Smogon Snake Draft I - Logs & Replays

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Artwork by Bummer
Format by Klefkwi
Colors by Stan Soojung

Smogon Snake Draft

For any further information regarding the tournament, please make sure to check out the Smogon Snake Draft I - Introduction.

With the first iteration of Smogon's Snake Draft starting, the need for a replay thread compiling all of the games within these series arose. Finchinator and I will archive the replays in this thread so make sure to check out any games you did miss. Without further ado, lets get into the replays:

SM Overused

[PITV] -Snow vs. FlamingVictini [NAGA]
[PITV] Star vs. SoulWind [NAGA]
[PITV] Axel vs. Alexander [NAGA]
[PITV] BlackOblivion vs. Zamrock [NAGA]
[PITV] -Snow vs. Cdumas [BUSH]
[PITV] Star vs. Omfuga [BUSH]
[PITV] Axel vs. ABR [BUSH]
[PITV] BlackOblivion vs. Ban Manaphy [BUSH]
[PITV] -Snow vs. z0mOG [GLID]
[PITV] Star vs. psychicmewtwo [GLID]
[PITV] Axel vs. Welli0u [GLID]
[PITV] BlackOblivion vs. Tricking [GLID]
[NAGA] FlamingVictini vs. Leftiez [SERP]

[NAGA] SoulWind vs. Kickasser [SERP]
[NAGA] Alexander vs. TheThorn [SERP]
[NAGA] Zamrock vs. Sabella [SERP]

[NAGA] FlamingVictini vs. Level 56 [RATT]
[NAGA] SoulWind vs. reyscarface [RATT]
[NAGA] Alexander vs. John [RATT]
[NAGA] Zamrock vs. Bro Kappa [RATT]
[BUSH] Cdumas vs. Nedor [ASTR]
[BUSH] Omfuga vs. Sweepage [ASTR]
[BUSH] ABR vs. imsosorrylol [ASTR]
[BUSH] Ban Manaphy vs. Trosko [ASTR]
[BUSH] Cdumas vs. Level 56 [RATT]
[BUSH] Omfuga vs. reyscarface [RATT]
[BUSH] ABR vs. John [RATT]
[BUSH] Ban Manaphy vs. Bro Kappa [RATT]
[TAIP] njnp vs. Nedor [ASTR]

[TAIP] p2 vs. Sweepage [ASTR]
[TAIP] iloveleague vs. imsosorrylol [ASTR]
[TAIP] Gondra vs. Trosko [ASTR]
[TAIP] njnp vs. Posho [SIDE]
[TAIP] p2 vs. Ojama [SIDE]
[TAIP] iloveleague vs. Analytic [SIDE]

[TAIP] Gondra vs. ez [SIDE]
[TAIP] njnp vs. Level 56 [RATT]
[TAIP] p2 vs. Bushtush [RATT]
[TAIP] iloveleague vs. John [RATT]
[TAIP] Gondra vs. Bro Kappa [RATT]
[GLID] z0mOG vs. Eo Ut Mortus [LEVI]
[GLID] psychicmewtwo vs. Tamahome [LEVI]

[GLID] Welli0u vs. Finchinator [LEVI]
[GLID] Tricking vs. Malekith [LEVI]
[GLID] z0mOG vs. Leftiez [SERP]

[GLID] psychicmewtwo vs. Kickasser [SERP]
[GLID] Welli0u vs. TheThorn [SERP]
[GLID] Tricking vs. Sabella [SERP]
[ASTR] Nedor vs. Posho [SIDE]
[ASTR] Sweepage vs. Ojama [SIDE]

[ASTR] imsosorrylol vs. blunder [SIDE]
[ASTR] Trosko vs. ez [SIDE]
[LEVI] Eo Ut Mortus vs. Leftiez [SERP]
[LEVI] Tamahome vs. Kickasser [SERP]
[LEVI] Finchinator vs. TheThorn [SERP]
[LEVI] Malekith vs. Sabella [SERP]
[LEVI] Eo Ut Mortus vs. Posho [SIDE]
[LEVI] Tamahome vs. Ojama [SIDE]

