Smogon Tour 25 Playoffs - Finals [Won by blunder]

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A bit unfortunate that Soulwind had to lose 2 finals in a row (one being in OST and one being in smogon tour) but other that, congrats blunder.


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Congrats on your first trophy blunder.

But I definitely gained respect for Soulwind. He played a solid series and wouldn't be surprised to see him win an individual trophy soon.
After hand crafting over 200 teams in preparation for this final, blunder and I came to a consensus what to use. While we didn’t always agree because his ideas were worthy of 5th place at best, we came to many compromises. You couldn’t of done it without me.

Congratulations brother, I’m so happy for you. Your evolution has been a treat and you’ve worked hard. You deserve every single pixel mate :)
This trophy was a long time coming. Congratulations blunder, you are my inspiration and the reason why I play this game. Enjoy your brand new pink pixel my guy, you definitely deserve it. :]


Dear blunder [Mr ThunderBlunder777],

Congratulations on your Smogon Tournament [25] win young one, being one of the elders who raised you in your dark times of losing IDM try outs vs every Mexicunt and their nan including the likes of user Jasonpwn you have seemingly proved your battling prowess in which we saw in you at such a young age. As one of the remaining (not really) leaders of the guild I would like to express my gratitude to your efforts on winning such a prestigious tour on this dead forums but quite utterly slaying the Windiest of Souls in the process. You've done all of us at the guild proud may your future endeavours be as fulfilling as the current. With the essence of this victory in mind I'll grant you permissions to use the food kitchen at any time you wish for the next week - please DM me for the key.

On behalf of CTC & HOLY SAVOUR HUGO you've been promoted to leader status keep the infamous POFAGS name in the heavens you're on the path to ascend to the greatness young one and keep the guilds name at large.

Kindest of reguards,

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both weak to rotom, sw weak to mew if rachi isnt sub, spikes fucks sw if rachi isnt thunder, but rachi just happened to be the set that destroyed bludner. lookin at mu its 2-8 in sw's favor
early game blunder has the faster rotom so he had to pivot around the volt and actually chipped rotom to like a third hp betwen lant and rotom, but turn 9 willow miss sucked (not important tho). rest of the game played out pretty standard because rachi threatens this team so hard, i think blunder shoulda maybe set up spikes but then idk what forces rachi out unless u volt wo gettin flinched so idk. when skarm and rotom died this game ended p much even if rachi didnt have icy wind.

looks liek suit gross + cm clef, spex keld also puts in work unless lati is rt in which case it still has to win tie vs gross. i think blunder has a 6-4 mu advantage only cuz lati can still sweep w rtype and a few won ties. T1 gross lead loses only to skarm and blunder has zone still, so i think sw def shoulda lead skarm to at least double out to tran for rocks or to get a hit off, or lead skarm go gastro t1 and then hard clef to have an advantageous lead scenario w his clef in on clef for rocks.
however, blunder gets the lead mu and eqs which i agree with. on this turn, zone basically comes in for free vs skarm and clef, and unless sw is brazy and rocks there zone cant lose the turn, in which case sw might be incentivized to go tran on mash then pivot to skarm or predict the zone becuase tran actually punishes zone predicting skarm. blunder goes straight zone while sw pivots to gastro then tran on clef, great reads there to give sw a good early game off of the disadvantageous lead, as expected of Lebobo James. rocks get traded and gross is in again vs clef. its tough for sw sinc ehe cant even double vs zone since it volts on everything while a hard gross beats gastro. anyhow blunder gets the turn right and predicts gastro to come in on the zone, then he goes zone on the skarm OOOOOOOOOOOOOOF who sayin blunder aint the hottest smer rn gahdamn,,,,, gastro comes in to recover which baits keld out, and here blunder makes a great read. that team has the breaking core of clef and lati for wincons. clef doesnt win this game, so lati is the only wincon left. lati cant win even with rtype if it gets burned, and it doesnt wanna take a sword and recover on the gross turn if it isnt rtype. in this case, sw wants to recover to scout and survive any move, then go clef on fight instead of lati. knowing this, blunder hp grass's to knock out the gastro OOOOF WHAT A READ NO PULITZER MY G blunder proceeds to go chomp then back keld on tran because even if tran double toxics its ok keld can just click scald and secure the bag. scalding the clef is a tough choice but switching out is fine since clef wasnt a wincon while keld stops tran from toxic stallin everything if tran gets the trap on gross. zone was a good midground and can pivot out of lati to gross. sw makes the good reads and gets his wincon in and set up. blunder phases out the lati but the chomp cant phase it next time, so lati is lookin like a big threat rn. blunder trades keld for clef and gets clef in to set up, but he only sets up once instead of twice on the tran switch, because i think the concern was lati coming in to cm war it since this clef didnt have mb. however, lati coming in on a +2 mb clef loses the exchange so sw was never goin lati, but it didnt rlly matter cuz tran was sacked anyway and +1 or +2 clef both lose to lati anyways wo mb. next turn was crucial because sw survives draco at full, so sw could potentially come back after 3 speed tie wins including one vs gross. alas, goatc's reverse jinx came into play and blessed blunder with the no unluck so he wins the tie and wins the game immediately; this game was rlly well played and down to the wire.

