Smogon Tour - Season 10 Finals! [Won by Delta 2777]

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Yes indeed. I keep coming every 5 or so hours to see if they got this done. Still nothing!

C'mon Bluewind, get this already!


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Ok, me and Delta have scheduled to play Sunday, 2:00 PM (GMT -5), Pokemon Online server on PO. Good luck nigga.

Edit: By the way, Symphonyx64 said he should be there to record the match for those who can't make it.


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Helllll yeah, I feel nerdy as hell saying I'm gonna make sure I'm not doing anything else within a 3 hour period of that haha

Delta 2777

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Well due to the fact that Bluewind and I aren't 100% that all of our teams are ready, plus that I've recently got pretty sick and I'm not sure if I've recovered yet, we may decide to reschedule (tomorrow we will decide). If you don't hear anything before 2:00 PM EST, the same time is still on. Sorry to those who were inconvenienced by this if the date falls through.
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