (Status, Weather, etc.):
Faster Pokemon Loses

Substitutions will be not be allowed in tiebreak series unless both teams agree (or TDs enforce double sub). However, since we prioritise games being played, we will consider extension requests so long as they're reasonable. We will also be reluctant to give activity wins to those who are clearly fishing for them.

Pokémon Showdown is the main simulator for this tournament, and Smogtours is the main server.


This marks the start of the first ever Smogon Snake Draft.


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Good luck to everyone who gets drafted!
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