Smogon Snake Draft III - Finals [Won by Lake of Rage Leviathans]


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ugh idk where to even begin lol, thanks for drafting me genny and suapah! by the looks of our draft i thought i was going to start right away, but being on the sidelines observing and helping build ended up working out. i did have a couple unfortunate chokes but overall i'm very happy with my play and record and grateful for being given this opportunity
suapah & Genesis7 thanks for picking me! suapah we didn't talk much aside from spamming
but again i'm grateful for the opportunity and would love to team with you again sometime. genny it was great talking with you and as a sidenote you guys are a fantastic managing pair, you both have a lot of experience with these things and you were almost always level-headed, supportive, and as helpful as possible while not getting in the way of building tiers outside your reach. i was hoping to add some friends in poffs but as time went on your posts about too many chefs in the kitchen resonated with me and you are both just great managers. i feel like im forgetting something but idk what it is so lol

Charmflash thank god my lord jesus we had you to help slave build ru, even those few weeks where you were a bit busier it was still extremely helpful to have someone to check over everything and make teams. i'm 100% sure that even though i did use the same team every week, i would've flopped hard without the extra support you provided. sucks about your uu record, im frustrated that you didn't play ou the entire tour because i still feel there was some opportunity cost with our setup but it all worked out in the end. anyway i believe you came very close to proving your round 1 pick and will continue to excel, your ability to support at least ou, uu, and ru and not get burned out is incredible. your value as a player is unique and your results (personal ones + players supported) put you above some of the other tryhards, especially the ones that flopped

Garay oak sucks about your record but like i told you earlier the regular season means nothing, you showed out in poff and that's all that matters. you're a great player and thanks for the help in the ru channel

Luthier i still cant believe your dream came true LOL. im glad we could put aside any differences we had in the past to come together and win this shit, i'm sure you'll keep making waves in lc

Welli0u ugh the goat. your variance in ru along with positive results overall (i think?) is insane. your ability to pilot any type of shit is crazy, you're an amazing player. grats on the flawless ou record

emforbes we didnt talk that much but im so glad you could come back from a shitty start and carry us, you're an amazing player

Tace Insult Corazan you guys did fucking amazing. honestly before the tour began none of yall were those types of players i thought would consistently pull in wins (i would probably not be delusional if i knew shit about ou) but you proved me wrong and god im glad you did. it sucks you had to leave like that cora but i wish you the best of luck anyhow

Valentine Hayburner sucks that you guys flopped in this tour. you're both great players as evidenced by your recent stour win val and i cant call you bad hay after you beat me 10 straight tests in ru jesus. don't let your lackluster performances get you down, we got the green, you played your best and i hope to team with you again and plz give me more good animes also i feel daddy as fuck omg

Kiichikos we didn't talk much but from what we did you're a very nice person and you deserve to get drafted in future tours. sucks about your loss but you played well anyhow and your personality, chat presence, and ability to support doubles makes you a marketable pick, it would be a pleasure to team with you again

Xiri tlenit1 you guys are an unbeatable pu core. you proved all the haters wrong, let them keep crying about outside factors that don't matter, at the end of the day you're an amazing duo. rly sucks that we couldnt play together again in ltpl but i need a bit of a break alas

thanks oh and meru for the outside help, i love you


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early on i was not on the same page as everyone. i was used to my role within US West, hyping everyone up, acting fearless, and applying maximum gas. on the Leviathans, this didn't work. hype very quickly turned into memes. hayburner, charmflash, insult and tace had all qualified for OLT and were much more in-tune with the metagame than me. suapah, to my surprise, was already an avid SM builder. i was lethargic and could not muster the energy to qualify for OLT, keep up in the team's SM discussion, or apply myself at the same level as my teammates. the amount of individual shoutouts in this thread helps indicate the insane activity levels, effort, and hunger this roster had. after my two losses, this became apparent. being subbed was best.

without any real role or purpose in the team, i decided to cheer wholeheartedly for my teammates. my absurd posts from when we were last place turned into self fulfilling prophecies. i'm glad i was able to find this and other avenues to contribute to and support the team. our success is a byproduct of the synergies we found to support each other and the effort put in by every member. congratulations to Genesis7 and suapah for a well drafted team. thanks all, for putting in your best effort and trusting each other to do the same.

