Smogon Snake Draft I - Official Trade Announcements

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courtesy of Ciele
If teams wish to conduct a trade, both managers (or assistant managers if the manager is not present) MUST PM Isa and Luigi on the FORUMS to have the trade be official. Be very specific, so there are no misunderstandings.
The only type of trade that is allowed is 1 player for 1 player, as all teams must have 14 players at all times.

Trades will be allowed starting now, but you may not trade once phase 1 starts on the 11th. After phase 1 ends on the 24th trades will be allowed for a 2 day period before phase 2 begins on the 27th. After this point in time no more trades will be allowed.

Berry Forest Bushmasters: ABR, Omfuga, Cdumas, Ban Manaphy, Sken, The Trap God, bugzinator, Natalie., marilli, qsns, Kory2600, Lednah, Yui., snagaa
Victory Road Rattlers: John, Level 56, reyscarface, Stax, Chill Shadow, Rodriblutar, Bro Kappa, GOAO, Fireburn, Bushtush, Manipulative, Kiyo, Liones, Arifeen
Lanakila Nagas: FlamingVictini, SoulWind, Sacri', Alexander., Mazar, reiku, Kushalos, miltankmilk, tko, Zamrock, Meru, Void, Steve Angello, blarajan
Terminus Taipans: -Tsunami-, Tesung, Biosci, ZoroDark, Pohjis, Gondra, p2, Eternally, Iloveleague, BOUFF, PokeTCG gamer1288, njnp, Matame, MiyoKa
Lake of Rage Leviathans: FLCL, Finchinator, Tamahome, dice, Eo Ut Mortus, Malekith, Lord Esche, Dundies, Jhon, HT, HANTSUKI, Croven, Genesis7, atomicllamas
Sootopolis Sidewinders: blunder, Ojama, Posho, Kaori, Pak, Hootie, Evuelf, Kingler12345, col49, ez, giara, Analytic, CTC, Coconut
Shinto Ruin Serpents: M Dragon, Leftiez, TheThorn, soulgazer, Lycans, Kickasser, Heysup, Demantoid, Lax, Sabella, lighthouses, Znain, DestinyUnknown, Garay oak
Ambrette Astrotias: McMeghan, Trosko, Jayde, Sweepage, OP, Memoric, imsosorrylol, Nedor, Thimo, Mael, R!cardo, Sam, pokeisfun, suapah
Pacifidlog Pitvipers: Axel, Star, meepsvictory, Blackoblivion, -Snow, Lacus Clyne, teal6, Ajna, Level 51, BHARATH_THEBEST, Eternal Spirit, London Beats, Shrug, Femen
Goldenrod Gliders: Pearl, MajorBowman, Tricking, Welli0u, psychicmewtwo, ggggd, SilentVerse, Blast, Mob Barley, Arii Stella, z0mOG, elodin, HSA, boudouche

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