Smogon Superstars VIII - Playoffs: Round 5

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Credit for the artwork goes to rozes †

Smogon Superstars I: Won by Jibaku
Smogon Superstars II: Won by 6A9 Ace Matador
Smogon Superstars III: Won by Aeroblacktyl
Smogon Superstars IV: Won by panamaxis
Smogon Superstars V: Won by HeIIraiser
Smogon Superstars VI: Won by M Dragon
Smogon Superstars VII: Won by Level 56

Previous hosts: tripe, undisputed, ENZ0, FireMage, KratosMana and TDK.

Smogon Superstars is a tournament that sees some of Smogon's finest players and Finchinator duke it out in our three most recent OU metagames. All participants in this tournament were handpicked and invited to play.

A big thank you to SparksBlade for helping me maintain the above spreadsheet throughout this tournament! Participants, please keep in mind that the playoff bracket is double elimination.

Winners Bracket

#13 -Snow vs. #10 We Three Kings

Losers Bracket

#8 FLCL vs. #12 Lycans
#6 Welli0u vs. #7 Posho

#8 FLCL vs. #6 Welli0u

#10 We Three Kings vs. #8 FLCL

The deadline for the winners bracket will be Sunday November 19th 11:59 PM GMT +1, while the deadline for the losers bracket will be Sunday November 12th 11:59 PM GMT +1. If an extension is necessary please let me know in advance, but please avoid those if at all possible. Good luck!
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won against W3K in 3 games :O
Won the BW. I was lucky but I think i would have won that, even if it would have been longer
Lost the ORAS, was unlucky af but I had an horrible matchup so not sure I was going to win that.
Won the SM :O

GG fam! :3
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