for the 3rd game in a row, blunder brings no scarf lose to volc and any setupper because hes that confident that sw, a man of integrity, would bring balance just like himself and engage in a match of plays and predictions instead of cheese. anyhow looking at the mu the only threat is band bulu but even then mf has 14 grass resists and a tang. this is a 12:0 mu but lets see if blunder gives sw any sliver of a chance. blunder graduated cuma sum laude from the IDM school of Leads under leadgoat goatc so obviously he wins lead mu yet again, and then he makes a veteran midground t1 because he predicted payapa toxic or steela, so goin tran was a sick play. gets free ass rocks and then pivots to steela to literally heal -10%. between steela and zam sw gets pressured to shit, and blunder goes to tang perfectly on leech every time to deny recover, veteran plays givin no chances. i think sw goes pex on knock because he didnt wnat lati to get potentially poisoned on the sludge? idk, tho pex dont do shit this game due to the presence of zam. after a few turns of pivots sw gets bulu in, forcing out tang to take sp for absolutely nothing since it has phys def investment. blunder pivots around a few turns later and heals tang up on steela, and this is an important turn because wo regenerator regen this turn or if he got hit w ft then bulu can potentially get a kill the next time its in. blunder basically never goes tran early to keep denying leech recovery but tbh sw shouldnt worry about z tran cuz he has lati and pressuring tran w rocks is good for him. at the very least if he predicted steel tran then he could go pex on the tran since it loses to zam anyways, so i think overall sw shoulda been more aggro throwing attacks into tang w steela. sw doubles to bulu again a few turns later but tang lived w a TINY bit of hp on megahorn which is unfort. blunder plumes the lati and forces the recover and to sw's surprise nabs it w z steel. at this point tran fucks that team and blunder switches around on autopilot bascially at this point, and gets the eventual dub. ofc 7godblundboi got the dub on turn 70
Turn 70
☆SOULWIND: ggs man
☆blunderr: ggs man
☆SOULWIND: grats
☆blunderr: thanks bro
☆blunderr: youll get yours
☆blunderr: i know

and ofc this fake bitch gives some fake words of encouragement like a pussy, if u a real bro u click x and give sw the trophy rn man i swr niggas is faker than whitequeen ost trophy

anyhow if u didnt believe in the illuminati before i just gotta say what now aethiests, lordheat blessings > curses and thats big facts.
shoutout to the lil bro blunder for finally bossin up after numerous lucklosses in tour after tour due to not trusting lordheat (who fault is that) shoutout chimpact too
blunders come a long way from po times when he would join smogon tournaments just to hand out free ones no costco, i rmbr the years of training in the hyperbolic idm room to grind up and flexx up look where we at now gang gang.
just in case yall not convinced bludners the best new gen player rn this pink cup drippin no future. actually, hes the 2nd best new gens player cuz if u peep heatah 100 special i smashed pussy in a bo11 so catch up lil nigga get u 3 more YURRRRD
po up some henny for this one why im cryin in the club rn like a proud dad ;'}
shoutout SoulWind tho the real lebron james of this shit, nobody denyin that sw is one of the goats and dw u gonn get one this year
dammit jr5hennymode did it again
hi SoulWind
I do not know how you feel.
maybe you stay sad
Of course who would don't like to have two trophies in their profile.
And you almost to won 2.
Of course this is so boring
But boy, be proud of yourself because you just showed how good you are and one of the best player of the year.
Don't give up brother.
I rooting for you get your trophy.
Congratulations, I got a free sympathy now for you .

of course congratulation blunder
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