Smogon Superstars VIII - Playoffs: Round 1

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Credit for the artwork goes to rozes †

Smogon Superstars I: Won by Jibaku
Smogon Superstars II: Won by 6A9 Ace Matador
Smogon Superstars III: Won by Aeroblacktyl
Smogon Superstars IV: Won by panamaxis
Smogon Superstars V: Won by HeIIraiser
Smogon Superstars VI: Won by M Dragon
Smogon Superstars VII: Won by Level 56

Previous hosts: tripe, undisputed, ENZ0, FireMage, KratosMana and TDK.

Smogon Superstars is a tournament that sees some of Smogon's finest players and Finchinator duke it out in our three most recent OU metagames. All participants in this tournament were handpicked and invited to play.

A big thank you to SparksBlade for helping me maintain the spreadsheet for this tournament! Participants, please keep in mind that the playoff bracket is double elimination.

Before we can continue with the bracket, however, we need to determine which of the following three users is going to take up the final two slots in the bracket. Instead of eliminating Finchinator outright flipping a coin I figured the fair approach would be a tiebreaker. Please bo3 each other in Smogon Tour tiers until we have a loser (0-2). The winner of the breaker gets to choose whether they want to play Luigi or p2, while the loser is unfortunately eliminated.

Without further ado, let this clash of PO titans commence...

Finchinator vs. ZoroDark
Finchinator vs. Chill Shadow
ZoroDark vs. Chill Shadow

#1 Luigi vs. #16 ZoroDark
#2 p2 vs. #15 Chill Shadow
#3 Lavos vs. #14 pokebasket
#4 praj.pran vs. #13 -Snow
#5 Floppy vs. #12 Lycans
#6 Welli0u vs. #11 teal6
#7 Posho vs. #10 We Three Kings
#8 FLCL vs. #9 Pohjis

The deadline for the tiebreak will be Sunday October 8th 11:59 PM GMT +2, while the deadline for this playoff round overall will be Sunday October 15th 11:59 PM GMT +2.
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why do I always get the annoying opponents lol

activity post
are you really doing an activity post the day the pairings come out? i told you yesterday i won't be available to play until weekend cuz i dont have pc atm
also before call someone annoying look yourself in a mirror moron
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