[LEVI] Finchinator vs. blunder [SIDE]
[LEVI] Malekith vs. ez [SIDE]

SM Doubles

[PITV] Level 51 vs. miltankmilk [NAGA]
[PITV] Level 51 vs. marilli [BUSH]

[PITV] Level 51 vs. MajorBowman [GLID]
[NAGA] miltankmilk vs. Demantoid [SERP]
[NAGA] miltankmilk vs. Stax [RATT]
[BUSH] marilli vs. Memoric [ASTR]
[BUSH] marilli vs. Stax [RATT]

[TAIP] Biosci vs. Memoric [ASTR]
[TAIP] Biosci vs. Kaori [SIDE]
[TAIP] Biosci vs. Stax [RATT]
[GLID] MajorBowman vs. Jhon [LEVI]

[GLID] MajorBowman vs. Demantoid [SERP]
[ASTR] Memoric vs. Kaori [SIDE]
[LEVI] Jhon vs. Demantoid [SERP]
[LEVI] Jhon vs. Kaori [SIDE]

SM Ubers

[PITV] Lacus Clyne vs. Mazar [NAGA]
[PITV] Lacus Clyne vs. The Trap God [BUSH]

[PITV] Lacus Clyne vs. Arii Stella [GLID]
[NAGA] Mazar vs. M Dragon [SERP]
[NAGA] Mazar vs. Fireburn [RATT]
[BUSH] The Trap God vs. thimo [ASTR]
[BUSH] The Trap God vs. Fireburn [RATT]
[TAIP] Pohjis vs. thimo [ASTR]
[TAIP] Pohjis vs. Evuelf [SIDE]
[TAIP] Pohjis vs. Fireburn [RATT]
[GLID] Arii Stella vs. Dice [LEVI]
[GLID] Arii Stella vs. M Dragon [SERP]
[ASTR] thimo vs. Evuelf [SIDE]
[LEVI] Dice vs. M Dragon [SERP]
[LEVI] Dice vs. Evuelf [SIDE]

SM Underused

[PITV] teal6 vs. Sacri' [NAGA]
[PITV] teal6 vs. bugzinator [BUSH]
[PITV] teal6 vs. Pearl [GLID]

[NAGA] Sacri' vs. Lycans [SERP]
[NAGA] Sacri' vs. Manipulative [RATT]
[BUSH] bugzinator vs. McMeghan [ASTR]
[BUSH] bugzinator vs. Manipulative [RATT]
[TAIP] Tesung vs. McMeghan [ASTR]
[TAIP] Tesung vs. Pak [SIDE]
[TAIP] Tesung vs. Manipulative [RATT]

[GLID] Pearl vs. HT [LEVI]
[GLID] Pearl vs. Lycans [SERP]
[ASTR] McMeghan vs. Pak [SIDE]
[LEVI] HT vs. Lycans [SERP]

[LEVI] HT vs. Pak [SIDE]

SM Rarelyused

[PITV] Ajna vs. Meru [NAGA]
[PITV] Ajna vs. Natalie. [BUSH]
[PITV] Ajna vs. SilentVerse [GLID]
[NAGA] Meru vs. Soulgazer [SERP]
[NAGA] Meru vs. Chill Shadow [RATT]

[BUSH] Natalie. vs. Mael [ASTR]
[BUSH] Natalie. vs. Chill Shadow [RATT]
[TAIP] -Tsunami- vs. Mael [ASTR]
[TAIP] -Tsunami- vs. col49 [SIDE]
[TAIP] -Tsunami- vs. Chill Shadow [RATT]
[GLID] SilentVerse vs. Lord Esche [LEVI]
[GLID] SilentVerse vs. Soulgazer [SERP]
[ASTR] Mael vs. col49 [SIDE]
[LEVI] Lord Esche vs. Soulgazer [SERP]
[LEVI] Lord Esche vs. col49 [SIDE]