Charmflash i was unsure of my place in this tournament until you reached out to me. ever since spl i thought it would be fun to team with you after seeing your insane record with your OU companion kickasser. i knew you would be able to support me through building, and i knew i would be able to pull a positive record with your support. i think a big reason this did not happen was due to me getting careless and my hesitation to bother you. after learning more about your personality throughout the season i now know i should have been bothering you every second of every day. i regret not utilizing your knowledge more, if anything, i'm glad i was able to do it in a smogtour with your teams. in general i'm a pretty shy person, and i'm sorry i let that get in the way of getting to know you more. thank you for being a solid foundation for the team and i know you have more success to come. we wouldn't be where we were if everything didn't happen how it did ... so maybe everything happened perfectly. congratulations! see you in gen 8

Welli0u you have been a solid player for quite some time and your success is long overdue. team france is going to be even scarier with you and cora. insane streak. congrats on this extremely dominant season.

Corazan robjr, Christo, Soulwind, Lycans, BKC, HSA, Tricking. this is the ridiculous list of players that you overcame. scary. we can only worry about the destruction you will leave behind moving forward.

Insult you gave us a solid foundation from the beginning. i remember your debut spl very clearly, i have been watching you since then. on draft day i was so happy to see you in the chat. thank you for your even temper, wit, and consistency.

Tace it's amazing to see such a young player have success. it shows that whoever is practiced with the game can come to the big stage and bring results. it's clear how knowledgeable you are in the tier. the time you have spent laddering, qualifying for OLT, and playing in tournaments has given you a very sound understanding of the game. you will be able to use your experience from this tour to grow and be even stronger for the next.

Hayburner awesome to meet a fellow genuine weeb. i relate to you a lot, we have a lot in common and it was great to team with you.

emforbes i was so ecstatic when we were drafted on the same team. you're a beast. it was great to team with you, emi, thank you for the carry this time around. see u at WestCon . . ?

Kiichikos based on your unbelievable dominance on DOU ladder, you could have been a starter. we were lucky to have such a solid doubles core. thank you kiichi

roman i feel daddy as fuck :heart:

Garay oak all things considered, you slipped through late in the draft. we were lucky to get you, and i'm glad we could be together. you came up clutch when it mattered most, thank you for your perseverance.

Xiri tlenit1 Xlenit. you two, combined, turned a tier completely on its head. it was funny to see the criticisms you received, meanwhile you were laughing all the way to the bank. your synergy and teamwork was a huge part of the team's success. thank you for working so well together. well deserved congrats.

Luthier i will always remember the talk we had before your final game. it puts a big smile on my face to think it helped. It was amazing to see you unlock the 8th gate and play to your fullest potential. This was a huge season for you, and I know how much it means to you. Just don't let it go to your head. . .

Ninjadog Thank you for being a constant support for Luthier and our team.

talah London Beats Thank you for being apart of the Leviathans.

Overall, it was a fun season. We caught our stride as a team and never looked back. I'm glad I was able to play a supportive role successfully and that so many great players were able to have breakout tournaments and prove themselves on the big stage. I look forward to the next generation and look to make big waves there.

I'm hosting the (Gen 8) SS OU Release Tournament as soon as the tier is implemented on PS. Be sure to sign up!

Also, I will be applying to manage an SPL team. I want to end it there but . .

Taipans, I think the world of you. Going into playoffs, you were the team we were afraid of. Friends new and old, ima insane season, you've solidified yourself as a real threat, i love you jake it is awesome to see you come back and crush, the first tour i ever won was powc with you... Teddeh i will never forget your comeback season on the cryos... , Snou idm for life. Sabella and Ezrael are magma, Sjneider join west Pearl i've always wanted to team with you, esp after reading your insane SPL shoutouts, ABR your consistency is scary and so is any team you're on.

Again, thank you to my teammates for an enjoyable season and see you all in Gen 8.
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The mysterious guy behind Xiri's teams here hi

They said shoutouts is good thing to do so here I am writing them without knowing my teammates so whoever got the longest lines, paid the most on my biased s/o (Luth, paypal me already and stop bitching about the price)

Jk, i was actually quite active and got known with most of them, so here we go (LUTH PAY ME ALREDY);

Hope u are not too nervous anymore Genesis7. First of all, thank you so much for drafting me. It is fair to say that not too many believed im going to be drafted, even i didnt believe in that. What so ever, you for some unknown reason did and thank god u did. Like I said before, good team needs good leader and you guys with suapah might not hear it too often, appreciate all the work u put into this. You did good job running this boat and kept things alive assing around and baby sitting our goat Luth in the calls. Peace my man!

