Smogon Tour 17 Playoffs - Finals [Won by M Dragon]

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Where the fuck did u get that from I was talkin bout futbol?
Truly r a retarded guateloupean sack of aids

Edit: couldn't respond to the latter half of ur post cuz I literally understand neither ur grammar nor logic so I'm just gonna assume that u wanted a banana

2nd edit: u already kno yun lord doesn't fux around w this botw shit so imma give u this long hard banana when I have my laptop as nog has already stated
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leftiez i like you and i helped you but plz stop being a fucktard about this.
Lost DPP then won BW/XY ggs
now ill try to get down all my haters by winning this fkin trophy
Well I guess I do t count. I'm not a hater, haven't seen the end yet but hope u win Leftiez!

lol have no worries masterclass im here to honor u

Edit: the fact is i dont fucking give a fuck about the XY, man he used like 3 focus blast so the miss was obv, then without my stone edge miss on azu, i had won it 100% cause it die with SS, so don't be like im a (BAN ME PLEASE). especially when i choked the DPP one while i had won it 100%. cya

Sorry Blara but your comment bugged the hell out of me because its so wrong. :/
Well theres something called sequence of events in probability. And hitting several focus blasts falls under that category if you consider the situation in which they are happening. So Leftiez is right in that sense that hitting several Focus Blasts are a sequence and thus lowering the exspectation to hit one again. Basic math to be honest. Just had to clarify this so that not more people make false claims (did this stuff alot in university).....
For those interested click me! Or me! One more!

Regardless of the mathematics behind Mons those were 2 pretty enjoyable series (high level plays) and im impressed by Bloos sportmanship and calm attitude after his close loss even with a few events not going in his favour. Impressive.
Anyways im looking forward to the finals.
Actually, you're completely WRONG! What you just said is called the "Gamblers Fallacy"; thinking that what happened last time changes this times probability. For example, just because you flipped the coin tails last time doesn't mean you have a 1/4 chance of tails this time, EVEN THOUGH the total chance of two tails is 1/4. Now, go find me some percentile dice, roll them 200 times, and statistically you should have gotten two 100s. Did you? Most likely not. (Sry about the pet peeve for me by the way, I hate this logic)
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