SM Neverused

[PITV] meeps vs. Kushalos [NAGA]
[PITV] meeps vs. Yui. [BUSH]
[PITV] meeps vs. Blast [GLID]

[NAGA] Kushalos vs. Lax [SERP]
[NAGA] Kushalos vs. Rodriblutar [RATT]
[BUSH] Yui. vs. Jayde [ASTR]
[BUSH] Yui. vs. Rodriblutar [RATT]
[TAIP] Eternally vs. Jayde [ASTR]
[TAIP] Eternally vs. Hootie [SIDE]
[TAIP] Eternally vs. Rodriblutar [RATT]
[GLID] Blast vs. FLCL [LEVI]
[GLID] Blast vs. Lax [SERP]
[ASTR] Jayde vs. Hootie [SIDE]

[LEVI] FLCL vs. Lax [SERP]
[LEVI] FLCL vs. Hootie [SIDE]

SM Little Cup

[PITV] Shrug vs. tko [NAGA]
[PITV] Shrug vs. Sken [BUSH]
[PITV] Shrug vs. ggggd [GLID]
[NAGA] tko vs. Heysup [SERP]
[NAGA] tko vs. GOAO [RATT]
[BUSH] Sken vs. OP [ASTR]
[BUSH] Sken vs. GOAO [RATT]
[TAIP] ZoroDark vs. OP [ASTR]

[TAIP] ZoroDark vs. Kingler12345 [SIDE]
[TAIP] ZoroDark vs. GOAO [RATT]
[GLID] ggggd vs. Dundies [LEVI]
[GLID] ggggd vs. Heysup [SERP]
[ASTR] OP vs. Kingler12345 [SIDE]

[LEVI] Dundies vs. Heysup [SERP]
[LEVI] Dundies vs. Kingler12345 [SIDE]
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Big shoutout to Stan Soojung for doing the colors

M Overused

[PITV] London Beats vs. Tamahome [LEVI]
[PITV] Axel vs. Malekith [LEVI]
[PITV] Star vs. Eo Ut Mortus [LEVI]
[PITV] -Snow vs. Finchinator [LEVI]
[PITV] London Beats vs. Leftiez [SERP]
[PITV] Axel vs. Kickasser [SERP]
[PITV] Star vs. TheThorn [SERP]

[PITV] -Snow vs. Sabella [SERP]
[PITV] London Beats vs. ez [SIDE]
[PITV] Axel vs. Posho [SIDE]
[PITV] Star vs. blunder [SIDE]
[PITV] -Snow vs. Ojama [SIDE]
[NAGA] Zamrock vs. Kory2600 [BUSH]
[NAGA] FlamingVictini vs. ABR [BUSH]
[NAGA] Steve Angello vs. Ban Manaphy [BUSH]
[NAGA] SoulWind vs. Cdumas [BUSH]
NAGA] Zamrock vs. Gondra [TAIP]
[NAGA] FlamingVictini vs. NJNP [TAIP]
[NAGA] Steve Angello vs. iloveleague [TAIP]
[NAGA] SoulWind vs. p2 [TAIP]
[NAGA] Zamrock vs. Sweepage [ASTR]
[NAGA] FlamingVictini vs. R!cardo [ASTR]
[NAGA] Steve Angello vs. Trosko [ASTR]
[NAGA] SoulWind vs. Mob Barley [ASTR]
[BUSH] Kory2600 vs. Gondra [TAIP]
[BUSH] Ban Manaphy vs. iloveleague [TAIP]
[BUSH] Cdumas vs. p2 [TAIP]
[BUSH] Kory26000 vs. ez [SIDE]
[BUSH] ABR vs. Posho [SIDE]
[BUSH] Ban Manaphy vs. blunder [SIDE]
[BUSH] Cdumas vs. Ojama [SIDE]
[TAIP] Gondra vs. psychicmewtwo [GLID]
[TAIP] PokeTCG gamer1288 vs. Tricking [GLID]
[TAIP] iloveleague vs. Welli0u [GLID]
[TAIP] p2 vs. z0mOG [GLID]
[GLID] psychicmewtwo vs. Sweepage [ASTR]
[GLID] Tricking vs. R!cardo [ASTR]
[GLID] Welli0u vs. Trosko [ASTR]
[GLID] z0mOG vs. suapah [ASTR]
[GLID] psychicmewtwo vs. reyscarface [RATT]
[GLID] Tricking vs. Bro Kappa [RATT]
[GLID] Welli0u vs. Level 56 [RATT]
[GLID] z0mOG vs. John [RATT]
[ASTR] Sweepage vs. Tamahome [LEVI]
[ASTR] Sam vs. Genesis7 [LEVI]
[ASTR] Trosko vs. Eo Ut Mortus [LEVI]
[ASTR] suapah vs. Finchinator [LEVI]
[LEVI] Tamahome vs. reyscarface [RATT]
[LEVI] Malekith vs. Bro Kappa [RATT]
[LEVI] Eo Ut Mortus vs. Level 56 [RATT]
[LEVI] Finchinator vs. John [RATT]
[SERP] Leftiez vs. ez [SIDE]
[SERP] Kickasser vs. Posho [SIDE]
[SERP] TheThorn vs. blunder [SIDE]
[SERP] Sabella vs. Ojama [SIDE]
[SERP] Leftiez vs. reyscarface [RATT]
[SERP] Kickasser vs. Bro Kappa [RATT]
[SERP] Znain vs. Level 56 [RATT]
[SERP] Sabella vs. John [RATT]

