Smogon Tour Season 31 Playoffs - Finals [Won by Lusa]

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I'm not going to do predicts anymore. Predicted xray to take it all last round, and at this point, even if it's definitely just bad luck on my part, I don't want any of the players to see me predict them to win and get in their own head. There are 2 players I think will win, but all 4 of these have proven to be good players and, more importantly, good people. It would be a pleasure to see any of them win (also, a first time winner no matter who it is, which is pretty cool). Good luck to all!


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Apparently this remaining top 4 put up a combined 4-15 record in this year's SPL. That just goes to show you how a poor performance in one tournament doesn't necessarily determine a player's ability to perform in another one. Congratulations to all four of you on making it this far! I'm glad you guys lost all of those SPL games for teams that aren't mine as well. Anyway, let's get into some predictions.

8. Eternal Spirit vs 13. Vileman - Even though hs revoked my Brazilian ally status last week, I'm backing Gama to win the whole tournament from here. Admittedly, I was a little more confident in him before he went for Roost with Dragonite, but I still think he's the spiciest and most rounded player remaining across the three generations, and by a healthy margin at that. Gama also has experience at this level, having played in the OLT final before, as well as enjoying numerous great team tournament runs (though not this SPL (in fact, he lost the same amount of games as ABR (Dave and I spent a combined, and this is true, 57.5k on 14 losses from just two players))). Vileman, on the other hand, is new to this stage and the biggest surprise of this Tour season without a doubt. His SS is a little shaky, but the breaker heavy SM and ORAS approach has served him very well up to this point. Will it be enough against Sub CM Keldeo and Specs Latias? Time will tell, though I don't think it will be.

Gama likes what he likes and has managed to win a LOT with his particular brand of sauce throughout the years. Vileman is a dangerous opponent, however. I've seen up close how he's improved in several tiers, gradually getting better and straight up farming in the old generation circuit tournaments. On top of that, there is obviously a decent chance of Gama popping off between now and game time after missing a Draco Meteor while playing for some side tour or something, using words that are considered too colorful for 2021 in the process.
Let's hope he keeps it together these next few weeks, as he's in the running for Grand Slam, too. Good luck to you both and I can't wait to watch this series live.

15. Jytcampbell vs 6. Lusa - Here's two more players that I don't think many people would have expected to make it this far. Jyt actually went through the two most experienced players that qualified for this season's playoffs to get here, which is particularly impressive. He did so cleanly as well, as evidenced by the fact that SoulWind actually said gg at the end of both games Jyt beat him in. Honestly, Jyt has looked very solid in these playoffs. He's brought good teams, played well and avoided major J-why-t moments, too. I will say, though, that Lusa's dominance so far hasn't gone unnoticed. He didn't need any detergent to wash both Tace and Skypenguin comfortably, plus he's even playing for Team Brazil in WCoP this year. I know the Brazilians have set their sights on a full Brazilian final, and thanks to Jyt they can't face Germany in the semi final this time either. Too soon, too soon...

My gut tells me that Jyt is ultimately gonna take this one, mostly because I think he'll be better prepared and the fact he went through a tougher bracket to get to this point, which gives me confidence and I'd imagine it especially makes Jyt himself like his chances. SoulWind in particular doesn't often lose to players significantly less experienced than him, so that counts for a lot in my book. I've teamed up with both players in various tournaments before and have some sense of what they're capable of, and I really do think this is very close. Lusa's ORAS in particular is strong in my view, so I could obviously very well be wrong about this one. Good luck to you two as well and remember to enjoy the experience! You're both fire for making it here in the first place.
Rooting for Jyt to take it all. Over the last few years he was just constantly improving, and you were able to almost watch in real time how he went from ladder hero (no flame <3) to an extremely versatile and well-rounded player. Reminded me a bit about early ABR tbh. Winning this now, after he already went through absolute top notch players like Tony mentioned, would definitely be a highlight and a bit of a "culmination" of his path. And he'd absolutely deserve it imo


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Lost 2-1 vs gama, ggs and gl in final!
First off, thanks everyone for the support. Receiving gl messages and good vibes from everyone really feels great and pushed me to try to get as far as i could. Im at peace with losing this far as i really still can't believe i even made playoffs lol
As pretty much everyone noticed, my ss isn't really that good so there's lots to learn still. Im baffled i got this far but im happy that i got to show that i've worked on stepping up my game and it brought me this far!
With that said, I'd like to thank the people who made this possible:
z0mOG : your sm builds did absolute wonders for me: 100% win ratio in playoffs, got me some nice points in regular season, and your overall advice and guidance over teams was invaluable. Can't thank you enough for that (and the oras team for r1 too!)
devin : your constant support in ss was really appreciated, still have lots of ways to go but having someone to discuss ideas and builds n such is hella appreciated. I actually won a ss game with your team (altho blessed by the gods but hey) so thanks a lot!
Finchinator : thanks for all the test games and the guidance as well, you've been there to support me ever since spl 6! Your ss builds helped me get crucial points in regular season too,much love bro
xtra$hine : although i noob'd spectacularly, your round 1 ss ou team is heat and i stand by that, so thanks a lot!
BKC : ty for coming out your way to offer support, although i failed in delivering i wouldn't have come as prepared without your help!! Thanks for that and all the support from your part in general!
Luthier : meeting you has been a blast between all our convos n such, and you also helped me with several test games so thanks a lot for your time bro

And of course, brother gorgie . You've helped me believe in myself ever since pre-spl season, pushing me to actually believe i should go beyond what i think i can do and keep getting better. GG bro.

as funny as it may sound this really started the "what if?" in my mind

And ofc once again, every single one of you who sent good luck and nice messages of support! Really means a lot :toast:

With that out of the way, all 3 remaining competitors are terrific so any winner would be great (slight bias towards jyt bc of his insane run!!), gl everyone
Lost vs lusa, ggs.

Losing is never a good feeling, but overall it was a fun tournament. I'm really happy with how I played all tour and don't really have any regrets.

Big shoutouts to everyone who supported me throughout the tournament. Reading all of the kind messages is a great feeling and I truly appreciate it.

gl to both in the finals
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