Playoffs Smogon Tour Season 36 Playoffs [Won by Empo]


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After 2 months of several hours of Pokémoning, we get to the part everyone has been waiting for. First of all, I'd like to thank our hosts, sheet owner Ticken, and our players that made this tournament run as smoothly as it did. I'd also like to thank Blazenix for taking up the art for these playoffs and flawlessly killing it.

From now on, the sixteen top competitors will now fight for their crack at the pink trophy! Congratulations to each of you for your success and good luck in the playoffs!

If winning the prestigious pink trophy isn't motivation enough for you to win the playoffs, we are also offering a number of prizes this season. For starters, $150 will be spread across the top two finishers in the playoffs: the winner will get $100, while the runner-up gets $50. In addition, the champion will also get their choice of a PS! custom avatar or inactive PS! account.

If you are unfamiliar with Smogon Tour's format, from this round forward each pairing will face off in a best of three series in the SV, SS and SM tiers. The higher seed picks the first tier that will be played and the loser of the first game picking the following tier. Win 2 out of 3 and you are one step closer to being crowned the winner as you advance.

Now, onto the matchups:


5. Vert vs. 6. Empo

SV | SS | SM

Round 1

1. Ahsan-219 vs. 16. yovan33321
SV | SS | SM

2. fade vs. 15. Fabriisse
SV | SS | SM

3. Santu vs. 14. Jytcampbell
SV | SS | SM

4. Tace vs. 13. crying
SV | SS | SM

5. Vert vs. 12. Skypenguin
SV | SS | SM

6. Empo vs. 11. We Three Kings
SV | SS | SM

7. Attribute vs. 10. Welli0u
SV | SS | SM

8. Stareal vs. 9. MichaelderBeste2
SV | SS | SM
Round 2

8. Stareal vs. 16. yovan33321
SV | SS | SM

2. fade vs. 10. Welli0u
SV | SS | SM

3. Santu vs. 6. Empo
SV | SS | SM

4. Tace vs. 5. Vert
SV | SS | SM

5. Vert vs. 8. Stareal
SV | SS | SM

6. Empo vs. 10 Welli0u
SV | SS | SM

Finals Deadline: 16/06/2024 at 23:59 GMT -3.
The schedule sheet can be found here.​


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With qualifying season coming to an end, I have updated the Smogon Tour Hall of Fame and will share a few facts:
  • With his win in SV, Empo has now won live tournaments in 5 different generations (Gen5-9) and ties ABR at the third overall place with 13 wins in total
  • With his win in USM, Skypenguin now ties Empo, SoulWind, and Tricking as Gen 7 goats in Smogon Tour with 6 wins in that generation alone
  • With their first live tour win during Season 23 in 2017 and their latest win during Season 36, both bbeeaa and Empo have now 7 years between their first and latest wins in Smogon Tour
  • SoulWind misses Smogon Tour Playoffs for the first time since 2017 in Season 24. His playoffs appearances streak ends at 11 in a row
  • MichaelderBeste2 now holds the record for the longest ongoing streak in playoffs apperances with 5 in a row. He also competes for the second ever back to back win in Smogon Tour playoffs
  • Welli0u's and We Three Kings' last playoffs appearance was in 2018, during Season 26 and 25 respectively
  • Alongside BKC, Empo is the second player to reach playoffs after already winning the tournament twice and thus being able to compete for his third Smogon Tour ring
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Great group in playoffs. Good luck to everyone competing! You should all be proud for making it here.

Rooting for my Northeast brother Fade and friend Tace to win, but very excited to see Skype-Vert and Empo-Lasse. Definitely some highlight matchups.
Empo waiting room.

man phuk the big 3 its only big E.

he don't need yalls validation for a 4th trophy to be considered the GOAT. he is the GOAT and has way more classic and memorable wins than all the "big" players. this like using the same logic that drake is better than kendrick cause he has more number 1 hits and his albums have been in the billboard charts for longer weeks. clown shit brah whether empo wins or lose this stour he already left his legacy as the greatest
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