M Doubles

[PITV] Level 51 vs. Jhon [LEVI]
[PITV] Level 51 vs. Demantoid [SERP]
[PITV] Level 51 vs. Kaori [SIDE]
[NAGA] miltankmilk vs. marilli [BUSH]
[NAGA] miltankmilk vs. Biosci [TAIP]
[NAGA] miltankmilk vs. Memoric [ASTR]
[BUSH] marilli vs. Biosci [TAIP]
[BUSH] marilli vs. Kaori [SIDE]
[TAIP] Biosci vs. MajorBowman [GLID]
[GLID] MajorBowman vs. Memoric [ASTR]
[GLID] MajorBowman vs. Stax [RATT]
[ASTR] Memoric vs. Jhon [LEVI]
[LEVI] Jhon vs. Stax [RATT]
[SERP] Demantoid vs. Kaori [SIDE]
[SERP] Demantoid vs. Stax [RATT]

M Ubers

[PITV] Lacus Clyne vs. Atomicllamas [LEVI]
[PITV] Lacus Clyne vs. M Dragon [SERP]
[PITV] Lacus Clyne vs. Evuelf [SIDE]
[NAGA] tko vs. Omfuga [BUSH]
[NAGA] tko vs. Pohjis [TAIP]
[NAGA] tko vs. Thimo [ASTR]
[BUSH] Omfuga vs. Pohjis [TAIP]
[BUSH] Omfuga vs. Evuelf [SIDE]
[TAIP] Pohjis vs. Arii Stella [GLID]
[GLID] Arii Stella vs. Thimo [ASTR]
[GLID] Arii Stella vs. Fireburn [RATT]
[ASTR] Thimo vs. Atomicllamas [LEVI]
[LEVI] Atomicllamas vs. Fireburn [RATT]
[SERP] M Dragon vs. Evuelf [SIDE]
[SERP] M Dragon vs. Fireburn [RATT]

M Underused

[PITV] teal6 vs. HANTSUKI [LEVI]
[PITV] teal6 vs. Lycans [SERP]
[PITV] teal6 vs. Pak [SIDE]
[NAGA] Sacri' vs Bugzinator [BUSH]
[NAGA] Sacri' vs. Tesung [TAIP]
[NAGA] Sacri' vs. McMeghan [ASTR]
[BUSH] bugzinator vs. Tesung [TAIP]
[BUSH] bugzinator vs. Pak [SIDE]
[TAIP] Tesung vs. Pearl [GLID]
[GLID] Pearl vs. McMeghan [ASTR]
[GLID] Pearl vs. Manipulative [RATT]
[LEVI] HANTSUKI vs. Manipulative [RATT]
[SERP] Lycans vs. Pak [SIDE]
[SERP] Lycans vs. Manipulative [RATT]