suapah Yes and no, mostly no. Maybe my most common reply for you whenever you decided to show up in our pu room and drop some suggestions. Maybe should have listened up more and try to figure out what you are behind, but couldnt help myself. Got so much good stuff going and yes, victreebel still is ass. Goat manager who actually kept things together and I hope all the best for you in the future tours, keep it up!

emforbes Believe it or not, I did actually enter to your room few times but everytime I did, I got so confused that it was even tougher to find the way out. You guys use even more wackier shit than I do, congrats bro! I assume u carry ur balls within wheelbarrow. Always been a huge fan of players who are capable of pulling the trigger in the tight spots, well done buddy

Charmflash let me double check what tier u played first so i dont fuck this up. MAN, your RU support was absolutely GOLD. Good job mate! You truly were our backbone in this tournament and I hope the team paid back to you the way you liked. Without question one of the MVP's!

Garay oak Cant even describe how surprised I was whenever followed your team building. So solid and always looking forward to surprise factor in it. The teams you pulled out were amazing week after week even without the result you were looking forward. I hope you can keep the flow up and be innovative for your own respective tier

Luthier first of all no, we are not playing poker. Second of all LMAO, where tf did you find that moonblast?? You are so cool! Jk, it was mediocre play on its best. But for real mate, I am super happy for you. Most active member on the chat by a mile. Always thinking the best of our team and assing around. Tho, you might want to buy an add-on to your vocabulary

Welli0u Not really sure and how you just kept pulling those W's and made them look so easy sometimes. The preps you had was really something. Unfortunately didnt have too much offer in the OU section, but it was always cool to follow. Amazing tour for you and looking forward you to keep that hot run up

Tace, top to bottom an amazing player and lad. One of the top players in the pool with veri okayish knowledge what buttons to be clicked.

Insult, well... I mean, Winsult. Do i rly need to say anthing else? Good lad and active on chat to keep things alive. Was pleasure to be in same team!

Corazan Damn son, you really have to start believing in yourself. Do you even realise how good run u had in the end? I hope you can figure out ur irl stuff and make come back even stronger. There rly is no limits for you buddy

Kiichikos didnt catch up with you too much as you were part of our DOU team which just blows my mind whenever I even try to understand it. What I THO heard is your support for emi has been extremely appreciated and outside of that cool chat presence for sure!

Valentine what comes to being good team member and positive chat present I bet everyone can admit on that. Always kept the positive vibe up even when we got the superior 0-2 start. Good job mate, hope to team with you in the future as well

Hayburner haygoat! Our true bench warrior with me, tho you even got your chance to show off in the finals! DAMN!

roman Hopefully your small break will get you back even stronger. Appreciate all you did for our team and even when you guys didnt get me in the same team in LTPL, wish you a good run!

@ tlenit1: You were great, good job buddy, believed in you since w1. Still ended up 0-1 in NU, FUCK

Xiri Your welcome.

I guess i have to drop few words more. Not really sure where to start. Maybe of the part where nobody else saw this coming than us? Just like I told you before the tour, whatever happens I got your back and take the bullets if the teams are outrageously shit. Can't be more thankful that you actually trusted in me and let me cook literally whatever I decided to (for the big crowd, this guy pu dex included like max 10 different mons so it was not obvious). I have been working with many pu players and I think I have never been with anyone like you. So easy to discuss about everything and openminded after all to try things out. I hope you never doubt your skills anymore, for real mate, SEVEN wins in a row as a rookie and after 0-2 start? Why you ever gave those two in the first place LOL.

Anyway, I wish all the best for your upcoming tournaments and remember, I still beat you in the tryouts cleanly 2-0! Thanks for suggesting me in the end which lead our managers to pick me up as well, I hope I paid back properly! (pssst. Im finally freed from my TB slavery! WOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO!)

Outside of team:

Mirbro ig I can blame you about this all. Just a few months ago you tempt me to play your PU GAU tour and here we are now. Thanks buddy for being such a supportive fella always and looking forward to hit spain one day!

Urusius whenever you are looking for top pu builder, here is your guy. No bullshitting. This guys knows the tier top to bottom and rocks nowadays pretty much anything. Cant thank enough for all the brainstorm session we had during team building for Xiri.

Ktütverde Squash17 ^_^ TJ Specs Week after week you guys were able to test, share thoughts and just hang around and discuss pu snake. It truly made my days up and kept things alive. I wish you all the best and hopefully you guys keep up the positive vibes and making the PU even greater!

