Smogon Tour Season 34 Playoffs [Won by TJ]


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Grats TJ, you’ve had some wild games and I’m sure this is a massive relief. Well deserved for a hard fought run.

Giannis, you’re a beast and your time will come. Sorry for the result you’re probably a little too familiar with at this point, but we all know you’ll get there!

I’ll update the OP with full replays in a few days


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won vs giannis, ggs and great run man

It feels great to finally win one after being knocked out of ost/slam semis this year. I am extremely grateful to everyone that supported me throughout this tournament. Thanks in particular to jonfilch, EVIL z0mOG, xray, mind gaming, London Beats, bbeeaa, Empo, omicorio, lax, and bb skarm for putting up with my constant tags, playing games with me, and for your endless and invaluable support. Love yall. I would also like to thank all the fans and my friends in west/blerk/cherk/raiders/gibles/dynamos/kc that rooted for me.

Leaving empty handed after yet another deep individual run is of course disappointing considering all the time and effort put into them as a competitor. The last time I was in this situation, the feeling of losing was overwhelmingly crummy. This time, the loss doesn't feel as bad and I think this is because I now know I can reach the final stage more than once, which is something I was previously unsure I could do again. I don't know when the next opportunity will present itself, but I look forward to the day where I get the chance to overcome the final hurdle. I love the game, the competition, the chase, and the people I have had the chance to meet on this website as a result. For now, I will rest because if I am being honest, I am a bit fatigued from the nonstop playing over the past year. See you all in gen 9, where new heights await.

Congratulations on the win TJ, pop smoke is looking down proudly.


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