M Rarelyused

[PITV] Ajna vs. Lord Esche [LEVI]
[PITV] Ajna vs. Soulgazer [SERP]
[PITV] Ajna vs. col49 [SIDE]
[NAGA] Void vs. Natalie. [BUSH]
[NAGA] Void vs. Bouff [TAIP]
[NAGA] Void vs. Mael [ASTR]
[BUSH] Natalie. vs. Bouff [TAIP]
[BUSH] Natalie. vs. col49 [SIDE]
[TAIP] Bouff vs. HSA [GLID]
[GLID] HSA vs. Mael [ASTR]
[GLID] HSA vs. Chill Shadow [RATT]
[ASTR] Mael vs. Lord Esche [LEVI]
[LEVI] Lord Esche vs. Chill Shadow [RATT]
[SERP] Soulgazer vs. Analytic [SIDE]
[SERP] Soulgazer vs. Chill Shadow [RATT]

M Neverused

[PITV] meeps vs. FLCL [LEVI]
[PITV] meeps vs. Garay Oak [SERP]
[PITV] meeps vs. Hootie [SIDE]
[NAGA] Kushalos vs. Yui [BUSH]
[NAGA] Kushalos vs. Eternally [TAIP]
[NAGA] Kushalos vs. Jayde [ASTR]
[BUSH] Yui. vs. Eternally [TAIP]
[BUSH] Yui. vs. Hootie [SIDE]
[TAIP] Eternally vs. elodin [GLID]
[GLID] elodin vs. Jayde [ASTR]
[GLID] elodin vs. Rodriblutar [RATT]

[ASTR] Jayde vs. FLCL [LEVI]
[LEVI] FLCL vs. Rodriblutar [RATT]
[SERP] Lax vs. Hootie [SIDE]
[SERP] Garay Oak vs. Bushtush [RATT]

M Little Cup

[PITV] Shrug vs. Dundies [LEVI]
[PITV] Shrug vs. Heysup [SERP]
[PITV] Shrug vs. Kingler12345 [SIDE]
[NAGA] blarajan vs. Sken [BUSH]
[NAGA] blarajan vs. ZoroDark [TAIP]
[NAGA] blarajan vs. OP [ASTR]
[BUSH] Sken vs. ZoroDark [TAIP]
[BUSH] Sken vs. Kingler12345 [SIDE]
[TAIP] ZoroDark vs. ggggd [GLID]
[GLID] ggggd vs. OP [ASTR]
[GLID] ggggd vs. GOAO [RATT]
[ASTR] OP vs. Dundies [LEVI]
[LEVI] Dundies vs. GOAO [RATT] - rematch with Arifeen
[SERP] Heysup vs. Kingler12345

[SERP] Heysup vs. GOAO [RATT]

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Thanks again to Stan Soojung for the colors

M Overused

[PITV] BHARATH_THEBEST vs. iloveleague [TAIP]
[PITV] Femen vs. Bouff [TAIP]
[PITV] Eternal Spirit vs. poketcggamer1288 [TAIP]

[PITV] London Beats vs. Gondra [TAIP]
[PITV] Femen vs. R!cardo [ASTR]
[PITV] Eternal Spirit vs. Mob Barley [ASTR]
[PITV] London Beats vs. Sam [ASTR]
[PITV] Femen vs. John [RATT]
[PITV] Eternal Spirit vs. Level 56 [RATT]
[PITV] Blackoblivion vs. reyscarface [RATT]
[NAGA] Alexander. vs. Welli0u [GLID]

[NAGA] Zamrock vs. boudouche [GLID]
[NAGA] Void vs. z0mOG [GLID]
[NAGA] FlamingVictini vs. Tricking [GLID]

