Smogon Tour Season 15 - Finals [Won by Ojama]

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For what i know Odin was going to win adv if a paralyzed pkmn with an attack of 75% acc dont land.

Also some players and organizators were very rude and disrespectful with Odin, Odin has the same rights as bloo, he only give up asking for allow spec cause he was threatened to be disqualified if he does not indulge what bloo wanted.

Good luck with the tournament Odin, well done.
Go ahead and post the logs, Odin always says sorry even if a crit dont matter, that's the way he is. I find very disrespectful that you guys imply that Odin won only cause of luck.

For me he is the better player overall.

A lot of latin players dont care about american tourneys, that's why they are underrated and most of the players here are overrated.

I dare you to challenge me or my team in an allow spec battle if you think you can beat me/us Ojama, is up to you son.
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