And as a last thanks Megazard , the one and only true leader of PU. Thank you for your content you create for PU.

okay and false, because why not (this one was only free shoutout)

I hope we could have introduced the PU as a better tier as well with Xiri. Revealed all the teams we used during this long run and you can find the teams here, if you are interested at all. I know PU was for most of the people just a meme, but the tier itself actually has lot to offer. Unfortunatelly Gen7 is coming to its end and gen8 pu will not be released for a long time. This is where Im going to take break when LTPL ends.

Thanks for everyone who cared to read biased shoutouts and also thanks for everyone who participated in this tournament. Without this sort of gr8 player pool this wouldnt be possible. Also thanks for the hosts for your great job running this!

Leviathans Show never dies!


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Even though we lost I just have a few things to say. First of all congrats to the Leviathans well done, in the end you guys were the better team. Second I dont think I ever plan on managing again but overall this was an awesome experience. This was somewhat of a redemption tour for Pearl and I because we really felt we could make something happen in this tournament after flopping last year and even though we didnt win, overall I consider what we did a success and great learning experience. Huge shout to BDAB for being the goat. Rabbit I'm glad our talk in week 2 really changed how you view playing and helped you go on an epic kill streak all the way to finals, very proud of my monotype bretherin. To everyone else on the team you all know this already but you guys are studs. You all played so well the entire season and made being a manager a very easy job. Everyone of you should be proud for how far you came but also use this as learning experience for the future. I wish good luck to all of you and everyone else who participated in the tournament in all future endeavors.


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Hi i just want to say thank you to genesis suapah and charm for picking me, glad i sort of helped to win the trophy.
I’m v thankful to my mates who helped me prep i def wouldn’t have had this insane record without yall.
Big s/o to my friends outside of the team too like cclm zv skyrio etc prob forgetting people but yall know who you are anyway.
See you in spl maybe not sure if i wanna join it yet even if these tours are really really fun to play they are so much time consuming and tiring so yeah.
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bop FAT post warning:

So before everything else, I’d like to thank Hikari for hosting snake and making sure everything was run smoothly. Now to start, I wanted to say gg to the Taipans who I thought were the most consistent team throughout the entire season. In the back of my head I was assured that if my team didn’t win this tour, at least a team with a bunch of great guys that I like (sjneidy, ima, sabella, rob etc.) would be winning the trophy. The series was incredibly tight and went down to the wire and I’m expecting big things from each of the individuals on that team.

As a first time manager, I initially had the thought that managing would be a great deal easier than playing since there’s no longer the stress of playing (and potentially disappointing your team). However, managing presents its own challenges and my experiences have given me a greater sense of respect for people who consistently manage because I can assure you that managing isn’t for everyone. While our draft deviated slightly from what we initially planned, I was really happy with how it ended up because it was a good balance of guys that me + genny were high on and had a good mix of my friends. Granted, many of these guys were relatively unproven but we had high faith in each and every one of them. Admittedly, the first two weeks were super demoralizing as we choked several games into losing the week vs. the Cobras and then proceeded to get beat down pretty handily by the Taipans. I’m sure even players on my team will admit that there were shadows of doubt. However, something magical happened and then our guys would proceed to win 6 out of the remaining 7 regular season series along with our 2 playoff series. I’m super happy that the guys as a whole banded together and proved the doubters wrong.

Genesis7: Out of everyone who won the trophy, I’m super glad that you won it. After years of teaming/managing, you’ve gotten close so many times yet it avoided you each time. The amount of knowledge you have on the game and the playerbase is absurd and without you, our team definitely wouldn’t have shaped up the way it would have been today. For me being a first time manager, you were the stabilizing force that helped make the hard decisions. Whether it was about who to start/bench or whether or not we should add some new people to the chat, what you said was almost always the right call even if it was a hard call to make. I look forward to teaming with you again in future tours.

Charmflash: The captain and the furry Charmflash. I knew that when me and Genesis wanted you as our first round pick that we would inevitably receive some backlash from the community. However, I can say without a doubt that I had no regrets picking you in the first round and that I would do it again if there was a redraft. I think one thing that the outside community probably didn’t understand was how meaningful your contributions to the OU, UU, and RU channels were. Without your help in RU, almost certainly (and I’m sure even Roman wouldn’t be afraid to admit) our RU channel might’ve (probably) went to shit and would’ve probably resulted in regi bro viriz every week LMAO. Your UU contributions helped Corazan towards his positive record in UU. And while you yourself struggled a bit in UU despite being a big fan of the tier, I always held confidence every time you played. As for your OU skill, not much needs to be said. You’ve well established yourself as one of the best OU players and even despite not liking the tier, your 5-1 record in OU as well as some of the teams you provided such as Ditto+Lati and Suicune was a big reason as to why OU managed to thrive. I know you’ll be doing big things when SS comes out soon.

