Smogon Superstars V | Finals [Won by HeIIraiser]

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Smogon Superstars V

I'm hosting this round upon request.

Previous rounds of this tournament:
[ Seeding Rounds: R1 | R2 | R3 ] / Qualifiers / [ Playoffs: R1 | R2 | R3 | R4 | R5 | R6 | LF ]
Smogon Superstars I : Won by Jibaku
Smogon Superstars II : Won by 6A9 Ace Matador
Smogon Superstars III: Won by Aeroblacktyl
Smogon Superstars IV: Won by panamaxis
Smogon Superstars V : Won by ????

Round 1 - Round 2 - Round 3 - Qualifiers - Playoffs R1
Tournament Specific Rules and Information:

The Top 16 players will advance to the playoffs, and we will announce the format for that when we get there. It may be the same as Superstars III playoffs, but I'm hoping to come up with an even better, fresher idea this year.

In addition, any player that leads or ties for the lead of a pool (limited to a two-way tie) will automatically have a chance to make the playoffs! Even if you seem down and out, one good pool performance can mean you're still in it!

Activity decisions will be given out if there is obvious evidence supporting them. There will be no coin flips in the event of equal activity; the match will not count as a win or a loss for either player. To avoid gaming this system, Wins and Games Played is the primary tie breaker (a final record of 11-4 will beat 10-2 based on activity, and 10-3 will also beat 10-2). In the case of the same record, Head to Head will take precedence.

Use Smogtours for all battles and make sure you save all of your replays! Announce your battles when / if you can so as many people as possible can view these excellent battles!

Top 16

1) FLCL [12-3-0]
2) Reymedy [12-3-0]
3) Ojama [11-4-0]
4) Hantsuki [11-3-1]
5) Conflict [10-5-0]
6) Dekzeh [10-5-0]
7) Bad Ass [10-5-0]
8) yan[sogeking] [10-5-0]
9) MarceloDK [10-5-0]
10) Leftiez [10-3-2]
11) Ciele [9-5-1] [1 Group Win]
12) Masterclass [9-5-1] [1 Group Win]
13) PDC [9-6-0] [1 Group Win]
14) Kevin Garrett [9-6-0] [0 Group Wins]
15) -Tsunami- [8-5-2] [1 Group Win]
16) Eo Ut Mortus [9-6-0] [1 Group Win]



Reymedy vs HeIIraiser (formerly yan[sogeking])

If Reymedy wins this first set, they will play one more bo3 to determine the champion. If HeIIraiser wins, he is the overall winner. Please post in this thread to indicate when you will be playing and save your logs!


DEADLINE: Monday, September 29th @ 6PM EST


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