Smogon Tour Season 32 Playoffs - Finals [Won by SoulWind]


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1. Star (SS, ORAS) vs 5. SoulWind (SM)
This one is really hard to call. Star's sets so far have been anything but straightforward while SoulWind has walked all over his opponents. Great matchup between two of the top 5 players on this site at the moment, personally I think Star's SS and ORAS are marginally stronger, so I'll favour him. Of course, it could go either way. Highlight for sure.

10. jonfilch (ORAS) vs 3. Giannis Antetokommo-o (SS, SM)
Alright the bias has come to an end, going into the tour I though jon's SM would be good enough but he's put up 2 very middling performances in the tier and hasn't looked as good as I thought he would. His ORAS still looks dominant and I'd probably bold him against anyone in the field there, and while he's 2-0 in SS so far, I don't think he takes it in this set. Giannis comes in hot after last round, aided by a hint of luck and a dash of int from bea. I think he's heavily favoured in those two tiers, so all signs point towards a NE showdown in finals.

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