Smogon Tour Season 31 Playoffs - Finals [Won by Lusa]

Its the first (and hopefully not the last) time I actually tried to go for the stour trophy, and I'm very proud with how I handled all the games I played here. I brought up somewhere that for the first time I got to main in all the 3 stour gens at my highest level too, not to mention that the last SPL with my lovely Bigs helped me to stablish my personal style at best, they were crucial to my growth as player, specially considering the undeserving record I had there. Always sucks to lose, I don't think theres anyone as competitive on this site as me, but at this point I just try to enjoy the game, the teambuilding proccess and the way I handle my matchups the max I can, and for the first time ever we got to see two brazilians fighting each other in the biggest possible stage as well, so I'm just okay with this episode and every kind of experience will always be appreciated; in the end at least I brought the entertainment this site needs in this modern n boring OU era. Enjoy the trophy Lusa, and enjoy the show @everyone else.

To the main people I shared my shit, tested with and asked for tips (mainly past bakers/bigs/brs) or even to those who came on my PMs to show support (I have fans omg), I have only a thing to say: I got the best group of friends anyone could ask for in a game atmosphere. I felt supported since the very first second I said I was going all-in for this tour season (before even the start of it LOL), and in the end you were always there, every time I asked or needed. Im very grateful for all of you. Special mention to you Pohjis, that spend some time of your life scouting and making visuals with me for some rounds, even if I did NOT ask anything from you. At this point you are one of the people I respect the most on this site and its a pleasure to see how you just came back in tours and are doing as well as always.
well, i dont even really know how to start this LOL. i guess first of all i wanna say that im really fucking happy, smogon tour has always been my favourite tournament on this site and winning it has been my main objective for a while, and i can say that it feels every bit as good as i thought it would. i freaked out and screamed at the end of g3 in a way that i didnt think pokemon was capable of making me, and im sure those who were watching did too, what a crazy fucking game. i do wanna say that even tho ive accomplished my main objective, i more than anyone recognize that i still have a lot to improve at this game, i didnt play a perfect finals and still make more mistakes than i want to overall, but hey, even players who are better than me make their fair share of missplays sometimes, so that doesnt take away from this victory in mind, it just makes me want to improve more than i already have (and maybe stop picking untested teams built in 5 seconds right before the series). now to the individual shououts:

Hyogafodex - não tinha outra pessoa a não ser vc pra eu agradecer primeiro. eu lembro claramente da época em que a gente começou a conversar, vc me comprou na epl de 2016 depois de me ver jogando jogando o que? smogon tour hahah. quem diria que aquele mlk ruim, cringe, que n tinha nem skype pra entrar no chat do time, um dia ganharia esse torneio ne kkkkk. vc foi o primeiro a acreditar em mim como jogador e eu te agradeço muito por isso, mas sinceramente pra mim isso não eh nada perto de tudo que vc fez por mim depois, me integrar na comunidade br, aturar meus desabafos de coisas dentro e fora do jogo na pm, dar dicas da vida, trocar ideia sobre tudo, e simplesmente ser um amigo incrível. não tem como expressar por aqui o quão grato eu sou a vc, então só saiba que eu te considero mais que muitos amigos da vida real e to quase chorando escrevendo isso. muito obrigado por tudo.

Raichy - doctor raichy, im still trying to figure out what the fuck you said to me during the series LOL. on the real tho, you have become one of my best friends in this game, whenever i call you a puto im basically saying that i love you, and you know that. you were also a huge factor in me winning this tour, blatantly lying and calling me lucky so many times has actually lead the game to believe that im lucky, and so i had some blessings at the end, all thanks to you man, all thanks to you. thank you for all the support and for the friendship, you are a fantastic guy and i hope you never quit this game while im around. as i said i would, i dedicate this victory to you.

beatiful - another puto who i have to do some 4d chessing to figure out half the shit you say LOL. im so glad we got closer recently man, you were a great great help during this run, and thats not even for the teams, but mainly for the moral support of calling everyone bad and saying id be garbage if i didnt win this. thank you for the advice mid series as well. you have become someone who i feel like i can always count on, and its always great to have someone like that in everything we do in life, thanks for everything.

Joya - how can i even thank you for everything you did man? for real, the help you gave me in every round was just insane, testing, picking teams, bouncing ideas, it was all really fun. sorry i didnt put in as much work in the finals, i kinda just wanted this tour to end already LOL. you have been a great friend for a while now, and are also someone i can always count on. i wish you nothing but the best, both in game and in life, thank you so much.

@EQ - minha família nesse jogo, desde o começo vcs estiveram comigo e só tenho a agradecer a cada um de vcs. eu sei que n sou muito ativo no chat, mas eh assim que eu sou em todos meus grupos de amigos praticamente, ser tímido eh uma merda kkkk. mesmo assim eu posso dizer que tenho um grande carinho por vcs, espero que tenhamos mais momentos como essa final, que foi dos maiores eventos dos últimos tempos nesse site graças a vcs e seus posts e spams completamente cancerígenos que sempre me fazem rachar o bico. sério, se não fosse vcs essa comunidade seria tão chata que eu provavelmente já teria quitado há um bom tempo, muito obrigado rapaziada.

@LA - i knew all along it was you guys that were holding me down LOL. jokes aside, i have nothing but good things to say about you. you all took me as one of your own from the very begining, and much of the growth ive had in these past few years is thanks to you all. now that im the traidor who leaks all your teams and isnt allowed in the tiers no matter how much harassment i do, i wish you nothing but the absolute worst in wcop, but i know that if you do well i wont have peace for a while. special thanks to Gondra Lycans Leo and Posho , who have been there with me since the very begining when we all sucked massively (i still do in this case).

@Brasil - eu já disse no chat e vou dizer de novo, desculpa pela performance sem brilho no r1, eu não consegui focar na prep e nos jogos como geralmente faço, muito graças ao tanto que eu tenho jogado recentemente, principalmente nesse tour aqui. mesmo com isso, eu posso dizer que tenho gostado bastante de estar no time pela primeira vez, a química do chat eh a melhor que eu já tive em teamtour da smogon, e isso significa muito. tenho certeza que vamos passar por esse tiebreak, tenho total confiança em vcs, e espero poder ajudar mais nos playoffs e sair dessa com mais um troféu com todos vcs.

and finally, a big thanks to everyone who supported me, i had a lot of messages of ppl who i dont really talk to very much but just wished me good luck every round. i truly appreciate that genuine support, it means a lot to me, i hope that finals was a good show to everyone who watched it.
Bad part of the party is that eventually it has to end.
And only one player wins the trophy.

congratulations friends played at a high level

And Eternal Spirit use SoulWind for example. he has lost all possible endings/final.
and he remained steady and strong and he didn't give up until he got his trophy.
gama vc vai ganhar o seu troféu..jogou o fino parabéns.

congratulations Lusa
Jogando o fino , foi nosso top player na powc.
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Congrats to both players on insanely enjoyable runs and the best smog tour finals I’ve ever seen. I know I’m not really involved in the tournament scene but these playoffs were very fun to spectate and predict and you two made it really enjoyable. ES, I have immense respect for you, as you are probably the most gracious loser I have seen in any thing ever- not just mons - and you deserve 1000 trophies. Really, your grace in the 2nd place at the end of a heartbreaker is appreciated and inspiring. Keep up the hard work. Lusa, your trophy is deserved. Congrats. Thanks for putting on a good show and congrats!

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