Smogon Tour Season 17

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Banned deucer.

Smogon Tour 17 will be starting on March 14th. The format will be XY OU / BW OU / DPP OU. We will now be hosting tours on Pokemon Showdown's Smogon Tournaments server ( in lieu of Pokemon Online. There will be auto-timer implemented on the server by the time tour rolls around, so don't fret yung Danilo. Take a look at this page (pending updates) for more information regarding how the Smogon Tour works.
  • Friday tours are hosted @ 6 PM Eastern time (GMT -4).
  • Saturday tours are hosted @ 4 PM Eastern time (GMT -4).
  • Sunday tours are hosted @ 2 PM Eastern time (GMT -4).
You may only join 2/3 tours per week. Feel free to ask me any questions you may have about the Smogon Tour either in this thread, via PM or IRC if you see me online and I'll do my best to answer them. Each season, there are usually some frequently asked questions. As such, I'll address them here to avoid multiple of the same inquiries:
  1. Will MarceloDK innovate new ways to break Smogon Tour rules for a third season in a row?
  2. Is this the year yan[sogeking] will reach for the stars and achieve the Brazilian dream of finally making playoffs shared by the user above?
  3. How will Mariano fare with the disallow spectators option now Resting In Peace? Just how many of his teams will be used by the players of this season?
  4. When will Bloo stop trying to be funny?
Only time will reveal the answer to these pending questions, but if one thing is for certain, it's that things could go either way
We all know who gon win dis shit.

Real question:

What about disallowing spectators? Many players just use the same team over and over and it could be a problem if people scout.


tough like igglybuff
is a Past WCoP Champion
rip CM trap spam ez 7 points in adv :(
bs lead metagame + SRcontrol + FGW + mixnite + scarflygon + late game sweep of SDlucario/otr zong/jirachi with the right moveset' metagame o__o

but this time I got this. :}


Subtlety is my middle name
yay no adv; no chance of one turn of hax deciding the game anymore

EDIT: And no gay bp either
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Subtlety is my middle name
Angry posts aren't going to change anything so you might as well make the best of it. ADV's status as the most challenging and enjoyable metagame is well documented.
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