Smogon Tour 24 Play-offs - Finals [Won by Hiye]

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It's like I'm hanging on to nothing
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Can't believe I've been one game away from making three finals in a row, and then I managed to mess it up during the ORAS game and the SM one was pretty damn close, I really enjoyed it dude. GGs FLCL, you're definitely a worthy opponent, I've played you in so many tournaments so it's a honor we could finally meet on the big stage... enjoy those finals dude, you've earned it :)

As for shoutouts, there's been plenty of people from PokeSpain, Sidewinders, Bigs, Den of Thieves and of course the best one Latinamerica who have been supporting me non-stop ever since my very first Smogon Tour run, I can't believe it's been a year since then, and how much I've accomplished in such time-span, some people could say I'm a freak, and maybe they're right. But Pokemon is a game that's brought me joy, really good friends I daily speak with, communities in which I've belonged, and of course I've learned a thing or two that I could apply to my real life with very good results. So thanks a lot Smogon people :)

I've had some nice helpers though

We Three Kings : I know you're tired of being shouted out second so there you have your reward, mostly for being one of the best dudes I've ever met on Smogon, thanks for playing with me those countless tests battles as I only could find dudes with Unova-themed teams on the ladder

blunder : I'd never go jump onto a Pocket Monsters match without your blessing, you're one of the best ever, and I wished we could have played in the finals.. but some things aren't meant to be right? You're one of the funniest dudes and someone I enjoy talking to, I'm sad you'll leave the tournament scene for a while but I hope you come back stronger tan ever :3 <3 (yes homo intended)

Finchinator : Just as usual you're always a great helper, always willing to test anything with me, quite the kind guy :) I may not have made it to the finals as you wanted me to, but I'm happy you've seen me grown from that "I consider him pretty mediocre for this tournament" to an actual good player, thanks for everything buddy :3

Pako : TROLAZOOOOOO, you've offered me some help and ideas in BW and of course I wasn't gonna leave that unnoticed, I promise I'll use more of your teams in the future, thanks man :)

Gondra : Thanks a lot for building 1907398027398 teams for me, you're such a beast and I love you a lot dude. I hope I see you shine in SPL

Trosko: For discussing SM teams to use yesterday, and thanks for the semis team :)
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