Smogon Tour 34 Standings

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-- Click the link above to view the Smogon Tour 34 Standings sheet! --
Credits to Ticken for creating the sheet and helping run it with me.​

The spreadsheet will be maintained by me and Ticken. If you spot a mistake, PM one of us on Smogon/Discord so we can address it.

Please be patient with updates and polite with any errors on the sheet end -- we will be able to fix any issues, but nothing is perfect. This sheet took lots of time and dedication by users much smarter than myself that I respect a lot -- let's be mindful of their contributions. Additionally, we have incorporated the Scheduling sheet into the Standings sheet and it will be editable once Playoffs begin!

Note 1: Points are awarded on a weekly basis, not on a per tournament basis. If you earn points in both the Saturday and Sunday tournaments of one weekend, you will receive the higher of the two values toward your total score, not the sum. For example, if you win 7 points on Saturday and then win 5 points the next day on Sunday, you will receive 7 points toward your total, not 12.

Note 2: When getting a bye instead of an actual opponent to defeat in Round 1, it is important to note that you won't be awarded your point(s) until you've won the following round. If, for example, you get a bye for Round 1 and win in Round 2, then you'll get the points for both rounds after winning your round 2 game. However, if you lose your Round 2 game in that same scenario, you won't be awarded any points for that Smogon Tour, because you didn't actually win in Round 1 either.

If you change your Smogon nickname throughout the duration of the tournament, please let us know immediately! This is crucial as it allows us to run the spreadsheet smoother and the records will be more accurately displayed.
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