Smogon Tour Season 14 Finals [Won by McMeghan]

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I remember how the darkness doubled
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grats roro, well deserved, as others have said you've really been the best player around recently

good shit bkc, absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. keep playing like you've been playing and you've got this in the bag for next year
world cup sucks

err, i mean congrats mcmeghan, you really are the new earthworm minus the poor hygiene.

also keep your head up bkc, there are bigger and important things like that one team tournament starting up soon...:nerd:


how many seconds in eternity?
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what the fuk is going on with atticus's avatar....

anyway, excellent to see a deserving tour winner, GJ mcmeghan. Tough luck BKC, you would've been a deserving winner as well.
Congratulations McM!! You are certainly a deserving winner. You played very solid games and I have no doubt that you would have been the victor with or without "luck". :toast:

Great job to BKC too. I wasn't expecting you to make the finals when I saw the top 16, and given your success, I think you will no longer be a dark horse pick in future but instead one of the favourites.

Nice job to everyone who helped out with hosting this season and made it a success yet again!
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