Smogon Tour Season 14 Finals [Won by McMeghan]

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I won ADV and DPP vs BKC.

ADV Log:
DPP Log:

I'm not hiding or denying the fact that luck was definitly on my side and it definitly made the two games more difficult for you. "Sorry" (if that means anything at all) about this and I wish you better luck in your future tour.

Anyway, GG and tfp to all the players that I've been paired with that season, it was enjoyable and I'm glad that I won at the end.

As for the shout-outs:

- Thanks to the Smogon Tour Staff for hosting that tournament, and special mention to KG for the extended deadline, sorry if I -once again- annoyed you about it in the final.
- I could mention a ton of people for the test, help and everything else but I have to at least name Ojama and Bloo who are definitly my "Smogon Tour Bro". It was once again really enjoyable to play this Tour alongside you two and I'm never bored when it comes to talk about it with you. Huge thanks to Ojama for the DPP help, either it be testing or teambuilding.

Also, I feel like mentionning the two groups of people that I have the pleasure to hang out a lot with for quite a long time now: the whole French Community and PO Renegade irc channel, thanks for everything as well.
Congratulations on winning an individual trophy McMeghan. You have consistently been one of the most successful tournament players Smogon has seen in the last couple years. Don't let the fact you caught some breaks in the games deter your accomplishment because it is an inherent part of the game.

You had a really great run BKC and I'm sure you'll be on the tournament scene for a long time. I hope you get your health in order because that's the most important thing you can have.

I always thank the staff that helps run all of the individual tours, but this season they were extraordinary. I'm not sure if we've ever had a hosted season this well as long as I have been apart of this tournament. You guys deserve all the credit in the world and made the job Bloo and I had to do much easier.

The tournament staff discussed players breaking deadlines last night. We have some proposals on the table for a system to deter players from waiting until the last minute and going past the deadline. There should be something in place by the time Week 1 of SPL starts. Deadlines aren't there to make the players lives difficult -- they serve a useful purpose in keeping tournaments to a schedule.

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Congrats Mcmeghan, well deserved. Don't feel bad though BKC. You did really great and should be proud for a strong showing. A lot of people never made tour top 16 before, let alone tour top 2.
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congrats mcmeghan, you've been consistently the best player in these last 18 months so no one can argue this wasnt deserved (aka shut up am)
they both deserved it equally, they were both equal players in my eyes, mcmeghan just had luck on his side. not trying to detract from his victory in any way, that's simply the nature of the game we play. excellent job to both of you for making it this far. mcmeghan, here's to yet another trophy to add to your repertoire. bkc, don't give up hope, you're still one of the best all-around battlers in the world, your time will come soon enough. maybe we'll see each other in the finals of the next smogon tour :]


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Congrats McMeghan, a super deserving player won so the luck that occurred can't deter from that victory.

BKC, seriously awesome job man! No doubt you'll get that pink trophy dude!!
congrats mcm. honestly i'm just gunna reiterate what everyone else said, the trophy could've gone to either of you, but unfortunately hax and pokemon go hand in hand.

congrats to BKC for getting this far too
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