Smogon Tour 23 Play-offs - FINALS [Won by Posho]

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craing ;_;

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I'm usually not one to bitch about things that are out of my control but I think it needs to be said regardless. I'm referring to the people who went out of their own way to spam and challenge me in pms, with the server lag from people joining not really helping my case. the d/c's definitely influenced my moves as I did cancel a number of times but clearly the command didn't go through (to the ignorance of those who thought I choked). not to detract from my opponent's victory but I thought that finals was pretty garbage, i'm astonished that we had to play a stour finals under those circumstances. rant aside many thanks to those who helped and supported me, my opponents for putting up with my tentative schedule, and congrats to posho for winning this time around :p


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Won against Ben Gay in a crazy series, ggs

I'm quite happy I could win this tournament after having failed last time, quite proud of performance so far, I might have made horrible chokes such as the one I did last round vs kickasser but overall, I think I did well and earned my place in this tournament

As for ben gay, I know you come off losing two finals in individual tours and this might suck a lot for you, but don't let this get you, you're a great player and I completely respect your style (even though it might be a little bit annoying, hell, so many dugtrios, ban that shit already) and yourself as a player, it was a big pleasure to play you :)

Thank you a lot to all the people who have nicely contributed with my run, I've mostly been laddering with my teams, so I'll first give a shoutout to all the people whom I have played with on the ladder, I met some nice people and insulted some other, but we're all friends aren't we :3

ABR : You literally offered yourself to help me when I didn't ask you, that shows how much of a great guy you are, every time I sent you my flawed teams you were always there to fix them all out, was quite nice to discuss with you about teams and sets, and you also gave me lots of advice for the finals, I couldn't be more grateful bro, thanks a lot boss.

We Three Kings : Probably the dude I get along with the most, you've been playing with me ever since I randomly joined bof, and we've been really cool friends from there on, despite the insults in our endless test matches, I enjoy talking with you a lot and you've helped me a ton even in the last season. I wish you best of luck in smogclassic

Get this Money : You're the best dude, discussing my teams with you was the funniest thing ever while we talked a lot about irl stuff, I'm happy you pulled off a 3-0 record in round 1, even though you play for the memes, you've shown you're such a solid player and if you decided to take this more seriously you'd be unstoppable, love you man :)

blunder : The goatest, you've been cheering me on ever since I was a random like 1 year ago, you saw potential on me and I'm happy I could finally prove yourself, youtube superstar thunderblunder777 what I am capable of. Thank you a lot for the given help throughout the tournament, mostly in SM, where I'm horseshit building xD

dice : One of my recent friends and I can't believe I already like this dude a lot, talking to you about lots of stuff while also helping me with my BW team in semifinals was quite nice, Metal Sound Zapdos is the motherfucking goat, know that B). GL in Smogclassic bro, if you ever need help just hmu you know ;);)

BKC : You helped me a lot polishing my BW team for the finals, thank you a lot hermano Kev, I love your videos and also hope you and your band ever decide to visit Spain, I'd be glad to see you guys :)

SoulWind : Sé que esto te lo han dicho muchas veces, que conseguirás un trofeo pronto, que te lo mereces, blah blah, pero personalmente, tú no necesitas un trofeo para demostrar que eres el GOAT, siempre sólido en todos los torneos en que entras y constantemente haciendo buenos récords en la SPL y WCoP, si tu momento para conseguir un trofeo llega, llegará, pero que sepas que eres de lo mejor y me ayudaste un poquito en esta final, gracias Borjita :)

LuckOverSkill : Thank you a lot for the help in BW, you're such a versatile player and that's helped me a ton with all of your ideas, love you a lot man, you're the best <3

Gente de LA Shogarth Gondra DennisEG Znain Femen -herO- Vileman NightFox Lcans Robert. : Gracias por todo chicos, cada vez que pasaba mis equipos, revisabais y tratabais de arreglarlos lo más posible, sois los mejores y por eso jamás os cambiaría por nada <3 sobre todo tú Joga, me ayudaste un montón en BW e hicimos ese cremoso team juntos eres el GOAT <33

Gente de Pokespain Sken Luispeikou M Dragon Malekith Poek Ilyakomaster Txerogross CS4m Trosko Alastor Law Guilas D Maestro Arena Shinigami Colchonero Gene Sp reiku DestinyUnknown y muchos más supongo lol: Sois gente que conozco desde hace mucho tiempo ya, desde que era un percebe por el foro de pokespain, vuestro apoyo ha significado mucho y realmente me ha motivado a llegar hasta aquí, gracias de veras guapos :)

Some smogon people worth mentioning: Finchinator chop Flares. Kickasser PDC Dokkerich Sabella and all the people in OLT and BIGS chat: Thank you a lot for your support, it meant a lot and it really motivated me to get in here

Random jaja song to celebrate bop there it is
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Congrats poshito, im very happy and very proud u got the trophy, u deserved it!
It has been a pleasure watching you during these few years since we met for the first time.
A very friendly man, and now, a real champ..
This is an example of hard work, you could be anyone if you put in the time. You will reach the top, and that is that! U got the top.
Im sorry if I did not help you so much with testing/practising, but as u well know, I only play dp!
What also can I say now..well, enjoy ur trophy and im sure about your will be shiny and I hope u can win more, more and more trophies, u rly are a nice person and, since now, a champ!
Well deserved man! Congrats again amigo! :)
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