Welli0u: OML the fire WELL. I was always big on you and I knew you were good but never could I have imagined that you would’ve stomped everyone in this tournament. Your performance this snake was probably the most dominant run from a teammate that I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing. Although you weren’t necessarily the most active teammate, you were extremely easy to work with, very receptive when it came to teams, and when it came to playing you managed to stomp everyone in your way to finish with an amazing 9-2 record (7-0 OU !!!). You have that killer instinct in you and I really hope that we get the opportunity to team again in future tours because you’re the boss.

Insult: Winsult :cat_hearteyes: you’re one of my close friends on this sight and a day 1 brother (s/o DOT) and I’m super happy that we ended up getting you. Although you lowkey catfished me claiming that’d you would go “Finch mode” if I picked you up, I couldn’t be happier with your performance. Both me and genny rated you extremely high and I think with your consistency and play throughout all of snake, I think you establish yourself as one of the hottest new players. I think you already know how I feel about you as a whole but ik you’re gonna kill it again in SPL and prove yourself to be among the best players currently.

Tace: OH COME HERE TACESNEEZE look here u ugly ass gremlin nigga I seen a picture of you, and let me say that haircut of urs that look like samurai jack was practicing his sword play nigga I know you cant win no game on ur own suckin all types of dick for help ariistella more independant than you and that bitch playin with smogon mens hearts like she pick apples, stupid ugly ass nigga looks like the blue shit from lilo and stich, tired of ur butter and clay teeth talking all that shit, ill never get hungry headass cause all i gotta do is lick my teeth cavity ass shit, dumbass plan for every game " lemme click ice beam and dodge edge. clef vs pex? gunna ice beam that hoe" you DUMB SHIT and now when i tell aurella with diabetes could have played better than you did you flip out. I hope u get carpet burn and i mean, if them goblin fingers can type up that pathetic flip out you gave me and i know it up got dirt between it nigga made ebola with them shit, you are one sad ass dude

(jk) you;re a good kid tace with an abundance of talent (and luck kek). You just need to loosen up and have more fun and not be so uptight and i promise you’ll have wayyyy more fun playing this game!! Enjoy the trophy though because you deserve it with ALL the underrated work that you put in such as literlaly making every single OU scout and helping with building in pre much every OU channel :skillfulmon:.

Corazan: Corazan my friend. Idk if you’re gonna end up seeing this or not but you know that I’ve always been a big fan of you dating back to when we teamed up to OUPL last year. You’re an amazing chat presence and it’s always a good time talking to you. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed that you flaked on us in finals, but I do hope that you’re doing well.

roman: Roman!!! Even though me and you didn’t talk much, you were an awesome person to have around in this chat and were part of the reason why our RU as a whole was successful. Coming off the bench as a sub we knew that you were gonna be a beast and you proved it. I remember watching your first couple of games and being super hyped because you just body bagged anyone that came in your way. And the plus side is ur positive on the sheet (unlike me!!!) :uwusip:

Garay oak: garay u beautiful spanish bastard!!!! I remember at the beginning of the tour when you were looking for a different team I was like “fuck this is rlly bad” bc I thought super highly of you. I hope that now looking back you don’t regret playing for our team and you finally got that trophy that you deserve a fuckton!! Although this wasn’t the best tour for you, I’m really glad that you stuck it out with us and ultimately turned up in the end. I RLLY do apologize for not getting you more help and if there’s my one regret as a manager it would definitely be that but you def made the best of the situation you were given so ty for that :))

Xiri: One half of the Xlenit core. Although you may have started this tour as a “random”, I’m sure that most people know your name down. I remember seeing you in Exhibition and going 5-1 and I was super impressed then and was like “fuck this guy is good.” And then I saw you turning up in slam and then both me and Genny were incredibly high on you. Although you struggled a bit in the beginning of the tour, you really turned up and played quite amazingly for the rest of the tour and became one of our star players. Although you’re a quiet guy, you’re also super nice and I’m super happy that you proved everyone wrong and stomped the entire competition to go down as the PU goat.

