Smogon Tour 23

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It is time once more for arguably the most popular and prestigious tournament on Smogon: Smogon Tour. This will be the 23rd season, and the first of the 7th generation! This means that SM OU is now part of the tournament, and that DPP OU is now retired after a very long run.

The Smogon Tour is a series of Live Tournaments starting this time on the 17th of March. The format is the same as usual, consisting of the three most recent OU generations (SM OU, ORAS OU and BW2 OU, in this very order). The Live part of the tournaments will last 9 weeks where everyone will earn a certain amount of points according to their weekly performances. Once this phase is over, we'll move to Playoffs with the 16 best players of the tournament. The winner of the Smogon Tour will obtain the glorious Pink Trophy (
), and the honour of being crowned as Smogon's first ever Gen 5-7 Smogon Tour champion.

As usual, all the tournaments will take place on the smogtours server, unless stated otherwise. The times at which they will start are unchanged and are as follow:
  • 6 pm EDT on Fridays.
  • 4 pm EDT on Saturdays.
  • 2 pm EDT on Sundays.

Remember that you can only join two tours per week. You cannot make a new account to circumvent the rule either. Also, you are not allowed to ask for wins, offer wins, or interfere in other people's battles (ghosting them or their opponent). If you do any of the aforementioned, be prepared to get infracted and potentially banned from our Tournaments. We will take retroactive actions if needed.

Take a look at this page for more information about how Smogon Tour works and how you can participate (stick to the Rules section, the Schedule and Standings one are not up to date).

A new generation begs many new questions. How will certain users fare without free farmed Gliscor pass wins in DPP? Will Bloo's incessant attempts to join the tournament under an alt finally stop? How about Sogeking and his numerous trolling antics? Finally, how many times will Finchinator say #FINCHTOUR23 in the Smogtours lobby? (the o/u is currently at 59850...)

Good luck to all!
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