Smogon Tour Season 33 Playoffs [Won by Empo]

Empo congrats on the trophy brother. You deserve it a lot. I have seen you become into one of the best players in the two years i have been on smogon. I remember your s tour win vs sw just like it was yesterday and now you have done it again. You’re the goat brother, keep on winning and proving it to everyone that why you’re the best. LFGO PO
won vs starmaster ggs

Can't say this is my best performance, I am not too happy how I played overall, but I can't help but be happy about the result still.

First off, shoutout to everyone who helped me, in particular jake5 haxrme devin Caasi for always being there when I needed - truly the goats
Shoutout to all the supporters too, a lot of people reached out and I am very happy about this. Thanks! Glad I can entertain you while playing mons, hope I can keep doing so in the future as well. TSS, PT, Cherk, FILO, etc - thank you all so much as well, you're way too many to mention individually, really genuine people tho
Little kid fakenagol wanted a shoutout despite playing league all day, there you go noob
Last but not least shoutout to xtra$hine for being the best HO builder of all time. fucking goat, legend

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