Luthier: aneesh!! I think i speak for everyone on the team that your passion for the game and being a good teammate is unmatched. As a new face to the tournament scene, it’s super refreshing to see someone with your enthusiasm. I think as the season progressed, you started to realize the mistakes that you were making and improved upon them. I think you’re a super cool guy to talk to and super funny. As a teammate, your very feverish and always looking to help which is super appreciated. I’ll see you in SPL :)

emforbes: Emi MY HERO. Although you started the tour off on a rough foot, I had 100000% confidence that you would go beast mode in the back half of the season and that you did. Although you were a relatively quiet dude, you were super awesome to talk to when you were around. I think my favorite part of the whole entire season was when you stomped jon in finals in order to assert your alpha dog status :nepgasm: i rlly hope that i get to team with you again sometime in the future because you’re fuckign amazing and the doubles goat. Enjoy your well deserved trophy :)))

Kiichikos : Kiichiii :)) although we didn’t talk much 1v1, I think you were definitely one of my fav people in this chat. Even though we got you as a doubles helper, you were consistently available for tests even in tiers that you had little to no experience playing and for that I really appreciate that. Of course you’re contributions to the doubles channel cannot be forgotten either as your scouting and prep/tests with emi is a big reason as to why he was so successful. I think you’re a fantastic player and a great person to have around in a team chat and hope that you’ll get your shot soon (maybe SPL?).

Hayburner: hayburner!!! U are one of my closest friends on smogon and I’m super happy that we could get another member of the LLerk a trophy :nepgasm: even tho i think u made me wanna rope myself like several times while playing, you still bossed up when it mattered most!! you’re still an amazing person to have around in the chat and were still more active than finch (even tho like half of ur messages dont count since its in the anime section lmao). U better keep playing bc ur unironically super good at picking up new gens and I’d bet you;d actually be heat as SS.

tlenit1: tlenit u fucking random!! I think you went under the radar and your importance to xiri’s success cannot be underestimated. Although xiri was the one who played the games, you were the genius mastermind that crafted pre much all of xiri’s team. I think you vision for building is very interesting and especially in a tier such as PU where creativity is encouraged, you managed to shift the meta. I will admit that prior to snake draft that I didn;t know who u were (LOLOLO random) but genesis insisted that you were an amazing builder and a nice dude. Post tour, I can say that I’m super happy that we got you as you’re such an awesome dude.

Valentine: Val!! Although you weren’t necessarily the most active guy in the chat, your supportive messages and cheerful spirit won’t be forgotten. You are the supportive teammate that I think is critical to the success of any team. I still think that you’re a talented player and it’s a bit of a shame that you didn’t get the opportunity to play again post week 2 but I have no doubt that you’ll make waves when you play/manage again ;).

@Ninjadog13: My boy ninja. You were with us since day 1 and I cannot stress the importance of having you on this team. You were a super awesome dude who helped out Luthier since day 1. Without you, Luthiers 6-5 record wouldn’t have been nearly close to possible. Despite your super aids time zone, you still managed to be there and of great help. I know that you and Luthier also did a lot of behind the scenes stuff and for that I can’t thank you enough. I genuinely hope you get your chance in SPL or next Snake because I know you’re capable of doing big things.

talah: Talah, my day 1 brother. I’m super happy that you chose to join our team chat above all else and I hope you had some fun with us. Although I knew that you were extremely busy with life and school, you still made a conscience effort to help out our OU and making sure that everything wasn’t super ass. It goes without saying that you are a super talented builder who I know is capable of great things. I don’t know if you’ll be playing SPL or not but I know you’ll do big things wherever you go :)))

London Beats: Hey thanks for being around and helping although you had no obligation to. Although it was a bit of a shame that you kind of died off after the first month, you were a nice guy albeit quiet. I hope that everything goes well with your in your future endeavors.

Mannat: fuck it, helper mannat. Although it feels like you were in our chat for such a short amount of time, the effect you had on our team was insurmountable. If I had to pinpoint the one moment where our team clicked and we knew that we would win, it would most definitely have to start with our addition of you. You along with Hikari and Finchinator formed our holy trinity of additions and led our team to victory. I hope you get your big break soon.

TonyFlygon: It’s a shame that we never ended up getting to team up together because it was something I was excited for. Regardless, it goes without saying that your help in the draft prep area is something that can’t be overlooked and without your help, our team most likely wouldn’t have shaped up to be the team it is today. Maybe one day we’ll have that opportunity .