[NAGA] Alexander. vs. Genesis7 [LEVI]
[NAGA] Zamrock vs. Finchinator [LEVI]
[NAGA] Void vs. Tamahome [LEVI]
[NAGA] FlamingVictini vs. Eo Ut Mortus [LEVI]
[NAGA] Alexander. vs. blunder [SIDE]
[NAGA] Zamrock vs. ez [SIDE]
[NAGA] Void vs. Posho [SIDE]
[NAGA] FlamingVictini vs. Ojama [SIDE]
[BUSH] ABR vs. Welli0u [GLID]
[BUSH] Kory2600 vs. boudouche [GLID]
[BUSH] Cdumas vs. z0mOG [GLID]
[BUSH] Omfuga vs. Tricking [GLID]
[BUSH] ABR vs. Genesis7 [LEVI]
[BUSH] Kory2600 vs. Finchinator [LEVI]
[BUSH] Cdumas vs. Tamahome [LEVI]
[BUSH] Omfuga vs. Eo Ut Mortus [LEVI]
[BUSH] ABR vs. TheThorn [SERP]
[BUSH] Lednah vs. Znain [SERP]
[BUSH] Cdumas vs. Leftiez [SERP]

[BUSH] Omfuga vs. Kickasser [SERP]
[TAIP] iloveleague vs. Genesis7 [LEVI]
[TAIP] Bouff vs. Finchinator [LEVI]
[TAIP] poketcggamer1288 vs. Tamahome [LEVI]
[TAIP] Gondra vs. Eo Ut Mortus [LEVI]
[TAIP] iloveleague vs. TheThorn [SERP]
[TAIP] Bouff vs. Znain [SERP]

[TAIP] poketcggamer1288 vs. Leftiez [SERP]
[GLID] Gondra vs. Sabella [SERP]
[GLID] Welli0u vs. blunder [SIDE]
[GLID] boudouche vs. ez [SIDE]
[GLID] z0mOG vs. Posho [SIDE]
[GLID] Tricking vs. Ojama [SIDE]
[ASTR] Trosko vs. TheThorn [SERP]
[ASTR] R!cardo vs. Znain [SERP]

[ASTR] Mob Barley vs. Leftiez [SERP]
[ASTR] Sam vs. Sabella [SERP]
[ASTR] Trosko vs. Bro Kappa [RATT]
[ASTR] R!cardo vs. John [RATT]
[ASTR] suapah vs. Level 56 [RATT]
[ASTR] Sam vs. reyscarface [RATT]
[SIDE] giara vs. Liones [RATT]
[SIDE] ez vs. John [RATT]
[SIDE] Posho vs. Level 56 [RATT]

[SIDE] Ojama vs. reyscarface [RATT]
M Doubles

[PITV] Level 51 vs. Biosci [TAIP]
[PITV] Level 51 vs. Memoric [ASTR]
[PITV] Level 51 vs. stax [RATT]
[NAGA] miltankmilk vs. MajorBowman [GLID]

[NAGA] miltankmilk vs. Jhon [LEVI]
[NAGA] miltankmilk vs. Kaori [SIDE]
[BUSH] qsns vs. MajorBowman [GLID]
[BUSH] marilli vs. Jhon [LEVI]

[BUSH] marilli vs. Demantoid [SERP]
[TAIP] Biosci vs. Jhon [LEVI]
[TAIP] matame vs. Demantoid [SERP]
[GLID] Majorbowman vs. Kaori [SIDE]
[ASTR] Memoric vs. Demantoid [SERP]
[ASTR] Memoric vs. stax [RATT]

[SIDE] Kaori vs. stax [RATT]

M Ubers

[PITV] Lacus Clyne vs. Pohjis [TAIP]
[PITV] Lacus Clyne vs. Thimo [ASTR]
[PITV] Lacus Clyne vs. Fireburn [RATT]

