Smogon Tour Season 27 Playoffs - Finals [Won by Luigi]

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Man that SM OU game... LMAO can someone scrap that game out of my mind like you can kill me If you want but i just wanna forget what i just watched... jesus.

Anyway well done gb, you had ups and downs here and there but what actually matters is who has the bolded name in the end so whatever to be totally honest. Good job piloting those SM teams too, even tho you played like you were that blind brazilian girl without her visual software in the finals you ended up not losing a single one so thats it. Enjoy your pixels! :raised_hands:


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How someone can throw 3/3 games and still gather enough luck to win it all,,, we will never know
i haven’t seen donations of such proportions since the bill and Melinda foundation an I definitely have not seen the willingness with which one could lay down their arms in an unloseable mu (see bw) and I unequivocally indubitably and without a shadow of doubt have never ever ever seen this amount of luck since the legendary fables of 11-0 shakeitup (who is coincidentally also dogshit) so phew wow I guess thanks for this historical showing haha,,, bone apple teeth lemme just digest these finals for a while

Ps sw played some goat level shit and woulda 3-0d lmao how he outplay 3 games and lose wow this game is good haha


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When you are a top player on the site, respected by nearly everyone, and the favorite to win by far, if you choke on dicks you are going to get fucking roasted.
wow, I can't imagine why someone would have a problem with this. I too enjoy competitive shit talking better players OU. I am also glad that the too cool for pokemon gang came out of the woodworks to rehash the "caring about online pokemon makes you a virgin loser" trope.

congrats both


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Damn, some of you guys can really be aids and destructive morons for the sake of proving a "point"

Seeing I have worked with SoulWind so closely many times, it pains me to see him get so far just for the game to take it away from his hands like that. Hopefully one day fate will conspire to give you the singles trophy you rightfully deserve at this point for such level of consistency, whichever one that is. Hopefully it is the next one.

Congrats Luigi for the win, not my pick to win and perhaps not the most "deserving" run in the eyes of many, but reaching the finals cant be labeled by luck alone and sometimes you gotta be somewhat lucky, and thats just how the games does it. Still keep the composure and consistency to reach finals and pull through with some really good matchup picks so very nicely well done.

Cheers everybody, and hopefully we can keep it down.
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