The Lab: Ricardo FMG Sjneider Jytcampbell cleann imsosorrylol KingKdot The Hallows Energy Bushtush love u all thnx for the support n shit

Leo: From this moment on, nothing you say matters to me. The foulest insults you hurl with intent to wound will calmly settle at the earth before my feet, and the venom you spit will bring all the pain of a warm summer breeze. You are less than anything you can conceive, while I carry on, brimming with joy distilled from detachment.

To conclude:
fuck it, winner mannat
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I guess it’s time to post mine as well... First of all I’d like to say that this has definitely been a bitter-sweet victory for me, and not only because of the record. I was super boomed with my slam playoffs series vs xiri, probably like I’ve never been before in what comes to mons, especially because I was really really hyped to get the light blue. Apart from that, I also started college and wasn‘t as much of a tryhard as I usually am, which stung me a lot. Needless to say, my performance didn’t help in the slightest. While there were some weeks where I could’ve done it better (w1 I misplayed and w3 I threw the game really badly), most of my losses felt like they were out of my hands. And that might’ve had a lot to do with my prep, which wasn’t easy either due to the fact that I basically didn't have anyone to actively help me, unlike every other tier. Someone would give me scouts and maybe bounce some ideas off the first day but usually that was about it when it comes to voluntary help. I usually had to personally tag the 1 or 2 people that had any idea about NU to get any feedback on my teams, and I had no building buddies either. Thankfully, after I was subbed back in week 9, I managed to win my 3 last games (emphasis on my finals game because we won 6-4 so every win was essential), and I’m even in the sheet, so phew, dodged a bullet there. I wanted to play against the taipans in finals because I knew that, that way, if I didn’t get the green at least some friends and great players would. ggs to them and I hope to see some of them with a red one soon. Definitely not my favorite tour or the one I’ve had the most fun in, but there were still great moments and it would be stupid of me not to dedicate some words to the guys that carried my ass in the regular season (oh also sorry for taking this long oops I’m a lazy ass). Onto the shoutouts we go!
Genesis7 Memes aside, you actually were like the dad of the team. Whenever the situation got out of hand, you knew how to control it. You motivated us in your own way with your rby replays and you were always posting memes to make the experience as enjoyable as possible (don’t worry, I do get your jokes). You definitely know how to put your shit together as a manager and I’m happy you got what you deserved after falling short last year. Hope to see more of your unorthodox teams put in work like they’ve done in these last 2 iterations of snake.

suapah smol happy pupper :3 if genesis was a great manager, you surely were an amazing assman. Apart from providing everyone you could with prep help (you were one of the very few that helped me) and great teams, you were a great chat presence and someone I could vent my pokemon frustrations with. You did a great job assisting genesis in his decisions and I’m sure the tour would’ve been entirely different without you.

Charmflash CHOICE SCARF. I won’t lie, when I saw that you were the first pick of the leviathans I had my doubts, but boy was I wrong. The support you gave in OU/UU/RU was unmatched and you even helped me when you could. Your UU record wasn’t the best but that doesn’t really matter when many of our wins in other tiers were achieved thanks to you. Maybe if you used UU mons in UU you’d win more ;) Also, grats on being the newest ABR drone lol.

Welli0u FANTASTIQUE JOUEUR. You destroyed the competition, ending with the best record of the tournament and being undefeated in OU. You made it look so easy that your games were one of the few I could watch without having an anxiety attack. You might not have been the most talkative person, but exchanging words with you was fun nonetheless. I wish you great success if you keep playing.

Insult your name says it all: WINsult. Another one of the big players on our team, I think ojama put you in his top 5 SM OU players or something like that? Well, I hope this tour proved everyone that he was right. Little brainfarts and indecipherable nicknames aside, you were very solid in your team choices and ingame. It was great to team up with you again, and one of the highlights of the season was definitely the time when some people (me included) thought that finch joined our teamchat because you changed your nickname. Don’t ever use that cursed mr. mime avy again and we should talk about criminal minds some day.

Tace aka TaceFreeze. One of the most active guys in the team (shoutouts middle school); object of suapah’s and luthier’s taunts, you were a great chat presence and a fellow PMD lover, as well as the anti-weeb pivotal for balancing out folks like hayburner and valentine. You didn’t start well, but you overcame the situation and ended up putting up a solid performance despite your finals’ game vs ABR. I’m very excited to see you grow as a player, and I wouldnt mind teaming up with you again.

