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The lovely and wonderful Ciele has been, for a while now, working on updating Fabbles' Smogon Tour Overall stats spreadsheet that can be found in this thread. He recently finished doing so and requested that I post his work for him, and so I bring you guys the following: Smogon Tour Overall Statistics by Ciele (click the link to view the statistics). This takes into account seasons 1-18 for overall win % statistics, and seasons 11-18 for individual tier statistics.

Again, the updating of these statistics is completely Ciele's doing and I'd like to give him an absolutely huge thank you for taking the time to do the work for all of this. I can only imagine how tedious and tasking this must've been and you deserve infinite amounts of thanks for bringing us these statistics, which are rare but very much valued around here.

Given the massive amount of data in the spreadsheet, there is bound to be some errors. as such, if you spot any, do make sure to notify Ciele about them. Once again, big props to Ciele for doing this, and once more, you can access his sheet by clicking on the below:
To end this thread off, a thank you goes out to Fabbles for being the original starter of this project and for providing future contributors like Ciele with the necessary data/base needed to update said data.
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I've updated stats to include Seasons 21 and 22.

I've also added separate sheets here for some major categories (ST17-22, ST11-16, XY/BW/DPP/ADV OU from ST11-22). These stats were always accessible from the main page but this makes them much easier to find/sort. Can't do anything detailed with ST1-10 for a number of reasons but whatever.

If the extra sheets cause too much lag then let me know so I can remove them.
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