Smogon Tour Season 15 - Finals [Won by Ojama]

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Congrats Ojama, seeing the games, you deserved it 100%.

Soulwind, also congrats to you, you are one excellent player. I'm sure you'll win your trophy in one of the next editions ;)
Congratulations to Ojama, after being #1 twice in a row in the regular season he deserved it.

And of course gj too to my little boy SW, you had been a deserved winner too, but don't worry, keep playing like now and you'll win another tournaments :) Proud of you reaching finals.


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yeah fuck those spectators..

nice work ojama, and good job my boy soulwind for makin it this far and doin it big always


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Congratulations, Ojama! Very well deserved and well earned after the domination this season. Amazing series there, well fucking played. SoulWind you fucking, you've made it the furthest possible
well this is the time for the 1k.

ah the spanish curse.. I lost 1-2, and congratulations to Ojama, you clearly deserved it more.

i just can't explain with words my gratitude to everyone that has helped me through the season and the playoffs, you guys are awesome and you're one of the reasons i still like this shitty game.
special shoutouts to:

-bkc: being one of my best friends here and supporting me all rounds. you've helped me a lot preparing for the matchas and specially with dpp which was my lowest level tier and you trained me well.
-danilo: for the adv team i used in the finals. you're also a great friend and you have made me better in adv with your advices, so pretty much thanks about that!
-all the beastaroonis: you guys supported me a lot during this season and it's pretty unique. defintely happy to have known everyone of you because i've had very funny moments in irc with all of you and you're all very considerative.
-the spanish armada: obviously i couldn't forget you guys. you've also helped me a lot during the matches and giving me advices for my opponents. besides our bad start, we'll get it. #vamosespaña
-bloo: haha my bitch. you're also a great friend of mine and it surprises me how nice are you, helping me with everything i ask you in smogon and i always promised i'd mention you so w/e.
-bad ass: besides i dont know you for a long time, i met you some months ago and you're a really good friend and a great player overall. you offered to test with me a lot when you lost and an amazing supporter. thanks a lot for all your help sir!
-the german guys: i couldn't forget any of you too. thanks for all the team advice and help you gave me (especially vertigo, conflict and fakes) because i couldn't have got the finals without you.
-#starksharks: ah my lovely spl teammates. you have root for me in every round of playoffs and always offered to giving me teams and testing, so props for that and sorry that I failed you MoP :(

my apologies if i forgot to mention someone, you guys are a lot but in the bottom you know i have ya all here ♥

i guess i'll try next season, thanks to all the hosts and TDs that make this tournament possible because i think it's one of the funniest in smogon.

cya next season! have a nice day
A great tour with an excellent winner!

Big congratulations to you Ojama, in addition of being one my best friend here and one of my favorite battler, you finally proved your worth by winning that official tournament you wanted so much. It was about time!

I would also like to outline how much of a deserved winner you are after dominating the regular season two times in a row and doing well in a lot of other prestigious tournaments in the past. It really just was a question of time before you'd emerge yourself as victorious.

Really great job SoulWind, you keep confiming yourself as one of the best battler around and I hope you'll be able to win a tournament as well in the future. Reaching final is no easy feat and I'm sure you'll have other occasions to do just as good if not better later.


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Currently exporting my camtasia files. I'm gunna be uploading the battles with some background music. No narration, no spectators for anyone who missed it.
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