Smogon Tour 23 Play-offs - FINALS [Won by Posho]

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both have been playing out of their minds lately, so this should be a good one for sure. posho has been especially impressive in bw as of late while using teams of varying archetypes. he should be clearly favored there and then i think he can also grab one of oras / sm if he preps well for ben gay's monstruous defog duggy teams.

go posho *-*


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I would be very surprised to see Posho not win BW. He's been piloting a strong variety of teams to victory with solid playing. Meanwhile, ben was finally forced to BW last round and put up a very mediocre display, having two massive threats to SoulWind's team and misusing the hell out of them.

Of course this didn't stop him in the series because ben is utterly hellbent on showing Dugtrio's brokenness in the other two gens. He's also got the techs for traditional stallbreakers (physically defensive HP Ice Celesteela...) and this is why he is 6-0 in SM/ORAS so far. However, ditzy endgame choke last round aside, Posho is a very fearsome ORAS player. That said, ben showed some cracks in his armor in the tier last round, making the game much harder on himself than needed, and mainly riding his team advantage to victory as he has throughout the tour. If Posho makes a team and plays with equal vigilance, I could see him taking it, but he really needs to concentrate because the margin of error against these Dugtrio teams is virtually nil. I would say that largely the same goes for SM. Could this be the round that ben switches it up in these two? He did use a "regular" team in his round 1 SM game, after all. We know he's capable of it, but should there not be an overwhelming deficit via team choice from the two I give Posho quite a significant playing advantage.

Worth noting that Posho is the second player ever, after Giga Punch, to make two consecutive Smogon Tour finals. He is the first and only player to make two finals in as many playoff appearances.

ben is now in the company of players who have reached the finals of multiple official tournaments in one calendar year (plus, you could take away the calendar year part and it'd still be impressive).

Will the so-called armchair win, to the irritatation of those who find him egotistical?! Will the youngun whose idea of humor is "cuck xD" win to the irritatation of those who say that players like him are why Smogon Tour is no longer prestigious?!?!

GL both. Make it a good series.

As an aside, good work to the other two semifinalists. SW continues to be one of the game's strongest game-in game-out performers and Kickasser had an excellent debut. Nice job fellas.

Everyone else made this a pretty stacked tour overall, nice way to kick off the new generation
both deserve the trophy, Posho having reached his second ST finals while ben was beaten in OST finals. I will be both happy and sad whoever wins, so gl both and have a good series :]
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