Smogon Superstars I: Finale [Won by Jibaku]

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Smogon Superstars I

Round 1 results
Quarterfinal results
Semifinal results

  1. All UU matches will follow the current tier list.
  2. Sleep Clause
  3. Evasion Clause
  4. Species Clause
  5. OHKO Clause
  6. Self-KO Clause
  7. Timed Battle*
  8. Soul Dew Clause, expect for Ubers
  9. Arceus is banned, even in Ubers
The finale is best 3 of 5, with 2 additional OU matches.

Other Information:
Be sure to inform a tournament match recorder, i.e. locopoke, before your match is played. Also make sure to send reachzero your teams for commentary purposes.


Zak91 vs. Jibaku


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jibaku wins, the 4 months he's gone through in this tourney alone is too much to lose after coming so far


Chwa for no reason!
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Predicting Jiba to win one match in each tier, and Zak to win two OU matches, thus Jibaku to win the tourney.


Ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhh, Kate.......
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I was going to say zak, since he's a great all around player to win the tournament and jibs "only really plays ubers" but based on his recent patterns of dropping ou and winning the others, i'll go with jibs (and to go against the popular vote!). Of course, he'll have to take 1 ou one too....but I'm sure he can manage to "steal" one!

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