Smogon Superstars VI- Finals [Won By M Dragon]


Tournament Banned
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Previously hosted by tripe, undisputed and FireMage , Hosted this year by KratosMana
Smogon Superstars I : Won by Jibaku
Smogon Superstars II : Won by 6A9 Ace Matador
Smogon Superstars III: Won by Aeroblacktyl
Smogon Superstars IV: Won by panamaxis
Smogon Superstars V : Won by HeIIraiser
Smogon Superstars VI : Won by ???

Tournament Specific Rules and Information:

Activity decisions will be given out if there is obvious evidence supporting them. There will be no coin flips in the event of equal activity; the match will not count as a win or a loss for either player. To avoid gaming this system, Wins and Games Played is the primary tie breaker (a final record of 11-4 will beat 10-2 based on activity, and 10-3 will also beat 10-2). In the case of the same record, Head to Head will take precedence.

Use Smogtours for all battles and make sure you save all of your replays! Announce your battles when / if you can so as many people as possible can view these excellent battles!

Playoff qualifiers

Due to a tie between 8 players with 8-7 records, the huge tiebreaker was based of the average of the win ratios of their opponents. The following 16 players have qualified:

1) boudouche
2) TDK
3) dEnIsSsS
4) Mix
6) Floppy
7) -Tsunami-
8) MetalGro$$
9) Tesung
10) Zamrock
11) Leftiez
12) Finchinator
13) BKC
14) Steve Angello
15) M Dragon
16) Sapientia


BKC vs M Dragon

None just get it done o_o
sorry for the massive delay, I have had a whole host of irl shit to deal with lately. thanks for understanding, we'll play soon

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