Smogon Tour Season 14 Finals [Won by McMeghan]

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I thought this Tour was Ojama's to win. Sucks that he had to lose through bad luck after such a strong regular season performance. I heard he was mature about getting haxed though, so good for you Ojama. I'm sure you'll get a trophy soon.
Im not sure if we have seen the same logs.

In the logs I got, Ojama lucks Malekith in AdV, when Malekith had the upper hand, BW was clean, and in DP there was a lot of luck for both sides (maybe malekith a bit more).
I think that they both deserved to advance, and that no one could have really blamed luck there.
Lavos Spawn vs Malekith - malekith will win the whole thing
McMeghan vs -Frexa- frexa is a scrub how did he got this far -.-
Heist vs BKC comes down to dpp I suppose, bkc is on a roll lately so rooting for him
undisputed vs Vinc2612 undisputed is a boss :)!
lavos spawn because i hate the French
mcnuggets cause he's a boss
bkc -- don't really care for bkc but i think he's a bit less overrated than his opponent
undisputed just because
Malekith vs Lavos Spawn (ADV DPP / BW)
McMeghan vs Frexa (ADV DPP BW)
Heist vs BKC (ADV, DPP / BW)
Vincnumeros vs undisputed : Vinc will get in finals by losing ADV everytime, and winning DPP/BW everytime (DPP BW / ADV)


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Lavos Spawn (BW) vs Malekith (ADV / DPP) I think that unfortunately for him, Malekith will lose once again in finals
McMeghan (ADV / BW) vs -Frexa- (DPP) Nothing to explain, we're talking about McMeghan
Heist (ADV) vs BKC (DPP / BW) It will be very tough but i'd bet on BKC
undisputed (DPP) vs Vinc2612 (Adv / BW) Vinc will win the ST
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