Smogon Tour 24 Play-offs - Finals [Won by Hiye]

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lost, ggs.

thanks to everyone who rooted for me and helped me with teams. you know who you are. unfortunately i couldn't pull through but it was still an enjoyable run with your guys' support.

congrats to hiye, you played well in the finals so don't let people discredit you by saying that you haxed your way to finals. that's just how pokemon is. hope to see you in spl!
Won vs flcl, ggs
This was a very fun tour and definitely made me prep way before than any other tour.
I will definitely be participating in more tours in the future and hope to see old and new faces.
Here are a ton of shoutouts that are long overdue:
Moose 50 / Jet: My #1 supporter and pretty much best friend on this site, you always helped me on and off Pokémon if I was down or sad. We have had so many memorable times together and you were always there for me.
Bereaved : You silly Dominican boy, your sarcastic comments are always so funny and annoying at the same time. I'll beat you in haxball and chess someday, but stay average in math
Samqian : Always have to love your rage when you lose, but you are still a close friend that helped me a lot with tests. Rules of Survival sucks.
qwazz : Pretty much the first person that got me into this site that no longer plays but definitely helped me a ton to get started and a great friend.
Dann3: Another good friend of mine who's helped me pretty much every tour with teams. A great battler, builder, and a math genius.
TheSkyAboveUs : Your stall teams were always nasty but our battles and convos were always funny. One of my best friends, good luck in college.
n00b : hi n00b, sorry but I'm the bss master. Good luck with your medical degree.
Updated Kanto : My metro and dragon ball super friend thanks for all the tests.
FMG : Probably the person I tested with most, very approachable and kind with good knowledge in all of the gens.
eren: Came through with bw tests and ideas when there wasn't many people I could go to for it. Fecha!
ez : My dragon ball super friend always asking for teams but thanks for all the tests and teambuilding support
Tele- GOAT
Also thanks to so many supporters and wg members Fish1899, Steven Snype , ShootingStarmie ,Tricking , Dilwar , yukairu , Twixtry , blarghlfarghl , Paycard , Starmei, CaronSmith, and 4gb .
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