[NAGA] Soulwind vs. Arii Stella [GLID]
[NAGA] Soulwind vs. Malekith [LEVI]
[NAGA] Soulwind vs. Evuelf [SIDE]
[BUSH] The Trap God vs. psychicmewtwo [GLID]
[BUSH] The Trap God vs. Malekith [LEVI]
[BUSH] The Trap God vs. Garay Oak [SERP]
[TAIP] Pohjis vs. Malekith [LEVI]
[TAIP] Pohjis vs. M Dragon [SERP]
[GLID] psychicmewtwo vs. Evuelf [SIDE]
[ASTR] Thimo vs. M Dragon [SERP]
[ASTR] Thimo vs. Fireburn [RATT]
[SIDE] Evuelf vs. Fireburn [RATT]
M Underused

[PITV] teal6 vs. Tesung [TAIP]
[PITV] teal6 vs. McMeghan [ASTR]

[PITV] teal6 vs. Manipulative [RATT]
[NAGA] Sacri' vs. pokeisfun [GLID]
[NAGA] Sacri' vs. Analytic [SIDE]

[BUSH] bugzinator vs. Pearl [GLID]
[BUSH] bugzinator vs. HANTSUKI [LEVI]
[BUSH] bugzinator vs. Lycans [SERP]

[TAIP] Tesung vs. Lycans [SERP]
[GLID] pokeisfun vs. Analytic [SIDE]
[ASTR] McMeghan vs. Lycans [SERP]
[ASTR] McMeghan vs. Manipulative [RATT]
[SIDE] Pak vs. Manipulative [RATT]
M Rarelyused

[PITV] Ajna vs. Miyoka [TAIP]
[PITV] Ajna vs. mael [ASTR]
[PITV] Ajna vs. Chill Shadow [RATT]
[NAGA] Meru vs. SilentVerse [GLID]
[NAGA] Meru vs. Lord Esche [LEVI]
[NAGA] Meru vs. col49 [SIDE]
[BUSH] Natalie. vs. SilentVerse [GLID]

[BUSH] Natalie. vs. Lord Esche [LEVI]
[BUSH] Natalie. vs. Lighthouses [SERP]
[TAIP] Miyoka vs. Lord Esche [LEVI]

[TAIP] Miyoka vs. Lighthouses [SERP]
[GLID] SilentVerse vs. col49 [SIDE]
[ASTR] mael vs. Lighthouses [SERP]
[ASTR] mael vs. Chill Shadow [RATT]
[SIDE] col49 vs. Chill Shadow [RATT]

M Neverused

[PITV] meeps vs. Eternally [TAIP]
[PITV] meeps vs. imsosorrylol [ASTR]
[PITV] meeps vs. Rodriblutar [RATT]

[NAGA] Kushalos vs. elodin [GLID]
[NAGA] Kushalos vs. FLCL [LEVI]
[NAGA] Kushalos vs. Hootie [SIDE]
[BUSH] snaga vs. elodin [GLID]
[BUSH] snaga vs. FLCL [LEVI]
[BUSH] snaga vs. soulgazer [SERP]
[TAIP] Eternally vs. FLCL [LEVI]
[TAIP] p2 vs. Lax [SERP]
[GLID] elodin vs. Hootie [SIDE]
[ASTR] imsosorrylol vs. Lax [SERP]
[ASTR] imsosorrylol vs. Rodriblutar [RATT]
[SIDE] Hootie vs. Rodriblutar [RATT]

M Little Cup

[PITV] Shrug vs. ZoroDark [TAIP]
[PITV] Shrug vs. OP [ASTR]

[PITV] Shrug vs. Bushtush [RATT]
[NAGA] Blarajan vs. ggggd [GLID]
[NAGA] Blarajan vs. Dundies [LEVI]
[NAGA] Blarajan vs. Kingler12345 [SIDE]
[BUSH] Sken vs. ggggd [GLID]

[BUSH] Sken vs. Dundies [LEVI]
[BUSH] Sken vs. Heysup [SERP]
[TAIP] ZoroDark vs. Dundies [LEVI]
[TAIP] ZoroDark vs. Heysup [SERP]
[GLID] ggggd vs. Kingler12345 [SIDE]

[ASTR] OP vs. Heysup [SERP]
[ASTR] OP vs. Bushtush [RATT]
[SIDE] Kingler12345 vs. Bushtush [RATT]
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