Corazan it’s unfortunate you had to quit in the final week but I think it’s very unfair for you to be blamed for it. Truth is you took down behemots in both UU and OU, amassing a great record and being essential for our success. I liked you before the tour and I still do (tho now I think more highly of you as a player too), very deserved green and gl with whatever life throws to you. Also, you need to share some more of that french rap bro

Hayburner even though you didn’t affect the score directly, you did help our OU guys and u stepped up to play a finals’ game after being 2 months(?) without playing seriously, so thanks for that. The unholy shit you talked about in the anime channel was sometimes quite funny, and the 3 times we’ve teamed up you were a great chat presence. Keep on jazzin’

Valentine although I’m sad your activity was very on and off and you didn’t get a chance to prove yourself after week 2, your emotional support was just out of this world. Having you on the team was like having a 1-man stours chat lmao. It’s a pity that you won’t be able to manage in SPL like you wanted to, but at least I hope you get to play and show these guys who’s boss. We need to talk about monogatari tbhhh

roman the SM representative of ORAS RU. Your opponents just decided they didn’t want to be able to beat regibro and you also outplayed most of them, which resulted in a very nice record for your first official (if I’m not mistaken). Someone fun to chit chat with, I think you’ll cement yourself as a great player if you learn how to diversify your playstyle. To put it shortly, you’re an absolute queen (that snail avatar you used was horrendous tho).

Xiri absolute PU beast. You absolutely owned the competition after the first two weeks, it looked like you were feeding with the comments of the haters and just became stronger every game. Very chill guy, I have no recollection of you getting worked up over anything. I will never forgive you for not winning slam after beating me (jk), but let’s win LTPL now imo.

tlenit1 your name screams random, your teams scream random, but after this tour... You’re still a random BUT the driving force behind most of Xiri’s teams, even though I thought some of your stuff was just too wild, it worked every time and Xiri kept smashing everyone with those teams. You also stepped up to replace me when I was clearly not working as a starter. I wish you silent success in the future (as you like it) and hope we can talk more, that one convo we had near the end of the tour was very refreshing and interesting.

Luthier the life and soul of the team. Whatever anyone may say, you did your absolute best to win the tournament, and that is undeniable. Altho you sometimes get too excited about some things, learn from tlenit and take it easy you know ;) Thanks for trying to help everyone out and for making the chat very lively. You ended up positive and I’m glad u clutched the tour as foreseen in your dream lol. Wish you the best in mons, and dancing, and med school, and everything.

emforbes What do I even need to say about the illya lover. I remember when we both were 0-3 we made a promise to end up reg season with a 6-3 record, and well, u did your part (and I didnt oops), while also absolutely smashing ezrael in finals to assert your dominance as the DOU goat. You’re a very kind guy, fun to talk to, and I hope you can win worlds next year, we’ll be there cheering for you!

Kiichikos honestly, going into the tour I had no idea who you were, but gladly genesis did. You were a great support to emi, and most notably, a testing machine esp during playoffs. Quite silent in general but you had your great moments in the chat lmao, very funny guy and I look forward to seeing you shine in SPL playing DOU (or RBY who knows???)

talah great addition to the chat imo, you helped our OU slots as if you were part of the team, and I’m very grateful for it. Your anti-clout also won us the tour against the jerk so there’s that

Ninjadog you were the tlenit to Luthier. I know from past tours that you’re a great LC player and a cool guy, and this one just reinforced that feeling. It’s outrageous that you didn’t get picked and you deserve the green as much as we do, let’s hope managers are not stupid this time and u can show the ppl your worth in SPL

London Beats well, what can I say here I haven’t already told you. My #1 support in everything and my closest friend in this cursed site, you helped me when no one else would (altho you didn’t talk in the teamchat smh), and I knew I could always vent my frustrations with you. You’re still a great player and I hope you can get picked in SPL if you decide to sign up, and otherwise we’ll just smash everyone next wcop

Apart from that, shoutouts to everyone who tested with me throughout the tour, almost exclusively people from the pool (kinda funny how the ones who beat me up where the ones who probably helped me the most) and people from the NU room. Thanks to everyone who believed in me even after my disastrous 1-6 record, and to end it off, as a moral of the story: I first thought our team wasn’t good and I didn’t really wanna spend the whole season in it, but I ended up going negative and being carried by them. As a wise man once said: “Talk shit, get hit”

See you all in SPL!
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