Smogon Tour Season 15 - Finals [Won by Ojama]

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I lost adv and won dpp and bw.

I should have lost the dpp game but he let me wow after I missed it so thank you to have been fair play. After that he got a hydropump miss but I really don't know if it would changed anything because I would have DD with tyra vs Starmie.

Anyway, sorry for the dpp game and ggs, the adv and bw ones were really cool.



Please tell me why do we worry
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My respect for pokemon battlers after watching Loic and Heist is at an all time high. If only everyone was this real.


ice trader gang
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lost adv mighta had a shot without a flinch
won bw with some misses that may or may not have mattered
lost dpp in a clean game

ggs undis - thanks for letting me change my ability after it fucked up
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