Smogon Tour Finals - Season 7 - Finals! [Won by Loki]

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i've been crawling through the falling
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Either would make a nice winner.
although i feel bad for flax for certain reasons :(.
I said Loki from the start, so I can't really go back on that now. On the other hand, Flax has come this far, and you don't do that by fluke...

Flax to give Loki a damn good game!
Flax shouldnt even be in this spot, if not for an obscene amount of hax. After hearing about last round, its obvious that Flax has God on his side. Who could predict against that?
flax will win this because i predicted these two even before the final 8 pairings were up to make it to the final

and i predicted flax then and now because he is absolutely the best
I PMd Loki.

I've nothing against you for predicting loki to win, but against all the hax allegations. I know I haxxed Gouki in the last battle and I feel sorry for that, but I was very happy to come into the Top 4 without having any important hax. And now after that battle I am the infinite big hax-guy? Come on >_> It's Pokémon and I couldn't do anything against it. But anyway, enough cried for now... =)

Good luck to you Loki, I hope the matches will proceed without any hax and weird bugs, so that the right one wins. :)
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