Smogon Tour 10.5 -- Round 1


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Credit to Blazenix for the art​

Smogon Tour 10 was the last Smogon Tour to feature UU and Ubers, with Smogon Tour 11 being the first season which featured BW OU as well as the return of ADV OU. At the same time, long before the days of Pokemon Showdown, tour was shifting from being held on Shoddy Battle to the new battle server, Pokemon Online. With BW Ubers and BW UU being relatively raw, the choice was made to return to the original Smogon Tour format of 3 most recent gens OU.

Smogon Tour 10.5
Here we have a shortened version of the tour that never happened, Smogon Tour 10.5.
  1. DPP OU
  2. DPP Ubers
  3. DPP UU
Tournament Setup
  1. I will be running three tours simultaneously for DPP OU, DPP Ubers, and DPP UU.
  2. By signing up for this tournament, you are signing up for each of the three tiers.
  3. Each round of each tour will be BO1.
  4. Replays are not required until the Quarterfinals.
  5. You will earn points just like in Smogon Tour for your performance in each tour.
  6. Depending on the number of sign ups, the top 8 (by points) will qualify for playoffs for Smogon Tour 10.5
  7. Playoff format will be BO3; DPP OU, DPP Ubers, DPP UU
  8. Playoff format will have the higher seed picking the first tier, and the loser of the first battle picking the second tier.
  9. We will be using the modern day tier list and rule set.
Deadline: October 20th 10 pm ET

Round 1


Haki vs We Three Kings
Sakito vs Flares.
BKC vs Emre Mor 9
StepC vs Ismakhil
Emeral vs ukaaa
SoulWind vs Bowlii-
Marshall.Law vs Mannat
Sovahkiin vs monchooo
Cheese5555 vs jacob
Haru vs Nichiru
vs Spl4sh
LaBalladeDesCieux vs Sprinkles
Fantos13 vs Hamhamhamham
vs RahelGamer03
runed over guy vs hellpowna
M Dragon
vs Revulsion


vs runed over guy
Sakito vs SoulWind
BKC vs jacob
Nichiru vs monchooo
Sovahkiin vs hellpowna
Cheese5555 vs Sprinkles
vs Revulsion
Emre Mor 9 vs Hamhamhamham
ukaaa vs StepC
LaBalladeDesCieux vs Spl4sh
vs Emeral
RahelGamer03 vs Mannat
Ismakhil vs Marshall.Law
vs We Three Kings
Bowlii- vs Tikkito
M Dragon vs Haru

DPP Ubers

Haki vs runed over guy
vs Mannat
Nichiru vs We Three Kings
vs Emre Mor 9
Marshall.Law vs StepC
Cheese5555 vs Sakito
vs RahelGamer03
LaBalladeDesCieux vs Emeral
Hamhamhamham vs Fantos13
jacob vs Sprinkles
byronthewellwell vs SoulWind
hellpowna vs Flares.
vs Haru
Revulsion vs ukaaa
Bowlii- vs Sovahkiin
M Dragon vs Ismakhil

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