Smogon Tour Season 29 Playoffs - Finals [Won by ABR]


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Congratulations ABR! The sheer effectiveness (for lack of other words) of both your teams and plays is really amazing to watch, and you made history with those two Tours in a row. Good job Pohjis as well, it was great to see you making it to an official tournament finals, and I hope there will be more to come :blobwizard:
Bro this man is unstoppable!!!
ABR chief, congrats. Well deserved trophy, excellent clickin and teams provin again you are the best!

Pohjis you are fucking fire bro. Really good run, enjoyed watchin all your games this season and the next one gonna be yours!

These finals were so damn fire to watch, thanks for the show!

Ok all memes aside, once again congratulations ABR . To have such a continously top tier performance in everything you touch is insane by itself. But on top of that you're also a great guy who helps complete randoms like myself out when you can, and while Pohjis definitely played great as well, this was a deserved win
ABR pulled out the Tesung special. Back to back is impressive. Im sure ur already thinkin of the 3peats seeing how cometitive u are. Props to u ABR, respect.

Pohjis huge shoutout to u, u really put a show and are deserving of praise. Be there next ST to stop ABR run this time.

Congrats to both.

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